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Hello everybody, Miss Hughes here, what's your name? Great to meet you.

You've just caught me watering my plants.

They're growing really tall now, but I've had to do a lot to look after them.

I've had to water them, check they're in sunlight and give them lots of time.

Maybe you can help me, but first let's complete the lesson to understand what plants need to grow.

There'll be three lessons on growing.

The first with me, the second with Miss Sidenius and the third with Mrs. Garrard.

In this lesson, we will listen to a story, learn about what grows, read the instructions to plant a seed, and then you would have a turn of planting a seed.

You're going to need a pot.

You can use an old yoghourt pot that's been washed if you don't have a plant pot.

You're going to need some soil and you're going to need some beans or seeds.

Now, I didn't have any beans or seeds when I came to do this, but I was just finished eating an apple and in the apple was a tiny pip.

So I'm going to plant the pip.

Pause the video here, get what you need and restart when you're ready.

Fantastic, let's begin by listening to a story.

And this story is called Haul's sunflower.

Here are some pictures of sunflowers.

What do you notice about them? Tell your screen I noticed that.

Great, I noticed that the flowers have yellow petals.

They have a big brown centre and they are very tall.

Sunflowers can grow so tall that they are taller than us.

And sunflowers like to face the sun, so their heads move to face the direction of the sun.

Now here is Haul, everyone say, hello Haul.

And Haul's got a story she wants to share with us.

So get comfortable and we'll begin.

This is the story of Haul's sunflower.

There was a big competition in Haul's school.

Every child was given a pot and sunflower seed and some soil, and they were to take them home and plant on their sunflower seed.

So it would be a competition to see who could grow the tallest sunflower in the class.

And Haul really wanted to win it.

Haul went home feeling really excited.

She first filled the pot with soil, then she dug a hole in the soil, dropped in the seed and covered it up.

Haul really looked after her sunflower seed.

She made sure the pot was in sunlight, she watered it every day and she was really patient.

Soon after a green shoot started to grow, it got taller and taller, so Haul moved it to a bigger pot outside so that the sunflower had all of the nutrients that it needed, and all of the sunlight.

It was looking beautiful.

Haul was super confident, she was going to have the tallest sunflower in the whole class.

But one day when she came home from school, she went outside and saw that the pot had mashed everywhere and the sunflower laying tiny pieces on the floor.

On her garden walk she saw a cat looking smugly, I bet you pushed my sunflower over, she said, and Haul went to bed sobbing.

She couldn't take part in the competition.

But Haul's mum had an idea.

Why don't you enter all of the other flowers you've grown into the competition? But it is sunflower competition, said Haul not a tulip competition or any other flower.

But she thought about it and decided it was her only option.

So she took all of her plants to the school and everyone's stopped and told her how beautiful they were.

When it was time for the competition, Haul felt a bit sad again because she knew she wouldn't win.

It was a sunflower competition and she didn't have a sunflower.

But then just after the winner had been read up, Mrs. Broden announced that there would be a special prize for somebody who'd thought really creatively.

I was the best gardener in the class.

Haul looked up just in time to hear her name being called out, Haul had won a prize because she didn't just grow sunflowers, she grew lots of different flowers.

Haul felt super happy that even though she hadn't won the sunflower competition, she'd won something after all.

The end, your turn.

Well, I'm glad that Haul's beautiful gardening got recognised because she'd worked super hard to look after all of her plants.

I wonder if you've grown anything before? Tell your screen if you have.

Some of us have and some of us haven't.

Well, let's take a look at what plants need to grow.

To grow means something gets bigger over time.

Growing means something gets bigger over time.

And in this lesson, we are learning about plants that grow.

Plants that get bigger over time.

But what plants grow? Look at the pictures and tell your screen.

You might've thought of lots of plants that grow.

Trees grow, they start as tiny little saplings and grow taller and bigger.

Flowers grow, just like Haul's sunflowers and lots of other types too.

Herb's grow and shoots grow and vegetables grow, just like carrots.

Some grow underground and some grow overground.

Lots of different plants grow just like us, plants are alive so they have certain things that they do to keep alive.

Let's have a look at the parts of a type of plant called a flower.

I wonder if you can be the parts of a flower with me by copying my actions.

At the bottom of the flower, we have the roots, point to the roots.

And the roots have a really important job.

They need to drink in the water and the nutrients in the soil.

Ready, show me roots.

They drink in the nutrients and water.

And those nutrients and water travel to the rest of the flower through the main body called the stem.

Show me stem.

The stem takes those water and nutrients all the way out to the leaves.

Show me leaves.

The leaves take in the sunlight, and the water and nutrients are also carried up to the petals at the top.

The pretty colourful part of a flower.

Show me petals.

Great, so flowers have roots, a stem, leaves and petals.

Now, plants need lots of different things to stay alive.

And one of the things they need is sunlight.

Show me sunlight.

Now that means when you plant something, you want to make sure it's got as much sunlight as possible so that it's got the best chance of growing.

In my home, the place with the most sunlight is by the window, just like this plant here.

The rays from the sun will come into the window and give this plant all the sunshine it needs.

Where is the place with the most sunlight in your home? Tell your screen.

Some of you said the window like mine, or some of you have a garden or a balcony that gets more sunlight.

Plants need sunlight to grow.

Now plants also need water to grow.

And it's important to water plants so that the roots can take in the water and the nutrients take it in, and pours it to the rest of the flower.

Plants need water to grow.

And plants need lots of time to grow.

Some plants grow quickly, but others need lots of time.

Now, they are just some of the things that plants need.

You might've thought of some others like nutrients.

Plants need lots of things to grow.

Pause the video here and tell your screen what a plant needs to grow.

Great, now it's our turn to plant a seed.

I will do that by following instructions, your turn.

Instructions tell us how to do something.

They tell us how to do something.

I need instructions to plant a seed are on the screen.

There's a lot of them, so we're going to break them down.

But before we do that, make sure you've got your pot, soil and beans or seeds.

Pause here if you need to, to put those in front of you.

Great, first, you're going to watch me plant a seed and then it will be your turn.

Let's take a look at the first instruction.

I'm going to sound it out.

So if you've done some reading before you might want to join me.

Starting at the left, f-i-l-l, fill, a p-o-t, pot, w-i-t-h, with, s-o-i-l, soil.

Fill a pot with soil.

And we're going to do it with actions first.

Get your pretend plot and fill it up with soil.

Count how many spoonfuls it takes you.

Great, number one, fill a pot with soil.

Let's read on instruction number two.

If you want to have a go of reading it, pause the video and have it go on your own, then we'll do it together.

Ready, d-r-o-p, drop a s-e-e-d, seed, i-n, in.

Drop a seed in.

Get your pretend pot and puh, and it goes.

Number two, drop a seed in.

Number three, pause if you want to read on your own.

Tricky word at the start.

Put s-o-i-l, soil, o-n, on, t-o-p, top.

Put soil on top.

So cover your plant with soil.

Great job.

Three, put soil on top.

And finally four, this is a tricky word, water the p-l-a-n-t, plant.

Water the plant.

So get your watering can, water the plant just a little bit, because too much would drown it.

Number four, water the plant.

Wow, we've finished planting our seed.

But now I need to think carefully about what to do with it.

I need to make sure it's got some sunlight.

So I'm going to put it on my windowsill.

I need to remember to water it and I need to give it time to grow.

Great job.

Now it's your turn to plant a seed and you will need to get your grown-up to help you with this part.

On this screen, you can pause here and follow the instructions, maybe with the words or maybe with the pictures.

If you'd like to, please ask your parents or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, tagging Oak National and #LearnwithOak.

Thank you for helping me to plant the seeds today.

I wonder what it's going to grow into? What do you think? Some of you think it's sunflower, some of you think it's tulip, some of you think a Busy Lizzie.

I wonder what it's going to be? Thank you for helping me to look after my plant.

I know exactly what I need to do now.

Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon, bye.