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- Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another video with me, Miss Sidenius.

Today, we're going to be talking about hot weather and cold weather and how it makes us feel.

We're going to start today's lesson by talking about hot and cold weather.

We're then going to pack our bags and go on a holiday to a hot country or a cold country.

Finally, we're gonna get on that aeroplane and we're gonna spend the rest of the day on holiday.

In this lesson, you're going to need three things: some clothes, a bag, and you might want to bring a teddy or a toy on holiday.

Now, you're not going to know what type of clothes you need to bring until later.

So don't go and get anything just yet, but have a think.

Where are those things? Where can I find them when I need them? Let's get started by talking about hot and cold weather.

In the hot weather, when the sun is really high in the sky and we get a bit warm, what happens to us? Have a look at the picture on the screen.

Can you see the picture with the girl with the water on her head? What's happening there? It's not rain, it's sweat.

This girl is feeling very, very hot and her body has started to produce sweat, which helps us to cool down.

It looks like water, but it's not water.

She also looks a bit red, doesn't she? Sometimes our faces can get flushed and go red when we feel hot, or sometimes we go red when we spend too long in the sun and we get sunburnt on our skin.

What do you think about the man in the picture underneath? How do you think he's feeling? Tell your screen.

That's right, I don't think he's feeling very good.

He's holding his head and he's holding his tummy.

If we spend too long in the sun, we can start to feel really poorly, especially if we haven't been drinking very much water.

We can get headaches and tummy aches and we might have to stay in bed for a few days.

In some countries where it's really hot all year round, people who live there have to be very careful that they don't spend too much time in the sun.

Otherwise, they might start to feel a bit poorly.

Even though it's really nice to spend lots of time outside in the sunshine, we can't spend that much time in the mid-day sun when it's at its hottest, but there are some things that we can do to help us cool down when we're feeling very, very hot.

Have a little think, what can we do to help us cool down when we feel really hot? Tell your screen.

That's right, we can buy an ice cream and enjoy a nice cold snack.

We could drink lots of water.

We could jump in the water if there's a swimming pool or a beach nearby.

We can put sun cream on to stop our skin from burning in the sun.

And we can wear a sun hat to give us some shade when we're outside in the sun.

And what's the lady wearing? Sunglasses, that's right.

She's wearing sunglasses because too much sun can damage your eyes.

But if you've got sunglasses on, you'll be fine.

So we can also wear summer clothes like dresses, shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Because if we were wearing jumpers and long-sleeve clothes, I think we would get very hot, very quickly.

What great ideas that you had for keeping us cool in the sunshine.

So if we're going on a hot holiday, what do you think we might need to pack in our bags? Have a little think.

Tell your screen.

That's right, we might want to pack a sun hat to keep the sun out of our eyes.

We might want to pack some sun cream so that our skin doesn't go burnt and red in the sun.

We might want to bring some summer clothes like shorts, dresses, t-shirts, otherwise we'll get too hot if we're wearing jumpers and trousers in the sun, and we might want to bring some sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sunshine.

Good thinking, everyone.

But what about cold weather? What happens when you go outside and it's really cold, like in the winter time? That's right, you can feel it on your skin.

It's very, very cold, especially when it's freezing or it's snowing and there's ice on the ground.

You feel really cold and you might try to warm yourself up.

Sometimes when it's really cold and you breathe out, you can even see your breath in front of you goes white to show how cold it is outside.

In the cold weather, if we're outside for too long in the cold, we might catch a cold or a cough.

So we don't want to be outside in the cold for too long.

What can we do to warm us up when we're feeling really cold? Have a think.

Tell your screen.

When we're feeling really, really cold, there are lots of things we can do to warm up.

We can run on the spot, we can jump, move our bodies to warm ourselves up.

Or we could sit down with a nice hot chocolate and marshmallows or a cup of tea.

We can wear warm winter clothes to keep us warm, like a hat, a scarf, gloves, and a warm coat.

And we can wear slippers and fluffy socks in the house to keep us warm.

So if we were going somewhere really cold on holiday, what do you think we'd need to pack in our bags? Have a think.

Tell your screen.

We will need to bring some gloves, you're right.

Some gloves, a scarf, and a warm winter coat and any other clothes that might help to keep us warm or a teddy or some hot chocolate that we can keep warm with.

So it's time to go on holiday.

I want you to decide what do you feel like.

Would you like to go on a holiday where you can be swimming and you can wear your sunglasses? Or would you like to go on a cold holiday, somewhere really cold, where you can sit inside, watch films, bake cookies, and make snowmen and snow angels in the snow.

It's up to you to decide.

I've decided where I'm going.

And I'm going to go on a really cold holiday to a very cold country where it's very snowy most of the year.

Now if there's going to be snow, that means I'm going to be really cold.

I might need your help packing my bag.

Can you help me? I've got my bag ready to go.

What shall I put inside? For a cold holiday, I'm going to need.

Yes, you're right, a hat.

I'm going to put my hat in my bag ready to go.

What else might I need? Some gloves, yes.

Let me get my glove ready to go on holiday.

Got some nice warm mittens to keep my fingers warm in the cold.

What else might I need on cold holiday? Yes, some hot chocolate.

I'm going to pack that in my bag so I can drink it when I get there.

And I'm going to bring a hot water bottle so I can cuddle it at night when I'm feeling really cold.

What else could I bring? I know, a fluffy blanket to snuggle up to when I come in from outside after building a snowman.

And some warm clothes, some pyjamas and a warm jumper to keep me warm when I go outside.

All of my things packed and I'm ready to go on my holiday.

I need to rush off so that I can get on my aeroplane.

Where are you going to go on holiday? Make sure that you pack the right things to go with you and rush off to the airport.

Have fun on holiday, everyone.