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Hello there.

I'm Adam, and this is Panda.

We are on unit three, lesson eight, using the story of the Little Red Hen.

Let's see what's on the agenda today.

So for our warmup today, we're going to do a role play game, something a little bit different.

And I'm going to teach you three really special words that help us to know characters better.

And we're doing that because we're learning about character in this unit.

After that, the main challenge of the session is learning how to step out the story, and I'll be teaching you how to do that later in the session.

All you're going to need for the session is yourselves, and perhaps a talk Teddy as well, somebody we can use to play the game with.

Let's move on to the warmup.

The warmup game.

Three, two.

So for our warmup game today, Panda and I thought we could share with you one of our games that we really love, and it's got three really important words that help us a lot.

The words are: Tell me more.

Do you want to say those words? Tell me more.

They're really useful, and we going to show you why.

Panda is just going to sit on the side here while we meet the main character from the story, the very little bear.

Now there's some things we know about Bear.

From the story, we know that she lives in a cave.

We know that she has friends.

She's got a lion, and a zebra, and a giraffe.

I think we heard about her mom in the story as well, and she wanted to build a pool.

Now, if we ask her a question to get started, should we find out more about the cave? If we do that, we can find out more by using three special words.

Tell me more.

Let's see what happens.

Hello Bear.

We know in the story that you lived in a cave.

Tell me more about your cave.

Bear said he's very cosy in the cave.

Tell me more about cosy.

She's got a cosy bed and a cosy chair.

It's always warm in there.

Have you got any friends? She got lots of friends.

Tell me more about your friends.

She says lion, zebra, and giraffe are her best friends in the entire world.

You wanted to build a swimming pool.

Tell me more about why.

She said it was a really hot day, really hot, and she thought it'd be really cool way to cool down.

I think that was a cool way to cool down.

Tell me more about the swimming pool.

She said she had to dig a hole.

Did you have to dig it all by yourself? She did.

Did you ask for help? Tell me more about that.

She said she asked zebra, and lion, and giraffe, but they couldn't play.

Why not? They had to help.

Tell me more about what help means.

Lion had to help his brother clean his furry coat.

Oh, and giraffe helped her to help her dad.

Do you see how to play the game? So we ask our character some questions, and if we're interested in the answer, we can ask the questions, Tell me more? Would you like to try that? Why don't you get your talk teddy, and imagine your talk teddy is the Teddy in the story, and ask some questions, and imagine what the answers might be.

I'm going to pause the video while you try that.

Good luck! Time for work in a warm-up.

, this is the link between the warm-up and the stepping.

Three, two.

So how was that? Was it tricky remembering the words "tell me more?" Don't worry if it was, we'll play that game many times during our work together.

Now we know a lot about the very little bear, we've talked to her, and now we're going to step her story.

Before we do that though, it's a good idea to have a quick look at the story map.

Let's do that now.

So remember, the story started with the very little bear coming out of her cave, and she waved to her friends.

"Morning!" It was a hot day, so she decided to build a swimming pool, and the first thing she did was to dig a hole.

She asked for help, but all her friends were busy.

After she dug the hole, she then had to put stones on the bottom to keep the water in.

She asked for help, but her friends said, sorry, but they were too busy.

After that, it was time to fill the pool up with water.

Hard work.

She asked her friends for help, but all of them had good reasons why they couldn't come.

And then she bought a slide.

So they could go "whee" down the slide.

Finally having done everything, she said to her friends, "Who would like to swim?" And they all wanted to swim.

And she felt funny about that for a moment, the very little bear.

And at first she said, "No," and she went for a swim on her own, but it wasn't fun.

She knew she wanted everyone to join in.

And when they said they were sorry, she let them swim.

And we think her friends learned that next time, the very little bear needed help.

They need to make a special effort because she was especially kind sharing the thing that she had made.

Now we've looked at the map; we can think about stepping the story.

I'll show you what I mean.

And so to the big challenge of today's session, we're going to step out the story, and some of you may have done this before.

We imagine that on the ground, there are some stepping stones.

Today, I'm going to imagine they're square, and I want to try not to stand on any cracks.

And every time I go into a new stepping stone, I'm going to do an action, and say something that helps me remember the story.

I'll show you what I mean.

And the first time, I'm not going to think about her friends.

I'm just going to think about the main things the very little bear had to do.

I'll show you what I mean.

So perhaps you just watch this time, all right? Here we go.

My first step.

Once upon a time, there was a bear.

I did that for bear, and I did that for once upon a time.

I'm going to start again.

Once upon a time, there was a bear who wanted to build a swimming pool.

First, she dug a hole.

Next, she filled it with stones.

After that, can you remember? She filled it with water.

After that, she brought a slide.

Whee! Finally, she invited all her friends in for a swim.

Which bits did you like? Did you like the bit when I went "Whee!" or maybe it was the bit when I went bear.

I find all the actions really helped me remember.

Let me do it again.

I'll do it a little bit quicker, and then I'm going to set you a challenge.

I will pause the video then, and ask you, invite you to have a go.

Once upon a time, there was a bear who wanted to build a swimming pool.

First, she dug a hole.

After that, she put stones at the bottom.

After that, she filled it with water.

After that, she bought a slide.

Whee! And finally, she invited all her friends over for a swim.

You may have noticed every time I say the word "finally," I do that.

Storytellers like that.

Do that together.


I'm going to pause the video now, and challenge you to have a go at stepping the story like that.

Time for work.

So how was that? Were you able to step the story and remember the actions? Well done.

It's all right if you didn't say anything.

Panda always steps stories, and says the words in our head.

So what have we done today? The first thing is, we learned the game with the fantastic words "Tell me more." And because we used those words, we found out a lot more about the character of the very little bear.

We're working towards lesson ten.

When you can tell this story in your own way, all by yourself.

And so Panda and I are really looking forward to the next lesson, because we're going to act out the story, and we love acting out stories.

So until then, keep on showing your stepping to people, and listening out for fantastic new words, and trying new words.

And until then, goodbye.