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Welcome to lesson three in our unit on "The Fox's Sack." In lesson two we had a go at making a story map to tell us what happened in the story because we're learning all about action, which is what happens in the story.

Today we are going to use those story maps to have a go at stepping the story.

This is really, really going to help us remember that story so that we can become those storytellers that can tell stories from our memories.

So, let's see what's coming up in today's lesson and start off with what you'll need.

In this lesson you're going to need your story maps from lesson two.

If you don't have your story map, don't worry because I will share mine with you on the screen.

You're also going to need your talking teddy partner, and you're also going to need your thinking brains.

If you've got your story map somewhere and you need to go and get it, or you need to get your teddy, press the pause button now and when you're ready, press play.

Coming up in today's lesson we are going to start off by playing a game, then we are going to do some singing, and then we are going to step the story.

Our game today is called "Why? Because." Me and teddy are going to have a go at playing together first, and then, at home, you can have a go at playing.

Me and Teddy are ready to play "Why? Because." Teddy is going to ask me why, and I'm going to tell him why.

Today I am going to cook a really big dinner.

Teddy says, "Why?" Because I have got one of my friends coming round.

Teddy says, "Why?" Because it's her birthday.

Now that me and Teddy have had a go at playing our game, I wonder if you can press the pause button, and play, "Why? Because" with your talk partner Teddy.

So pretty the pause button now, and when you're ready press play.

Me and Teddy love seeing you all talking to your Teddy talk partners.

Now we're ready to sing a song.

Our song today is all about the beginning of the story.

We are going to learn the first verse today.

I'm going to say a line, then it be your turn, we do my turn, your turn.

Are you ready? ♪ A fox came dancing out of the trees ♪ ♪ A fox came dancing out of the trees ♪ ♪ He said "I'm hungry, can you help me?" ♪ ♪ He said "I'm hungry, can you help me?" ♪ ♪ He grabbed his sock and went to the door ♪ ♪ He grabbed his sock and went to the door ♪ ♪ Knock, knock, knock give me some more ♪ ♪ Knock, knock, knock give me some more ♪ ♪ He took the bee and got the chicken ♪ ♪ He took the bee and got the chicken ♪ ♪ And trotted off to complete his mission ♪ ♪ And trotted off to complete his mission ♪ I hope you joined in, learning our first verse of our song today.

We're going to be putting some more words on throughout the unit and make sure you stay tuned in.

We are now ready to step our story, "The Fox's Sack." We need to add on some words and some actions to each part of our story map.

But me and Teddy need your help to remember what happened in each part.

So, if you need to find some space so that you can stand up, press the pause button now.

Otherwise, I'll see you in a second.

Press the play button when you are ready.

Okay, we are here, and we are ready to do our stepping.

We're going to put on a word and an action to every single part of our story map.

Let's start right at the beginning with our Fox and our Sack.

What could we say for this part of the story? How is Fox feeling, and what is he doing? He is trying to get food because he is hungry.

Very, very good.

Can you show me some actions that might make you think that Fox is hungry? Oh, some of us are rubbing our tummy.

Some of us are doing scrunchy, growling tummy.

Some of us are putting food in our sack.

I'm going to choose hungry Fox.

But remember, when you do your story map stepping, you can have a go at different actions.

So we've got hungry Fox.

So we'll do our step in between our pictures, and now we've got our bee.

Can you show me some bee actions? Oh, lots of us buzzing our bee around, and then where does Fox put it? Fox puts it in the sack.

So we could have bee, sack, very good.

Step between each picture.

Next up, we have got the house, the first house.

So Fox is struggling along.

So we could have walks or trots, we could have knocks on the door, can you choose which one you could like to use? I'm going to do knock.

And then does this lady look in the sack, or does she not look? She looks doesn't she? The first lady looks in the sack.

So we could have knock, look.

We are going to step in between our pictures.

Next up, the bee comes out, and what goes into the sack? The chicken, can you show me a chicken? Very good.

Steps between the pictures.

Then we have got another house.

So we are going to use the same action, knock.

Does the second lady look in the bag or not? She does.

Look, and we'll step again.

The chicken comes out, and what goes into the sack? The pig.

Can you show me an action for a pig.

Pig, and where did he go? In the sack.

New picture.

We've got our house again.

So we're going to knock, and does the third lady look? She does.


Step for our new picture.

This time the pig comes out, and what does the Fox put in the bag instead? The boy goes in, so we could have boy sack.

Step for a new picture.

We've got another house.


Does this last lady look or not look? Tell me now.

She doesn't look.

So we can say knock, don't look.

What does she do instead? She makes something with her daughter.

She makes some biscuits.

Can you show me making the biscuits? Mix the biscuits.

Step between the pictures.

And then the lady takes the boy out of the bag, and what does she put in? The dog.

So we have dog, sack, next picture, so we step.

The fox is hungry again.

Let's use the same action, hungry fox.

Step, and then our last picture, the dog chases the fox where? Into the forest, and what does the fox get? Gets bitten on the tail.

Can you show me some actions and some words that we can do for the end of the story? Oh I love your ideas.

Some of you are wetting the fox's tail.

Some of you are showing me the waves.

Some of you are chasing the fox.

I'm going to choose to chase the fox.

But you can do some different actions.

Let's go right from the beginning of the story and have a go at stepping all the way through.

Are you ready to join in? Hungry fox.

Bee sack.

Knock, look.

Chicken, sack.

Knock, look.

Pig, sack.

Knock, look.

Boy, sack.

Knock, don't look.


Dog, sack.

Hungry fox.

Chase the fox.

Well done, you have got the whole way through the story.

I'm now going to see if I can trick you because I am going to go the whole way through our story map, but I'm not going to say the words.

I wonder if you can say the words for me.

Are you ready? Let's see if you can remember them.

Well done, I think you managed to get all the way through the story with me.

Now, it's going to be your turn at home.

We're going to press the pause button.

Have a go at stepping your story, and press the play button when you've finished.

Well done.

I love seeing lots of you trying to put your own words onto the story map, and lots of you used the same ones that we did together.

Both are brilliant, so well done for joining in today.

We're now at the end of lesson three.

I really hope that you have had a fun lesson today.

I wonder what your favourite part of the lesson was.

My favourite part was when we all got up and did our stepping together.

I loved seeing you all joining in.

So well done if you had a go as well.

I can't wait for lesson four, because we are going to be doing some really, really fun role play activities, and we're going to have the chance to act out the story at home.

I wonder if before lesson four you can use your story map, or you can use what you remember from our story to have a go at stepping the story at home.

You can teach someone else the steps that we've done today.

I can't wait to see you in lesson four.

Have a lovely day, bye!.