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Hello, everybody.

It is me, Miss McCartney.

And in today's lesson, you are going to hear my recycled story.

And then together, we are going to draw a story map for your new story.

We are going to step the story with some- Ooh, I just hit the table.

With some action.

And then we are going to practise speaking our story with a magic microphone.

I can't wait! For our lesson today, you will need a piece of paper or something to write on, a pencil or something to write with and your wonderful creative brain.

If you need to go and collect any of those things, pause your video now.

Brilliant, now that we are all ready, let's remind ourselves what we are going to be looking at in today's lesson.

We are going to hear the story, map the story, step the story, and speak the story.

Let's get started by listening to my story.

I am now going to share my recycled story with you.

And when you are listening, I want you to think really carefully about the problem and compare it to the problem in our original story, the eagle who thought he was a chicken.

Miss McCartney story is called, the fish who thought she was a shark.

One day, there was a really big shark swimming leisurely through the sea, but with her nose, she was hunting for a delicious dinner.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a single fish egg on the ocean floor.

"Hmm, that won't fill me up." She thought.

"But I could eat it for a little snack to keep me going." As she got closer, she started to feel a little bit differently for she had some shark eggs at home.

And she thought about how she would feel if somebody ate her shark eggs.

So she did something really surprising.

She swam down and really carefully, she picked up the fish egg and put it in her mouth, but she did not swallow.

She kept it there really safely and swam back to where her family lived.

When she arrived, she swam towards her own shark eggs and without anybody else seeing she slipped the fish egg in with her own shark eggs and she didn't tell anybody.

A few months later, the baby fish had grown up and come out of its little cave with it's shark brothers and sisters.

And it believed it really was a shark.

They would play together out in the open sea.

And one day they were playing a really fun game where they picked up pebbles and threw them to each other from their mouths.

But the little fish just couldn't get it right for she didn't have any teeth.

And when she tried to throw the pebbles, they just kept falling out.

"Hmm," she thought to herself.

"Why do all my brothers and sisters "have these really sharp gnashing teeth "and I don't have any? "I feel a little bit different.

"Maybe they will grow soon." A few moments later, a starfish floated by and started laughing at the little fish.

"Hahaha." He said.

"You are not very good at this game "because you think that you are a shark, "but you are actually a fish." The fish stopped still.

And she thought to herself, "No, I am a shark.

"My mum is a shark.

"My dad is a shark and my brothers and sisters are all "sharks, I am a shark.

"I swim with the sharks." Although when she thought a bit harder, she was smaller.

She wasn't as fast and she didn't have any teeth.

"You're lying." She shouted.

"I am a shark, look at my fin." But the star fish carried on laughing.

The starfish said, "You may have a fin, "but that doesn't make you a shark.

"You should go and swim with some fish.

"If you are really a shark, "the fish would swim away "because they would be so frightened.

"If the fish become your friends, "then you will know that you are really a fish too." The fish swam back to her shark house and carried on with her life as normal.

But she couldn't help thinking about what the starfish had said.

So a few days later, she decided even though she was not supposed to go out alone, that she would swim and find some fish.

She was hiding behind a rock and she was ready to jump out when the fish swam past and to scare them so that they run away really fast.

But what actually happened was, the little fish jumped out at the fish and they just smiled and flapped their fins.

One fish even swam up to her and gave her a fin high five.

She didn't know how she felt.

But what she did know is that she did want to be friends with these fish.

So she gave lots of fin high fives back and she swam with the fish really happily.

However, she kept thinking about her family.

If she were really a fish, would she be able to go back to the shark cave? Once they found out that the starfish was right, would they eat her? She kept on swimming but thinking about her family.

All of a sudden she saw has shark family ahead of her.

And she panicked.

She must protect the fish.

What happens if the shark ate her and her new friends? But that isn't what happened.

Her mother beckoned her over with a smile.

And she said, "I am really glad that you have made some fish friends.

"We will not eat you and we will not eat these fish.

"Because now that we've got to know how wonderful you are, "we want to live all together really happily." Her shark baby brothers and sisters jumped over and started talking to all the other fish.

And they wanted to learn how to do the fin high five as well.

I am now going to draw my story map.

And afterwards you are going to draw yours.

I would like you to write the title at the top of your piece of paper now.

My title is, the fish who thought she was a shark.

Can you pause your video now and write down the title of your story? Excellent, let's get started with our first picture.

We need to find out how the animal got into the other animal's nest with the baby.

In my story, the big shark was hunting for her dinner.

Here she is with her teeth, when she noticed a little fish egg.

She decided to put the fish egg with all of her own baby shark eggs.

When that little fish grew up, it believed she was a shark.

And she liked to play with her shark sibling.

But one day they were playing a game and she could not join in because she did not have the really sharp teeth that her brothers and sisters had to hold the pebble.

So she felt very upset.

But then the starfish came along and made her even more upset because the starfish said, "You're a fish not a shark.

"And actually to prove it, "If you go and try to scare some fish, "they will not get scared.

"They will be your friends." So our fish felt very angry.

She replied, "I am a shark." But a few days later, she hid behind the rock.

Here she is.

And she was trying to scare.

I'm going to give her a little eyebrows, to make her a bit scary.

She was trying to scare the school of fish.

When fish swim together, they are called a school.

That's an interesting fact, isn't it? But actually she didn't scare the fish.

What actually happened was she swam beside the fish and they taught her how to do a fin high five.

Here she is swimming with her fish friends, and I'm going to write fin high five.

"Fin high five, I want a fin high five." Excellent.

But then she started to worry and questioned what her family would say.

But at the end, all of the fish, and all of the sharks decided to be friends because the little baby fish had done such a great job of being a shark.

But the shark family loved her, even though she was a fish and the fish family loved her too.

So she could be herself.

That is my story map.

I would like you to pause your video and draw your own map.

We are now going to step the story.

I am going to show you my first three steps and then you are going to have a go.

So the first thing that happens in my story is the big shark is swimming and she is really hungry.

So I am going to be a shark and just behind my head and I'm going to rub my belly and this is going to be my face.

I'm also going to use a word to describe my feelings.

I'm going to pretend I have just seen the fish and say, "Yummy, yummy, yummy." Are you ready? You can do it with me.

"Yummy, yummy, yummy." Okay, that is my first step.

Now my second step.

I am going to do this action because the shark is carefully putting the egg into her nest with her other shark eggs.

I'm going to say, "Shh." Because she doesn't tell anybody.

Are you ready? You can do it with me.

"Shh." Okay, I'm going to do my first two steps again.

And with my shark fin, "Yummy, yummy, yummy." Step forwards.

"Shh." Okay, and for my third action.

I'm going to think about the games that the fish and the sharks play with the pebble.

So what could I do? I'm going to pretend I am the shark with the pebble in its mouth.

So I'm going to be like this and I'm going to shout, "Catch." Okay, I am going to now step my first three parts of the story.

"Yummy, yummy, yummy.


"Catch." Okay, before you start stepping your story, I am just going to show you a few of my top tips.

You are going to get to step your story in just a second, but before you do so I would like to share some of my top tips.

Number one.

Make sure you have a really clear action.

Number two.

Make sure you step forward.

So you know that you're going into the next part of the story.

And number three.

Use your eyes to communicate.

Do you feel furious or do you feel extremely happy? Pause your video now and complete your stepping.

Now that you have created your story map and you have stepped the story, you are ready to start speaking your story.

Now you can use different voices to create different moods.

You can leave pauses and you can match your facial expressions to your mood as you are telling the story.

I have got my story map just here and I would suggest you have your story map in front of you so that you can see it.

Now, I would like you to get your magical microphone ready.

My magical microphone today is bright yellow like the sun.

I am going to model speaking my first three events.

And then it will be your turn.

One day, there was a huge shark swimming through the ocean and with her nose, she was hunting for a yummy snack.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a small fish egg abandoned on the sea floor.

At first, she thought she would eat it, but then she thought of her own children and thought she had better save it.

So when she got back to her shark home, she snuck the little fish egg in with her own shark eggs.

A few months later, the little fish had grown up and believed it really was a shark.

And it liked to play with it's shark brothers and sisters.

They were playing at catch game where they had to put a pebble in their mouth and throw it to each other.

But the poor little fish couldn't throw the pebble because it kept falling out because she had no teeth and she started to notice that she was a little bit different.

She wasn't as big as her siblings and she wasn't as fast.

Okay, I'm going to put my microphone down because it is your turn to speak the story now.

So pause your video, get your microphone ready and retell your recycled story.