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Hello there.

I'm Mrs. Howley, and this is Cedric.

Cedric, you look a bit different today.

Oh, he's got himself looking extra speaking span, because we've got a special visitor joining us today, to help us with our learning.

In this lesson, lesson five of this unit, we're going to interview a character.

We're going to start with our nursery rhyme, then we're going to choose some questions.

Then we're going to interview a character to help us with our explanation writing.

And then, we're going to draw and label our ideas.

For this lesson, you will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

You'll need your brilliant brain, and you might need your Teddy talk partner.

Pause the video now, if you need to collect any of those things, and then press play when you're ready.

I wonder if you can remember, our recycled version, of one potato, two potato? Instead, there are lots of surprises that make the king amazed.

Join in if you can remember them.

It goes like this.

♪ In his great big palace ♪ ♪ The King deserves a rest ♪ ♪ He's had a busy time ♪ ♪ If you haven't guessed ♪ ♪ Every time it happens ♪ ♪ He really is amazed ♪ ♪ The king cannot believe his eyes ♪ ♪ Can it be explained ♪ ♪ So one surprise, ♪ ♪ Two surprises, three surprises, four ♪ ♪ Five surprises, six surprises, seven surprises more ♪ ♪ One surprise, two surprises, three surprises, four ♪ ♪ Five surprises, six surprises, seven surprises more ♪ What a lot of surprises the king had.

No wonder, he felt so amazed.

So, I better call Cedric, can you help me? Cedric, Cedric.

Thank you, Cedric.

Today is very exciting, because we're going to interview, the king, I know.

We're going to interview the king to find out why he was so amazed.

I wonder, If anything amazing has ever happened to you? Maybe something amazing, has happened to you today.

I wonder if you've seen, a talking throne? Or maybe you've seen a flying pig, or a dancing table? Oh I wonder.

So, if we're going to interview the king, we need some good questions to ask him.

What could we ask him Cedric? Why were you so amazed? Yeah, what else? Yes, have any other amazing things happened to you? What were they like? Great questions.

I think we're ready, to interview the king.

Hello, hello, I'm the King, and I believe you've got some questions to ask me.

Oh, hello, what would you like to ask me? Why was I amazed? Well, a farmer had heard a talking dog, and a talking chicken, and a talking loaf of bread.

That was very surprising.

But what made me really amazed, was my throne spoke.

A talking throne! Who's ever heard of a talking throne.

I felt so amazed.

Have any other amazing things happened to me? Well, funny you should ask.

Yesterday, my crown, ran away.

It sprouted a pair of legs and it ran away as fast as a lightning.

I had to chase after it.

I was amazed, but I managed to catch it, thank goodness.

Because I love my crown.

Do you have any other questions for me? Did anything else amazing happen? Well, funny you should ask that.

Because the day before that, you won't believe it.

But, my shoes, did a little dance.

All on they're own.

I was sitting on my throne.

I looked across the room, and there were my shoes, tap dancing, then dancing a jig, all on their own.

It was very amazing.

I also felt quite scared.

All of these funny things keep happening to me.

I think I need to go and have a lie down.

Thank you, for your questions.

And I shall speak to you soon.

Good bye.

Wow, that was an interesting interview.

Your are right, Cedric.

We found out lots of other, amazing things that happened to the king.

I wonder if you've got any ideas of amazing things that might have happened to the king.

Why don't you pause the video now and try becoming the king yourself and being interviewed by your Teddy talk partner, about the amazing things that have happened to you.

Press play, when you're ready.

Now, we've got all these brilliant new ideas of amazing things, the king could have seen and done.

This will help us with our explanation writing? I'm going to draw a picture of one of my ideas and label it.

Here are some star words I might use.

Crown, throne.

I might also use some words, that I can write with my phonics.

So I will say the word, robot the word, and then write the word.

So, I'm going to draw the scene where the king's crown, sprouts legs and runs away.

The king, loves this crown.

So he's looking very shocked, very amazed.

It's got big shocked eyes and no crown on his head because the crown, has run away.

I'm going to draw the crown.

Make some jewels.

The king loves his crown, and then I'm going to draw some legs.

And some speed marks there because the crown is running really fast.

Let's think about what labels I could write on my picture.

I'm going to choose first of all, the word crown.

Now you might not have learnt, the ow sound yet.

So I'd put it as a star word but we've got ca re ow en.

I'm roboting the word ca re ow en.

It's a tricky word, crown.

Now how is the crown running? It's running fast.

Fa ah s t, f ah s t, fast.

So now, you can try drawing your amazing idea.

What amazing thing happened to the king? Maybe something else happened to his throne, or something different happened with his crown? Draw your picture, and add some labels.

Remember to use your phonics, and say the word, robot the word, and then write the word.

Press play, when you're ready.

I wonder if you've got any brilliant ideas? I'd love to see your pictures.

I'm going to use my picture, to explain using because, that's a good idea, Cedric.

Let's sing our explaining song, one more time.

♪ How, how, how did it happen ♪ ♪ Why, why, why did it happen ♪ ♪ When you explain you've got to use ♪ ♪ Because, because, because ♪ Let's have a look at my picture.

The King, was amazed, because his crown ran fast.

I wonder if you could use your picture, to give some explaining, using because.

I cannot wait for the next lesson of this unit.

I hope we see you, really soon.

Bye bye.