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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another lesson with me, Miss Sidenius.

Today, we're going to be learning all about how humans grow.

Let's get stuck in.

We're going to start today's lesson by thinking about the way that humans change and grow.

Then we're going to move on to learning about how humans change and grow.

And finally, we're going to make something for a teddy or a toy that just might help them grow as well.

In this lesson you're going to need three things.

Some junk modelling.

Maybe a box, that would be a good thing to start with.

A blanket and a pillow, and a teddy or a toy.

Pause the video here, make sure you've got those three things and come back when you're ready.

So to start off, I want us to go back and think about how humans change and grow right from the very start of their lives.

When humans are born, we start out as.

Babies, that's right.

We need a lot of help as babies to grow because we can't do anything for ourselves.

As we get a little bit taller and we start walking and talking, then we are toddlers.

And when we get even taller, we grow into children.

And as children grow, they become.

Teenagers, adults and.

Elderly people, that's right.

Then you reach old age in the last few stages of human life.

It really is amazing how humans change from being a baby at the beginning of their life, and they grow up older and older and older until they reach old age.

But it doesn't just happen on its own like magic, there are things that we have to do to help us grow.

What do humans need to grow? Have a look at the pictures on the screen and see if you can tell your screen.

That's right, humans need lots and lots of different food so that they can get nutrients from the food to grow.

They need to drink lots of water and they need lots of sleep, that's right.

Can you show me you falling asleep? When we sleep, it's good to have shelter so that we don't wake up a lot in the night and we feel really comfortable and cosy.

So I wonder if you can quickly tell me again what are the three things that humans need to grow? Use the pictures on the screen to help you.

We need food, water and sleep, well done, good job.

But it's not as simple as eating anything we like.

In fact, when we start out as babies, we don't even have any teeth.

We can only drink milk, and milk gives us lots of good nutrients to help us grow and have strong bones.

When we then get a bit older and we start growing our first teeth, we can start to eat things that are soft and we can chew with our gums and a few teeth.

So things like bread, yoghourt, fruit are all things that you can start to eat when you're a bit older as a baby.

The older we get, the more and more different foods we can eat.

But it's still really good to make sure that you're mainly eating lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy nuts and pulses, and make sure that you don't eat too much junk, like burgers, chips, sweeties and chocolate because it's not very good for you inside and it can give you a poorly tummy.

And to help us grow, we need all of the nutrients from healthy foods.

So is it a good idea to eat sweets, chocolate and burgers all the time? No, that's right.

We know that we need to eat a mixture of healthy foods to keep us growing healthy and strong.

What foods can you see on the screen? Can you point to some that you like? Good job, I can see salad, eggs, berries, fish, milk, nuts and some beans.

I like all of these different foods.

You might not like all of them but I'm sure you have other healthy foods that you like to eat as well.

Now, we've spoken about the food that we can eat.

We know we have to drink lots of water.

And what was the last thing that we need to grow? Sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Especially when we are babies, and when we're toddlers and children.

We still need lots of sleep to help us grow taller and stronger.

Now have a think, where do you sleep at night? Tell your screen.

I sleep in a bed, I'm sure you do too.

And is your bed very cosy? Do you have blankets and pillows and duvets? And do you sleep under a roof so that you don't get wet at night? It's really important that when we sleep, we are cosy and comfortable, and we're sheltered from the outdoors so that we can have a really nice sleep and grow strong and healthy.

So we're going to have a go at making a bed now for a teddy or a toy.

I've got Tim here again, and Tim is ready to test out my bed that I'm going to build for him.

I'm thinking, hm, I need to find something that's going to be the right size for Tim.

There's no point in having a really big bed, or Tim might fall out.

Or a really small bed that Tim has to curl up in and feel really cramped and uncomfortable when he's sleeping.

I think I've got the right box, let me see.

It's quite a big box look.

Hm, does Tim fit inside? Almost, it's a little bit cramped with this part inside.

I'm going to take this out.

Now let's see if that's better.

Ah, that's much better, but it doesn't look very comfortable does it? Is it comfortable, Tim? Oh no, Tim says it's not very comfortable at all, it's very hard.

I need to put some things in there to make it more comfortable, what could I use? Hm, I know.

I've got a fluffy old hot water bottle here that I could put in there a bit like a mattress.

Can you see how fluffy and warm that looks? Now where's Tim going to rest his head? Oh, he needs a pillow as well, doesn't he? Okay, I'm going to fold up my pillowcase here, put that in there.

Tim has a pillow and a fluffy warm mattress.

Is that better, Tim? Oo, Tim says it's getting better but he's still a bit chilly on his tummy.

What else could I give Tim to help him sleep really comfortably at night in his new bed? A blanket or a duvet, that's right.

Well luckily, I have a really soft winter blanket here.

Let me tuck Tim in and then we can see what we think of the new bed.


What do you think, Tim? He's fallen asleep.

I better leave him so he can get a really good night's rest and grow big and strong, just like me.

Have a go at making a bed for your teddy or toy and let them have a good night's sleep too.

Bye everyone, see you next time.