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- Hi, everyone.

My name is Miss Patel and welcome to our RHE unit called All Around Us where we get to learn lots about ourselves, each other and the communities that we're a part of.

Now, today's lesson is called we are a jigsaw.

So as you've been elected the Mayor of Oak Town, it's your job to represent our town and help to improve the lives of its constituents.

These are the people who have elected you to become mayor.

Now, this week, we'll be able to recognise the different groups that make up and contribute to our community.

So by the end of this lesson, you will look at the different groups that make up a community.

You'll meet some faces from my community.

You'll think about the communities that you're a part of and any that you'd like to join.

And finally, as always, your parents and carers will be able to share your work with us on social media.

Before we start, let's take a look at what we'll need for this lesson.

Now, in this lesson, you'll need a pen or a pencil, as well as some colouring pencils, you'll need some paper, and you'll need to work in your office or any quiet space will do.

If you're missing any of these items, press the pause button now and you can press play again when you're ready to continue.

So this is what our lesson will look like today.

We'll begin by talking about the people in our communities.

You'll get the chance to meet a couple of people from my community.

I'll talk you through today's task, and show you what a good example looks like.

So let's start off with the people in our communities.

We're thinking of the smaller groups of people, or the smaller communities that contribute to our town as a whole.

Even though there are lots of small communities within our town, they all have one thing in common.

And that's the place in which they live.

Now, some communities may even have a unique aspect that helps to identify them, for example, in school we have uniforms and a football team or a sports team might have a kit to represent them.

I'm now going to introduce you to two very important people from my community.

Even though they're two different people from different races and they follow different religions, they both have one thing in common and that's the community in which they live.

Now, whilst you're learning about them and listening to them talk about the smaller communities they're a part of, I want to see whether you can see which unique thing they have that helps to identify which community they're a part of.

Let's start off with Huzaifah who is a faith leader in my local community.

- May please and blessings be upon you all.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, stated , which means make salam a common practise among you.

This is a very special greeting in our faith that we say to one another.

This special salam, why do we say this salam? Because when we say this salam to one another, it promotes peace.

It promotes blessing.

It promotes unity, it promote compassion.

What all the people in our community and finally, throughout all the people in the entire universe.

So our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has told us that looking after the needs of one another is a great, great, great reward.

Our creator, the almighty, he has emphasised the importance of , which means the rights of the creation, fulfilling, looking after the rights of the creation and of all the people around us.

So this is why us faith leaders, we have created a special community welfare group where we look after the needs and wants of our fellow people of our fellow citizens regardless of which faith they are from in our own community.

We go to them, we visit them, we ask how they are, we ask, "Do you need help with your shopping?" And in addition to this, we also partner with food banks and we collect food and we give this to the people who are less fortunate then us because this is a great part of our faith, and our faith teaches us that we are one, we are one united body.

Remember, united we stand, divided we fall, which is why we promote unity and goodness to spread throughout the locality.

And this is something as faith leaders what we're extremely proud of.

This is something which runs through our DNA.

We are so passionate about this.

This means may the almighty grant you goodness.

I'll see you again.

- That was really interesting and even though Huzaifah part of a community where all the people involved follow a specific religion, they still work to support.

Now it's your turn.

Your task today is to create a jigsaw where you can piece together at least six groups or six smaller communities who contribute to your town.

This could include communities that you're already a part of, prominent or important communities in your town, or any communities that you'd like to join.

Let me show you what a good example looks like.

Here I have drawn six jigsaw pieces and each one includes a group or a community, which is essential to everyday life in my town.

Perhaps you'll recognise some of them or you'll want to include some of them in your own jigsaw.

As an extra challenge, you can ask your parents or carers to help you cut out the pieces and ask a friend or a family member to solve the puzzle.

I really hope you got to think about the small communities and groups that make up and contribute to your town.

If you'd like to, you can ask your parents or carers to share your work with us on social media.

I'd love to see your jigsaws.

Don't forget to have a go at the quiz at the end and I'll see you again really soon.

Bye bye.