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Hello everybody, Miss Hughes here.

What's your name? Great to meet you and see you here ready to learn.

I've come to a beautiful field of sunflowers today.

It's a bit hot, so I've put on my hat to protect me from the sun.

Can you guess what season we are in? Tell your screen, if you can.

That's right, we are in the season summer, the hottest season in the UK.

And in this lesson, we're going to identify the changes in the world around us that happen during the summer.

We will have three lessons on summer.

The first with me, the second with Miss Sidenius and the third with Mrs Garrard.

I hope they're looking after themselves in the sun too.

In this lesson, we will listen to a story, learn what happens in summer, and then, you're going to go with your grownup on a summer walk.

Or if it's not summer, when you're doing the lesson, you can ask your grownup to help you find some pictures of summer on the internet to describe.

You're going to need your brain, which is already inside your head, waiting to learn.

You're going to need a camera with your grownup's permission and some paper and a pencil.

So pause the video here, get what you need and restart the video when you're ready.

Let's begin by listening to a story.

And this story is about a little girl on her summer holiday.

Every summer we get six home weeks off school, so that can be brains can recharge, and we have lots of rest and lots of playing before going back to school and learning new things.

The summer holidays are a great time of year because we can do lots of fun things with our grownups.

But sometimes they can feel a little bit boring.

And this is about a little girl called Maura.

Her name is And Maura is feeling bored.

Have you ever felt bored? What made you feel bored? Maybe when you were waiting for something to happen.

This story is called "I'm Bored".

Maura was on her summer holidays.

It was only week two, but Maura was feeling bored.

"Let's go for a walk," suggested Mum.

"I'm bored of walking," said Maura.

"What about going to the park?" suggested her sister.

"I'm bored of going to the park," said Maura.

"Aah, I've got a great idea," said her mum.

"Let's go on an adventure to the beach." "Okay," said Maura.

So Maura, her mum and her sister packed a bag to go to the beach.

They packed a delicious picnic full of fruit and sandwiches and lots of water because it was a hot day and they wanted to stay hydrated.

They packed a beach towel to relax on, and a bucket and spade to build sandcastles.

When they arrived at the beach Maura was so excited that she ran to the sand and started building a sandcastle.

"Wait," said her mum, "make sure you put suncream on first, so that the sun doesn't burn you." Maura put her suncream on and began building sandcastles.

Soon, her sister and her mum came to join her, and they built the biggest sandcastle, so big, it became a sandcastle village.

By now, Maura and her family were feeling really hungry.

It had been thirsty and hungry work building a sand village.

But when they returned to their picnic blanket, then to their horror, they found that seagulls had landed on their blanket and eaten all of their picnic.

There were bites out of the apples, holes in the sandwiches, and crisps all over the blankets.

The picnic was ruined.

Maura and her family felt really upset.

They was so hungry after hours of building sandcastles and having fun.

"What are we going to do?" said Maura.

But just then, Mum had a solution.

"I know," she said "no trip to the beach would be complete without a delicious bowl of fish and chips." They looked over and saw a fish and chips shop behind them.

And the three people sat there eating their fish and chips and watching the sunset.

They even had an ice lolly for dessert to cool them down.

The end.

That story is about a little girl who is bored, but her and her family go on a really fun adventure.

Where do Maura and her family go on their adventure? Tell your screen.

They go to the beach and they build sandcastles and have fish and chips.

Go to the beach, is just one of the things that we like to do in the summer.

But let's think about what the summer is.

Sun's gone in a little bit, so I'm going to take my hat off.

Summer is the hottest season in the UK.

It's the hottest season.

There are four seasons altogether.

Can you name them? Have a go with me, there's spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Point at summer.

Summer is this picture here.

It's the season after spring and before autumn.

The season we're learning about is summer.

So what happens in summer? In the UK summer has the warmest weather, and the longest day.

It has the warmest weather and the longest day.

That means it is the season with the most sunlight.

So it's when lots of plants like sunflowers, like to grow because they need a lot of sunlight.

It is also the season where like Maura, we have six weeks off as a summer holiday.

So summer is the warmest season with the longest day.

And summer is the time of the year, where the earth is tilted towards the sun.

That means we get more sunlight through the day.

So it's a great time for lots of plants to grow.

We've already mentioned one of the plants that likes growing in the summer.

Tell your screen, some of the plants that like to grow in summer now.

Lots of you remembered the sunflowers behind me.

The sunflowers like the sun so much that they turn their heads to face the direction of the sun.

You may have seen daisies and buttercups on your lawn or your awesome grass too.

Daisies and buttercups love growing in the summer.

And in the summer, most trees are full of green leaves.

They get in all of the sunlight that they need to grow.

Lots of plants grow in the summer.

So what do we do in summer? Well, we have six weeks off school.

Some of you might have a slightly different amount of time off school.

So it's a great time to spend time outside, maybe going to parks, beaches, playing in the garden, or even just going on walks.

Summer is a great time to get outside because it is nice and warm.

But we have to be careful because the sun can be dangerous.

Do you know why? Tell your screen, if you do.

The sun can be dangerous because The sun can be dangerous, because if we spend too much time in hot sunshine, then we can get sunburn.

Sunburn is very bad for our skin, and sunburn can be itchy or painful.

So we need to protect ourselves from the sun so that we don't get sunburn.

The sun can also be dangerous because it can make us dehydrated.

My turn, dehydrated, your turn if we don't drink enough water.

That means we'll feel thirsty and a little bit sick.

So we need to drink lots of water to protect ourselves in the sun.

They're lots of things that we can do to look after ourselves in the sun.

Using the picture, I wonder if you can think of any of those things.

Tell your screen, if you can, and then we'll talk about them together.

We can look after ourselves by, great ideas, let's take a look.

What we wear in the summer is very important.

It's a really great idea to wear a hat like mine, to protect our heads in the sunshine.

The sun is very hot and its rays can give us a really bad headache if we don't wear a hat.

We might wear sunglasses so that we're not looking directly at the sun.

And we will cover some parts of our bodies like our shoulders, that may be a bit more sensitive, and likely to get sunburn.

There's something that we can put on our skin in the summer to help us too.

Do you know what it is? That's right, we can wear suncream in the sun.

A special lotion designed to help us not get sunburn.

Remember, we don't want to get dehydrated.

We don't want to feel thirsty.

So we need to drink lots off water, well done.

If it's a bit hot, you might want to move to the shade, like under a tree, or an umbrella.

And the shade helps to keep us cool and not be too close to the sun.

So there are so many ways of looking after ourselves in the sun.

But remember, even if the sun isn't very hot or it's a bit cloudy, we can still get sunburns.

So it's important to do all of these things right the way through the summer, or if it's hot at another time of year.

Okay, it's time for us to imagine that we are packing a bag to go to the beach.

What are you going to put inside? Pause the screen.

And tell your screen, what you will take to the beach to look after yourselves in the sun.

Great ideas, let's get ready together.

We're going to put on our hats and our sunglasses to protect us from the sun.

We want to wear a tee shirt that protects our shoulders.

We are going to take some suncream to put on our skin, make sure you're putting it all over your skin.

We're going to drink some water.

And maybe we'll take something to help us find some shade.

I'm going to take an umbrella.

What will you take? Great ideas, we're all ready to protect ourselves from the sun.

Now, now that you're ready to go out in the sun, you could ask your grownup if you can go on a summer walk.

You might see lots of different signs of summer.

Here are some of the things that you might see, or maybe you can think of some others.

Tell your screen what you might see on a summer walk.

Great ideas, you may see some sunflowers or other kind of fall flowers that you enjoy in the sunlight.

You might see some sunshine up in the sky.

You might see some leafy trees or you might see some bees or butterflies.

Now your job on your walk is to find signs of summer.

Take a photograph of them with your grownup's permission, and then you're going to describe them.

So you might say the sunflowers are colourful, or the sunflowers are bright.

You may think about the weather that you see, and you may say it's very hot, or if it's a bit warm, but also wet you might say that it's humid or warm.

You might look for patterns on the bees or in the sunflowers and describe the patterns that you see.

There are lots of things for you to find.

Remember, if it's not summer where you are, ask your grownup to show you some photos of summer things and you can describe them and maybe even draw them.

If you'd like to, please ask your parents or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter tagging @OakNational and #LearnwithOak.

It was so nice to spend some of the summer with you.

I hope you all have a lovely time on your summer walk and see lots of lovely things.

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon, bye.