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Hello, everyone.

Welcome back to another lesson with me, Miss Sidenius.

Today, we're going to be learning about how people celebrate Easter.

We're going to start today's lesson by quickly remembering the Easter story.

Then we will learn about the different ways that people celebrate Easter, and we're going to finish the lesson by creating our own Easter card.

In this lesson, you're only going to need two things: some paper and some pens or pencils.

Pause the video here, make sure you've got those two things, and come back when you're ready.

Star words, star words, star words.

Easter, Easter.

Easter is a Christian celebration that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Let's find out a little bit more about the Easter celebration.

So as we heard in the video, Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

And Jesus was teaching people how to live good lives and performing miracles during his time on earth.

Some people did not like this.

So they put Jesus to death on a cross, but Jesus came back to life, and this is what Christians celebrate at Easter time.

We already heard some of the ways that people celebrate Easter in the video.

Can you remember some of them? Tell your screen.

That's right! Some people like to eat hot cross buns at Easter time because the cross on the bun is like the cross that Jesus died on.

Some people like to like light candles to remember Jesus.

And people go on Easter egg hunts.

Eggs are a symbol of new life and are used as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus.

Nowadays, eggs are usually made of chocolate wrapped in colourful decorative paper, but traditionally chicken eggs were boiled and people would paint their shells for decoration.

Other ways that people celebrate Easter are by going to church for an Easter service.

And because Easter happens at springtime, people will often decorate their home with springtime decorations, like daffodils, chicks, little lambs, and Easter eggs.

People might also give each other a card at Easter time to say, Happy Easter.

We're going to have a go at creating our very own Easter card.

Look at the pictures of the cards on the screen.

What can you see on the cards? Tell your screen.

That's right! You can see Easter eggs.

You can see a bunny and you can see that there's some writing.

The writing says, Happy Easter.

Why do you think people have put Easter eggs and bunnies on the card? Hmm.

People use these springtime decorations because the eggs are a symbol of new life.

And Easter happens in springtime so there are lots of little bunnies, lambs, and chicks around too.

We're going to have a go at creating our own Easter card.

The first thing that you need to do is get a piece of paper and fold it in half.

Make sure that the edges meet and then fold down the other side to make a card.

Just like that and it opens up like a card.

So pause the video here, fold your piece of paper in half, and come back when you're ready.


Now it's time for us to decorate our cards.

Remember what did those other cards have on the front of them? Hmm.

They had eggs and bunnies and some writing as well.

I think I'm going to draw an egg but there's going to be a little chick popping out of it because chicks are born in the springtime as well.

Well chicks hatch out of their eggs in the springtime, so I've got a broken egg and a little chick coming out the middle, but I'm not just going to leave it looking like any old egg.

I'm going to give it some decorations as well.

First, I'm going to finish doing my chick and I'm going to colour it in so that it's a beautiful, bright Easter card that will make someone very happy when they get it.

So I'm using yellow to colour in my chick.

I wonder what you're going to draw on the front of your card.

You could be thinking about that.


Are you going to do a chick? You going to do a bunny? You could do whatever you like.

Something else that reminds you of springtime or Easter? Maybe you'll do hot cross buns.

So I'm nearly done colouring in my chick yellow.

Going very slowly around the wings to keep my colouring in the lines.

And now I'm going to get an orange pen and do the beak.

Like that.

And a black pen for the eyes.

Now what could I do to decorate my Easter egg? Hmm.

I'm going to do a zigzag pattern in pink.

And I'm going to do this same pattern on the top.

And then I think I'll use a different colour this time to do some purple spots as well.

So I've got zigzags and spots.


Pause the video here, decorate the front of your Easter card, and come back when you're ready.

Now it's time to have a go at writing inside our card.

When we write inside the card, you want to think about who you're writing it to.

So I'm doing it for my friend, Tim.

Te, i, mm, Tim.

To Tim.

And it's an Easter card so I'm going to write Hh, aa, pe, pe, happy Easter.

Easter can be a little bit hard to write.


To Tim, Happy Easter.

And then I need to write who it's from.

From, Fe, er, ae, mm.

Fe, er, ae, mm.

From Miss Sidenius.

So make sure that when you write your card, you write who it's for, you write happy Easter, and you write who it's from.

Pause the video here while you write in your card and come back when you're finished.

Well done, everyone.

I hope you're really proud of your lovely Easter card.

I think it's going to make someone very happy to receive that.

Have a great rest of your day.