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Hello, everyone.

Welcome back to another lesson with me, Miss Sidenius.

Today, we're going to be learning all about police officers and especially thinking about what they were as their uniform.

So first, we're going to quickly recap what police people do from lesson two, then we're going to think more about police officer uniforms. And finally, we're going to create our very own prop.

In this lesson, you're going to need three things, some paper, some pens or pencils and some junk modelling.

So pause the video here, make sure you've got those three things and come back when you're ready.

Star words, star words, star words.

My turn, law, law.

The law is a set of rules that countries put in place for people to follow.

Handcuffs, handcuffs.

You may have seen handcuffs before.

Handcuffs are a set of lockable rings that close around your wrist.

Radio, radio, you might also have seen a radio before.

You might even have a toy radio or walkie talkie, which is basically the same thing.

A radio is a portable system that you can communicate with.

So it means it's something you can carry around and talk to people with, bit like a phone.

So what do police officers do? I'm sure that you already know a little bit about what police officers do, have a think and tell your screen.

Police officers do lots of different things.

But the main thing that they do is they make sure that the law is being followed.

The rules that they have in their country are being followed.

Police officers help to solve crimes and help with emergencies.

What sorts of crimes do you think they might solve? They might try and find out who has stolen something.

That's right, they might try and find people who've hurt someone, or police officers can also be really helpful when there are big crowds of people and they stand around, making sure that everybody stays safe.

They can also help people when they're lost.

If you're lost and you see a police officer, you can go up to them and ask them for some help.

Police officers wear a special uniform that uses special equipment to help them carry out their jobs.

Looking at the pictures on the screen, have a think.

What do police officers wear for their uniform? Tell your screen.

Well done, I can see that police officers have lots of different parts to their uniform.

They wear a hat, they wear a radio.

They wear a badge on their hats so that people know which part of the police they work for.

They wear a high vis, yellow jacket.

High vis means high visibility.

You can see them from far away.

So you always know where a police officer is so you can ask them for help.

Police officers wear this uniform so that people can tell who is a police officer and who isn't a police officer.

So if you need some help very quickly, you can see, oh, there's a police officer over there, I can run up to them and ask them for help.

So they wear a hat, a badge, just like we spoke about, a jacket so that people can find them quickly and a radio.

Police officers use a radio so that they can communicate with other police officers.

Why do you think they might need to communicate with other police officers on the job? Tell your screen.

That's right, they might need to get in contact with other police officers, if they need help, if they need more people to come, well done.

So we've learnt all about police officer's uniforms. It's now time to choose to make something as a prop so that we can have a go at being the police as well.

You can choose to make any prop you like.

I've decided to make a police radio.

First, I've got some junk modelling here, look.

I've got an empty pot that used to have some chickpeas in it and I've washed it so it's all clean and dry.

And I'm just taping the lid of it shut now.

I chose this pot because it's like a rectangle shape, a bit like a radio.

So I'm taping the top of it shut and there you can see.

It does look a bit like a radio shape.

Now I've got some blue paper and I'm going to fold it over my empty tub of chickpeas.

I'm folding it's over and I'm going to tape it shut.

That's it, and now I'm going to fold down the bottom and I'm going to tape that bit shut as well.

And then I'm going to have a go at folding the top, like that.

It's a bit tricky to do the top part, and I'm folding that down, and you need another piece of tape.

I'm putting one more along the bottom so that it doesn't come undone.

And then I think one more on the top.

Just like that, there we go.

Got my shape of my police radio and I've wrapped it with the blue paper to make it look like a radio.

Now I'm going to get a pen and I'm going to draw a screen on my radio, a bit like a phone.

And of course I need some buttons as well so that the police officers can speak to each other through the radio.

I'm going to draw lots of different buttons.

And I'm going to write some numbers on the buttons as well.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

So I've done the shape.

I've covered it in blue paper, got my buttons.

Now I'm just going to add some finishing touches.

I'm going to colour in the screen, make the whole thing black.

And I'm trying hard not to go outside of the edges.

So when I get to the edges, I slow down and I go really carefully around with my pen.

You can see the slower I go, the more careful it is and I don't go outside of lines.

There we go I've coloured in my screen, my buttons.

Wonder if there's anything else I could add for some finishing touches? Pause the video here, make your police radio and come back when you're finished.

So remember I was saying, that I was looking for some finishing touches I could add to my police radio.

I remembered I need an antenna to poke out the top so that the police radio can get signal and police officers can speak to each other.

I've just got an old cotton bud, and I've stuck it on the top there, and I think I'm done.

Pause the video here at any finishing touches to your prop and come back when you're finished.

Well done everyone.

I hope you really enjoyed creating your police officer prop to go with our lesson all about police uniforms. Remember to keep your prop handy so that we can use it to pretend to be police officers ourselves.

Bye everyone, have a great day.