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Hi there.

I'm Mrs. Howe Lee.

And I've just been having a look in Cedric's diary.

He's okay.

He said I could have a look.

Cedric's my helper, he's a snail.

He says that yesterday, he went paddling in the pond! He had a great time! Huh! And then he played chase with butterfly and they had lots of fun.

Oh! Wait a minute.

I think he's coming now! Oh! Here he is.

Cedric I've just been reading your diary.

He said he loves to write things down, that have happened to him and then he doesn't forget.

Let's get ready for our learning today, all about diaries.

In today's lesson, we're going to tell a recount from memory.

We're going to start by singing a song.

And then we're going to use the storytelling scores method of hear, map, step speak to learn Ma Liang's diary entry.

You will need a piece of paper or an exercise book, a pen or a pencil and your brilliant brain.

Pause the video now if you need to collect any of those things.

Then press play again when you're ready.

Cedric and I love to write in a diary.

It's so good to be able to write down everything you've done so you don't forget it.

All your thoughts and feelings.

We've got a song about that.

And you might have heard it in the last lesson.

If you did join in.

It goes like this ♪ diary diary ♪ ♪ Let me write in you ♪ ♪ thoughts and feelings ♪ ♪ things that I say and do ♪ ♪ it's good to remember what happened ♪ ♪ So when I'm old and grey ♪ ♪ My grandkids can read in my diary ♪ ♪ And see what I've done today.

♪ In the story of the "Magic Paintbrush," something amazing happens to the character, Ma Liang.

He discovers a magic paintbrush, and he uses it to help other people, drawing what they need, and then it comes to life.

In lesson one, we heard Ma Liang's diary entry.

In lesson one, I created a recount map of Ma Liang's diary entry.

You might have one of these as well.

Don't worry if you haven't.

I'm going to talk through mine now.

So, first of all, we had an introduction.

And Ma Liang talked about his feelings, and what an amazing time he'd had.

Next, he used the magic paintbrush.

This was event one, he used the magic paintbrush to help other people.

He drew a river when people needed water.

He drew plates of food when people were hungry, and he drew a home when he saw someone homeless and scared.

Then we had event two.

When the magic paintbrush was stolen from Ma Liang.

And he talked about what it was like in jail and how sad and scared and lonely he was when the greedy king threw him in jail.

Then we had event three.

which was when the greedy King summoned him to the palace and told him to draw him a golden mountain.

But Ma Liang said, No, I drew a sea, and then they sailed off on a ship.

And he drew a giant wave, and then he said, that was the end of him.

And then, we have our conclusion mapped with big letter C there, which talked about how he's happy he uses the magic paintbrush every day to help other people.

Now I'm going to step to text using my recount map to help.

So, I'm going to step the daily extract now.

I'll step the structure in lesson one, but this time we're going to add a little bit more detail to help me when I'm retelling the recount.

Okay, start with introduction, thoughts and feelings.

First event through a river, plates of food and a house.

second event.

Ah! Paint brush was stolen, I was thrown in jail.

Third event.

Summoned by the king.

I had an idea.

He told me to draw a golden mountain.

I drew a sea, I set off on a ship.

I drew a big wave.

That was the end of him and I lived a happy life with my magic paintbrush.

Okay, should we try that again? But you join in with me this time.


Introduction, thoughts and feelings.

First event.

With my magic paintbrush, I drew a river.

I drew plates of food, I drew a house.

Second event.

I forgot what the second event is.

I can check on my text map.

Got it.

Second event.

Paintbrush was stolen.

Ah! I was put in jail.

Third event.

Was sent for by the king.

I had an idea.

He told me to draw a golden mountain, I drew a sea, they set off on the sea, there was a giant wave.

Splash! Ah! That was the end of him.

And here's my conclusion.

I've led a happy life, helping others with my magic paintbrush.

Now it's your turn to have a go at stepping the text, stepping the recount.

Remember, we imagine that there is stepping stones across a river.

And each stone is an important part of the text.

If you've got room, you can step around, or you can step on the spot like I did.

Pause the video now and have a go at stepping the recount.

Okay, so now we've heard the recount in lesson one, and we've mapped it, we've stepped it.

Now we're going to have a go at speaking it.

So I'm going to use my text map to help me.

And don't forget you can also use your steps and your actions to help you if you get a bit stuck as well.

So, I'm going to talk through my recount map, in character as Ma Liang.

starting with the introduction, then event one, event two, event three, and then the conclusion.

Now I'm going to do this in character as Ma Liang.

So I'm going to put this special hat on.

Maybe you've got something special that you want to put on when you're going into character.


What a day I've had! you wouldn't believe it! It's changed my life forever! When I woke up, there, next to my bed, was a magic paintbrush! I rushed to the fields so I could help people with it.

First, I could see that people had no water.

So I drew an amazing river.

It splashed everywhere it came to life.

Then, I saw that people were hungry.

So I drew plates of delicious food.

Then I saw people that were homeless and scared, I wanted to help them so badly.

So I drew a house.

They were so pleased.

Everybody was so happy with everything I was doing with the magic paintbrush.

But then, last night, the king's men came and stole my paintbrush.

I was horrified! I was so worried about how I was going to help people.

In jail, It was cold and dark.

I was scared and lonely.

But then, the king sent for me.

The paintbrush wouldn't work for him.

He demanded that I draw him a golden mountain.

Well, I didn't know what to do.

I know he's a bad man.

So, I drew a sea, then, I drew a golden mountain far away across the sea.

Then, I drew a big ship.

And the king and his men got on the ship.

Then I drew a giant wave, Ah! and that was the end of him.

Now, I live a happy life, with my magic paintbrush, helping other people ever every day.

How did you get on? When I got stuck and I'd forgotten part of the story.

I just looked at the next bit of my recount map so I could remember what Ma Liang said next in his diary entry.

Right! Now is your turn to have a go at retelling Ma Liang's diary entry from memory.

Remember, you can use your recount map to help, you can use your actions from your stepping to help.

You might want to put on something special to be enrolled as Ma Liang.

Pause the video now and give it a go.

How did you get on? Oh, Cedric told me to remind you that you could always use your recount map or your actions you learn in the stepping to help you remember part of the recount if you forget it.

I wonder if you could retell Ma Liang's diary entry to someone at home before our next lesson.

I wonder how your diary entries coming along.

Oh, Cedric asked me a really good question.

What do we need to include in a diary? What have we spotted so far? Good question, Cedric.

I've noticed that it retells events in order, but it's also got lots of thoughts and feelings.

I think I'm going to go right in my diary now and say what a great lesson I've had today.

We'll see you soon.