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Hi everyone, my name is Miss Toole, and I really enjoy storytelling and finding out lots of information from things around the world.

In this unit, we are exploring explanation.

And I wonder if you can remember why we learned about explanation texts.

It is to explain to somebody why something happens and we use words such as, because, so, and as a result of, because they show how things link together.

Well done, can you remember the topic of our piece this unit? Good, we're explaining how beans grow.

Fantastic, well-remembered.

Let's have a look at what we're going to be doing today.

We're going to start off with some spellings.

After spellings, we're going to look at the steps in the process of our explanation text, and we're going to mime the different steps.

Once you've identified the five steps, we're going to draw a picture for each of them and then write a caption underneath to match the picture.

So today, you are going to need an exercise book or paper, a pencil, and your fabulous brain.

So pause the video now to go and get your own resources.

And when you've got them, come back to start today's lesson.

Before we start our spellings, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Tamika.

Now, Tamika and I like to play a game, where Tamika tells me something then, I try mime the action and you at home have to guess which part I'm miming.

Now, we're going to focus our mimes today on our text of how a bean grows.

So Tamika is going to tell me a part of our explanation.

And then I am going to act out for you guys at home.

I want you to see if you can guess which stage I am at now, okay? So Tamika are you ready to tell me my first one? Okey-dokey, if I, you at home, you've got to guess the stage, are you ready? I'll do it again.

Have you had the guess? Say it to your screen which part you think it is.

It's where the bees come to the flower, and leave their pollen and then they turn into a bean.

Well done, if you got that right, let's have another go.

Tamika, give me a different part.

Oh, okay.

I'll do it again.

Say it to your screen.

It's where the sunlight comes and gives us lots of food so we can get big and strong.

Good, okay, we'll do one more.


All right, are you ready? Okay, you guess it, I'll do it again.

Tell it to your screen.

It's where we plant the bean to start with, and then we get the roots and start the shoots.

Good, thank you for joining me, and I wonder, if you could play that game at home with your teddy bear.

But let's have a go to our spellings.

Today, we are going to be looking at common acception words.

Now common acception words can also be known as tricky words because we can't sound them out, we just got to know them.

So we look at them and we say them, we look and we say.

And when we come to spell them, we use the letter name rather than the letter sound.

So to start with, we're going to go through our alphabet so that we know the different letter names.

So usually I like to tap my shoulder, but today we're going to do a roll.

So going to roll each side when we do a letter in the alphabet, okay, you want to join in? Start with your elbow, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V W, X, Y, Z.

Perfect, well done, now we know our letter names.

Let's have a look at this word, we're going to be focusing on today.

So I'm going to show the word of what you'd have a go at saying it, if you're not too sure, don't worry because I will then say it.

And then together we are going to sound it out or spell the word, okay.

So, ask.

You say it, ask.


Let's spell it, A-S-K, ask.

Well done, next one.

Of, of, let's spell it, O-F, of.


Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.

Let's spell it, M-E, me.

I, I, I, I, I.

I, we spell it, it's just I.

So this one.

So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so.

And we know we're going to be using a lot of this in our writing in this unit.

So, so, so.

So when we're spelling it, it's S-O, so.

Together, S-O, so, well done.

My, my, my, my, my.

♪ My my my ♪ M-Y, my.

Was, was, was, was, was.

Let's spell it, W-A-S, was, amazing.

This one, were, were, were.

W-E-R-E, were, W-E-R-E, were.

Now, last one, today, today.

Let's spell it, T-O-D-A-Y, today.

Amazing, but I'm going to quickly recap our word, because in a second, I'm going to ask you to pause and have a go writing down our common exception words for today, so are you ready? Today, were, was, my, so, I, me, of, ask.

Fantastic, so pause now and have a go writing down the words, if you forget, it's okay, you can rewind, watch this again, and I'll go through the spellings for you.

Using our map from the previous lesson, we're now going to break down the steps of how to grow a bean into five sections.

So I'm going to have a go miming those sections to you, and then you're going to have a go doing them on your own.

So the first step that happens is we plant the bean.

So I want us to have a go miming, so that's when we go sending we'll just a do a movement, planting the beans.

So are you ready? Everybody start to plant their bean.

First, I'm going to dig hole, put my bean in, and just so down.

Pat that, so I was digging my hole, I put the bean in and then I patted the soil down to keep it safe.

So that's our first step.

So the first step is planting the beans.

The second step we have is now the sunlight shining.

So I want you to mime the sunlight shining on your beans.

So you ready? And we don't speak just as an action, off you go.

Well done, simpler.

So the first step is it's planted.

So everybody show me your planting.

Second step is the sunlight, show me sunlight.

Now, the third step on how to grow a bean is the plant getting bigger? So I want you to mime, starting off as a shoot, and I want you to mime your beanstalk getting bigger.

So are you ready? Remember, no words, just the mime, off you go.

Super, I wonder how big your beans have got at home, amazing.

Now, the fourth step in our process is the bees helping the flowers turn to beans.

So I want you to mime now being the bee, so are you ready? Off you go.

So I was to be the bee planted on the flower.

Good, well done.

Thank you for joining in with me, and our final one is the beans are ready to be picked or we can plant them again.

So we're going to pick our bean and we're going to preserve them and to eat them, or we're going to plant them, so are ready? Mime out, so let's go.


Super, so that's our five steps.

So we've got planting the bean, the sunlight shining on the bean, the bean getting bigger.

Then we've got the bees helping the flower turn to a bean.

And then we've got picking our a bee and deciding whether we want to eat it or whether we're going to plant it.

So pause the video now and have a go miming through the five different steps, off you go.

Now, that we have identified the five steps and we've had a go miming them, we're now going to draw a picture to represent each step.

So I'm going to draw my pictures on post-it notes, but you can draw your pictures on your paper or if you've got post-it notes around, you can also grab five post-it notes.

So the first step in our post is can you remember what happens? What's the first thing we need to do if you want to grow a bean? Good, we need to plant our bean.

So here's my post-it note.

I'm going to draw the soil and I'm going to draw my bean underneath there.

So this is me planting, I'm going to write the word at the top, plant.

One of our key words is plant.

So the first thing I need to do is plant the beans.

So I'm going to stick that up onto the wall.

Can you remember the next thing we do in our process? So after we've planted, what's the next thing when we're growing a bean? Good, the next step in our process was the sunlight.

So I'm going to draw the sun here, lots of sun rays out and down here, going to have my bean, there's the soil, the bean is going to be here.

Going to start to see the roots, 'cause remember because of the sunlight, the bean gets its roots.

It starts to shoot up with the leaves, because of the sunlight, we get our leaves.

And here my keyword is going to be sun.

Going to write the word.

Sun, perfect, so I'll stick that one underneath our plant.

So I've got plant it, then I've got the sunlight, of course.

Super, after sun, can you remember what the next step was? The plant starts to get bigger, good.

So, draw our soil, draw our bean underneath with its big, strong roots, now remember because of the sunlight, we have our big strong roots.

And then I'm going to start to draw our bean stalk growing out with big leaves coming out.

Like that, now can you think what my key word would be now? It's going to be bigger, I'm going to write the word bigger.

'Cause my beanstalk is getting bigger.

Super, so we'll stick this one up.

Let's go into pollen, let's put a tag on this one.

There we've got plant, planted, the sun, now our beanstalk starts to get bigger, what was that next, that, what was the fourth step? Who comes along to help us? Good, we have our bees So I'm going to draw my bee flying over.

My bee is going to fly over to the flowers.

So it's coming off my beanstalk.

There we go, pollen beans stuck inside of there.

So our bee is is helping our beanstalk.

So my keyword now it's going to be? Bee, good.

We're going to have the bee as our keyword.

We've got bee, super.

Stick that one underneath, and while I'm sticking this up, have the thing, what is our final step in the process on how to grow a bean? Can you remember? Good, it's the actual bean, it's the bean that we get at the end.

So we have our bean, it's nice and ripe now.

So I want to draw a big, long bean.

Let's put our beans inside.

Or we can decide whether we want to eat it or pick it again.

So my final word is going to be? Bean.

So we have our bean.

So as a result of the sunshine and the bees and having that warm, damp soil, we get our bean at the end.

So there are five steps to grow your own bean.

Pause the video now and have a go at creating your own at home.

Now that we have got our five pitches for our steps in how to grow a bean, we're going to have a go writing the caption for each picture.

Now, I will mould over the first one.

And then I would like you to pause the video and write your own captions for the next four pictures, okay? So what you need to do is take your picture, got to put it on my piece of paper, with my lines on.

So, here we go, I've got my picture and I'm going to write what is happening.

So my caption for this would be plant the bean in the soil.

Or I could just say plant that bean, okay? So I'm going to have a go and plant the bean just to explain what is happening in the picture.

But when I'm a writing sentence, you can remind me what I need to start it with.

It needs to start with a? Capital letter, well-remembered.

And what do I need to finish my caption with? A full stop.

So I've said it, plant the bean, it's three words, I'm going to write it underneath, making sure my letters are sitting on the lines, so are ready? Start with a capital letter.

P-L-A-N-T, plant.

Now there is one of our tricky words, so I can't sound it out, but just need to know it, and when I'm spelling the, it's T-H-E, plant the, and my final word is bean.

Now, the, and to get the E in bean, it's an, add an A.

So the dive at AE, it's the E sound.

Put ean, plant the bean, full stop.

So I've got my picture and my caption.

And then if I was to do for the second one, I could say the sun feeds the plant.

The sun feeds the plant.

And then I want it to continue for the next three pictures.

So pause the tape now and have a go writing your caption for the five pictures, off you go.

How did you find writing your captions for the pictures? Well done for having a go, and I'm really proud of you joining in today.

Now, to finish, I'd like us to think about which one was our favourite step in the process on how to grow a bean.

My favourite step was the fact that the bees help the flowers turn into the bean by leaving their pollen, because I like the fact that one part of nature is helping another part of nature.

So have a look at the different steps and decide which one was your favourite, and tell me your reason why, so would like you to do it in a full sentence.

So my favourite step was, because, give me your reason why.

To finish today, I am going to finish on a little bit of a puzzle.

So think about what I say and see if you can work it out.

And the question is how many beans make five? So how many beans make five? And it is, bean, bean, a bean and a half, half a bean and a bean.

How many beans make five? A bean, bean, a bean and a half, half a bean and a bean.

Figure that out, and I'll see you in the next lesson of the unit.