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Hi everyone.

It's me, Miss Chu.

In today's lesson we are going to be planning our final paragraphs of our newspaper report on the Spiderman car chase.

So in this lesson we need to think about including eye witness statements because we haven't done that yet.

We've just done our recount.

And then we also need to think about what we need to include in the last paragraph which will be things that are happening now in the current situation.

In this lesson, you do need to be concentrating because we're taking notes again.

So make sure you have a quiet space or find a quiet space in which you can do you learning and then when you're ready we can begin.

Take this opportunity to go and get the things that you need.

You will definitely need something to write with, something to write on, and definitely have your thinking head switched on.

What's the agenda for today? We're going to start with a little writing warmup.

Then we will look at the success criteria for today and then we will plan two paragraphs.

So the first paragraph for today is the eye witness statements then the next paragraph and the final paragraph of the whole report, the final paragraph we will be planning as well.

What's the writing warmup today? The writing warmup is that we are going to practise writing sentences using journalistic sentence starters.

For example, according to a local resident comma, it is confirmed by medics that It has been alleged that Several witnesses stated that So these are your journalistic sentence starters.

I've done a few so you can see what they look like.

I've used according to a local resident comma, the clear up operation has caused Oxford Street to be temporarily closed.

The second sentence uses the journalistic sentence starter of, it is confirmed by medics that there were no fatalities at the scene of the accident Now it's your turn to have a go.

I want you to pause the video and I want you to have a go at writing one, two, three or four sentences using these journalistic sentence starters.

Off you go.

Let's have a look at two more that I've written It has been alleged that the suspects are renowned criminals known by the name 'Diner Bandits.

' Several witnesses stated that an anonymous figure was seen helping the police.

I wonder what you came up with for yours.

The success criteria for today.

What do we need to include today to be successful? Number one, we need to make sure we have eye witness statements.

What do the eye witnesses say they saw? We need to include detailed facts.

Use brackets for additional information and the last one, which is a little bit tricky, is we need to make sure that we have the past tense for some parts of our notes but then we also need the present tense for the last paragraph because we will be talking about things that are happening now.

The clear up operation that is happening now or today, the police are doing what? Current things that are happening now are in present tense.

They haven't happened yet.

They're not in the past.

Planning eyewitness statements.

How do we do that? Well, who could the eye witnesses be? I've thought of a few.

A delivery man, someone could be delivering something on Oxford Street.

It's not strange to be doing that.

There could be a local resident someone very lucky that gets to live near Oxford Circus.

Or just an office worker on his way home.

Can you think of any of your own? There's a little clue down there.

Can you think of some, pause the video and write a few down, of some eye witnesses that could be there at the scene of the crime? Okay so some extra ones that I came up with are shoppers, a waiter, restaurant owner seeing as they got robbed.

Office worker, we already talked about.

Delivery man, we already talked about and the local residents.

So these are all people that could give eye witness reports.

When we plan our third paragraph we need to think about who these people are.

So we need to give them a name.

Make it up.

I made up Steve Glub.

It's not the best but it's a name.

Then I gave him a job.

I said that he was the delivery man.

And there he is.

Down there delivering something.

Probably quite important.

Looks like an important box.

And then his feelings, I thought that might help us to imagine what he could say or also we might want to use the way he said it in our sentence, so reported or exclaimed if he was really excited or surprised or shocked.

And then we need to write what he actually does say so here is an example of one that I've done.

Steve Glub, delivery man, bewildered.

I just happened to be unloading when I saw a couple of men driving like maniacs down the street.

Here are some other things people could say.

The 'Diner Bandits' were driving like maniacs down the street.

I saw a dark silhouette that could have been Spiderman.

Thank goodness he was there, otherwise the police would have never caught him.

Now these are statements that anybody could have said.

Could've been the waiter, could've been the restaurant owner, could've been a shopper.

Mum walking a baby.

Anyone you like.

Man on a bus, anyone.

But you've got to come up with things that they could say.

This is now your chance to pause the video and write three eye witness statements.

Or two.

At least two.

Two eye witness statements.

Three if you want a challenge, if you want to push yourself today.

Off you go.

And then, after you've done your speech bubbles I want you to put the name of the person their job or what they were doing.

So if they were on a bus, that's not a job but maybe they were just on the bus and you want to put it in and how they felt when they saw what they saw and how they felt when they said what they said.

Just do it for two, or if you want to challenge yourself you can do three.

Pause the video and have a go.

We are onto the next part of our lesson which is planning the final paragraph.

Let's remind ourselves what the success criteria is for today.

Eye witness statements? Tick! We've done that.

Detailed facts? I think we will need to do that in the last paragraph, too.

So we won't tick it just yet.

We could maybe just give it a little tick because we've done some of it.

Brackets for additional information? You might've used brackets to include their age but if you haven't, don't worry, we can put it in the last paragraph.

And the tense.

This is the part where we need to look out for tense.

So what content do we put in the final paragraph of a newspaper report? Let's look at an example of one.

Pause the video and read it through yourself and then press play and I'll read it for you.

Now I'm going to read it.

The suspects, who spent the night in police custody, have been identified this morning as Robert Fisher, brackets, aged 33, and Douglas Washington, brackets, aged 47.

Today, Oxford Circus is still closed as the clean up continues.

So what content, I want you to pause the video now and tell me and have a think and you can tell the screen, tell me, what content is in the final paragraph? Off you go.

So in the final paragraph I've identified some key things that I would need to include in my own paragraph.

I need to say what's happening to the suspects because the public will want to know.

We've arrested them, we've caught them but what's happening to them? So we said that they spent the night in police custody and we've also identified who they are.

Who are these Diner Bandits? Do we know? Yeah, we know because they're renowned criminals.

We know them now and we can tell the public what their names are.

I've just made up the names and made up their ages.

So you can do that too for your plan.

And then I also wanted to say what's happening to Oxford Circus or what's happening to the place where the event happened.

So in my notes, I would write as bullet points, suspects identified, gave them a name, age Mm, aged mm, and the second diner bandit mm, aged mm.

Third bullet point, spent night in police custody.

Oxford Circus closed, clean up.

Remember these are notes, they are not full sentences because we are planning.

Pause the video and write down a few of the key words that you would like to steal for your own plan.

Great, hopefully you've had a chance to do that.

Let's look at the content in the next part of the paragraph.

Although it appears that no one suffered serious injuries, there was much damage to vehicles and a number of people were taken to hospital with shock.

You may pause the video and read it through yourself.

How do we plan this part? So I've highlighted that no one has suffered serious injuries because I think that's quite important for the public to know.

They might want to know if there were any fatalities, and luckily there wasn't in this event.

And damage to vehicles might be interesting.

I think I would like to know that, I've highlighted it, and people were taken to hospital.

So these are my bullet points.

I said no serious injuries, damage to vehicles, people taken to hospital.

You may pause the video and write these notes down or you can make up your own notes about injuries, vehicles, and people being taken to hospital.

Pause the video and have a go at writing your own notes.

And then lastly, pause the video to read it through yourself then press play so I can read it to you.

Now I'll read it to you.

Police have not yet confirmed the identity of Spiderman and are now launching a public appeal for witnesses to come forward with any information.

What key things can I take from that? Of my own.

I'm going to say, I'm going to take out not yet confirmed identity Spiderman and launching appeal for witnesses to come forward.

If you notice in this paragraph it's in the present tense, are now launching, they have not yet confirmed, and they want witnesses to come forward.

So none of that is in the past tense because it's what happening now.

What's the current situation? And those are my bullet points.

Not yet confirmed identity dash Spiderman appeal dash witnesses and information is the key thing, that's what we want the public to know, that the police are trying to find information about the unknown identity of Spiderman.

Pause the video to write in some notes for your final paragraph in bullet points.

Amazing! In this lesson, you have learnt: how to plan your final two paragraphs of your newspaper report.

The first paragraph is planning eye witness statements.

The second paragraph is telling the public about what is happening in the current situation.

Congratulations! You have completed this lesson with ease.

With joy, hopefully, and I would love you to share your learning with a parent or carer and I really look forward to the next lesson.

I hope you do too.