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Hello everybody.

Miss Hughes here.

I hope you've had a really good sleep because you're going to need all of your energy to help me put up the fire behind us.

But first we must complete our firefighter training.

So put on your hat and let's get ready.

Because in this lesson, we will understand what a firefighter does.

There'll be three lessons on firefighters.

Number one with me.

Number two with Miss Sidenius.

And number three with Mrs. Garrard.

They're going to be fighting fires with you too.

So give them a wave.

In this lesson, we will listen to a story, learn what a firefighter does and then you will draw and label your own fire engines for your mission.

In this lesson, you're going to need your listening ears.

You're going to need colours and you're going to need some plain paper and a pencil.

Pause the video here, get those items and restart when you're ready.


Let's get going.

And we'll start by listening to a story.

This story is called The Dream Team.


What does that mean? Tell your screen what you think The Dream Team means.

Some of you think that this is going to be a story about a group of people who work really well together.

Well, let's find out.

Get comfortable and we'll begin.

Orau fire station had some of the best firefighters in the world.

It had Due.

Due was very brave.

Though he was quite slow.

It had Chris.

Chris was super strong.

Though she was a bit scared of height.

And it had Lym.

Lym was super fast.

Though they weren't very strong, each firefighter performed their role really well.

Chris was called to rescue people from burning buildings by carrying them on her shoulder because she was so strong Due was called when people needed rescuing from high up like a cat in a tree because Due loved climbing heights.

Lym was called when somebody was needed at an emergency really quickly because they could run super fast and put out fires really quickly.

But one day, there was a huge fire, right at the top of a burning building.

"I can't go," said Due.

"I'm not going to be fast enough arriving at the scene." "I can't go," said Chris.

"The fire's really high up and I'm scared of heights.

"Well I can't go," said Lym "Because lots of people need rescuing and I'm not strong enough." The firefighters thought for a while and then they realised they all had powers that made them super good at their job.

And they needed to work together at a team.

Lym run off and was first to the scene.

Then put out the fire that was on the ground.

Due you follow it closely behind riffing up the ladder faster than he ever had before.

And Chris waited at the bottom to rescue people and carry them to safety.

The firefighters worked together to put out the fire and became known as the best firefighting team in the world.

The end.

Your turn.


That story shows that if we work together, we can be a really great team and solve big problems. Firefighters are really good at working as a team because lots of firefighters often needed to solve one problem.

But what does a firefighter to do? Being a firefighter is a job.

And a job is something that we do to earn money.

It's something that earns money.

What jobs can you think of? Tell your screen.

Lots of creative jobs you thought of.

An artist or a firefighter or an astronaut or a cashier.

There are so many different jobs.

In today's lesson we're learning about firefighters and we'll learn that firefighters have a special uniform that they must wear to keep them safe.

We'll learn that they put out fires.

And we'll learn about the vehicle that they use called the fire engine.

A firefighter is somebody who puts up fire and rescues people.

Say that with me, a firefighter is someone who puts out fires and rescues people.

Firefighters have to train to do their job because it's a very dangerous job and they need to make sure they are safe.

But what is a fire? Well, a fire is the light and heat produced by burning something.

Some fires are controlled which means that they're meant to happen.

And they're safe as long as an adult is supervising them.

These might be bonfires, candles or fireplaces.

Do you have any fire in your home? Tell your screen if you do.


Now you will know that the fires in your home are controlled.

That means that there is an adult supervising them at all times and that you as a child do not touch them because sometimes fire can get out of control and things can catch fire that are not meant to.

This might happen if the fire is left unsupervised and something close by catches fire.

That might happen if there is a problem with the electrics and the electrics spark and catch fire.

If things catch fire in an unsafe way, we must react very quickly.

And we must do that by raising the alarm and getting firefighters to come and help us quickly.

And we raise the alarm by calling 999, the number is 999.

And 999 is a number that anyone can call if they have an emergency, Usually, your grownups will be around to help you and call 999 for you but if you are ever on your own and in an unsafe situation like there's fire and you can't see your grownup or you've got lost, you can always call 999 if there is a big emergency.

Now you might call 999 for several different reasons.

You might call 999 if you need an ambulance because there is a medical emergency.

Somebody is hurt.

You might call 999 if you need a police officer.

If you're lost or if you're in an unsafe situation.

Or you might need to call 999 if you see a fire and there is nobody around to help you and call an alarm for you.

The magic number is 9 9 9.

Now pause the video here and see if you can match the vehicles to the jobs.

On the top, you can see three vehicles that you might have in an emergency like an ambulance if you have a medical emergency.

A police car, if you have an emergency where you're unsafe.

Or a fire engine, if you have an emergency where there is fire or somebody is stuck.

Here we have a police officer, firefighter and doctor.

Pause the video here and match the vehicles to the people who do the jobs.

I hope that went really well.

Let's quickly recap.

You will call 999 and ask for an ambulance, if you have a medical emergency and need doctors.

You'll call the police, if you're in an unsafe situation and someone might turn up in a police car.

Or you'll call for a fire engine and firefighters if you see fire or people are stuck.

But remember it's important to only call 999 if you're in an emergency, which means an unsafe situation and your grownup cannot help you.

Now if we call firefighters because there is a fire, they will come in extinguish the fires.

That means to put out.


Can you say that? Extinguish.

To extinguish means to put out.

When I say extinguish, you say put out.

Ready? Extinguish.


Put out.

Well done.

Here is a fire extinguisher.

You might've seen these in your schools or in shops ` or in any other building.

These are special tools that contain things that put out a fire.

Firefighters might use extinguishers to put out fires or they might use a hose because water puts out some fires.

That means that firefighters have to get quite close to the fires they're putting up.

And fire is really dangerous because it is so hot.

So firefighters must wear a special uniform.

Here's photo that I reached to see what they wear.

They wear a hat.

So that anything that falls will fall onto the helmet and not their head.

They wear an oxygen pack on their backs.

Once there is fire, it can be difficult to breathe.

And these oxygen packs help the firefighters to breathe when this smoke is filling the air.

They have fluorescent stripes on their uniform which means they can be seen if there is lots of smoke or it is dark.

They have boots which is sensible footwear and they were thick cloth to protect them from fire.

That's a lot of things.

So pause the video here.

And looking at the picture, shout out to the screen all of the things that the firefighter wears.

Wow, you remembered lots of them.

You remembered their hat, fluorescent stripes, thick clothes, boots and oxygen.

Great job.

Now we think about how a firefighter travels and firefighters need to get to the fires really quickly to stop them from spreading.

So they have to travel in a fire engine that can carry or lift their equipment.

Fire engines are specially designed so that the firefighter has everything they need.

On the top, they have a siren and that's got blue flashing lights.

And makes a really loud noise when the fire engine is rushing to an emergency.

Why is the siren important? Tell your screen.

That's right.

Fire engines have a siren so the other cars on the road know the fire engine is coming and can get out of the way.

Fire engines have a ladder.

Why do you think firefighters need a ladder? Tell your scream.

Firefighters need a ladder so that they can climb up to rescue people who are up high.

They have a hose which they use water in.

And that helps them to extinguish fires.

And they have an extinguisher to help them to extinguish, to put out fires.

So fire engines are very specially designed.

Now, it's your time to shine by drawing a picture of a fire engine.

Number one, you're going to draw it thinking of all the things that it needs.

And then you're going to label it by sounding out each part of it.

If you're new to writing you might want to tell your teddy the different parts of the fire engine or you might just write the first sound like that "ahh" for extinguisher.

I'm looking forward to seeing your fire engines and you might take your drawing to lesson three.

If you're doing that, where you make your fire engine with Mrs.Garrard.

If you'd like to please ask your parents or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter tagging @OakNational and #LearnwithOak Great work everybody.

Put on your fire fighter badge.

I think you've earned it.

And now we have one final job which is to put up the fire behind us.

And we're going to do that by getting ready, putting on our hats, putting on our oxygen bags and putting on our boots.

Climb into the fire engine.

Press the siren.

Let's make a siren noise.

Ni-no ni-no And drive to the fire.

Now what do I need to get to put the fire out? That's right.

I need to get my ladder to climb up.

And I need to get my hose or extinguisher to put the fire out.

Ready? Let's use our hose or extinguisher in three, two, one.

Phew and we've put the fire out.


I'm back at the fire station.

Ready to wait for my next emergency.

Have a great day, everybody.