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Hello again.

It's nice to see you.

How are you this week? Good, I'm glad to hear it.

Today's lesson is all about responsibilities.

So today, you will understand that we all have responsibilities, including you.

In this lesson, you will understand what with rights come responsibilities means.

You will recall your rights from last lesson, we've got another visit from the fairytale authority, and finally, you'll create your own role on the wall.

To be successful in this lesson, you'll need some paper and a pencil.

You can use felt tip pens if you like, but you don't need them.

With rights come responsibilities.

What do you think that means? That's right.

We can't have one without the other.

So in front of me you can see I've got a pan balance.

Now you might have seen one of these before.

Is it better there? I have to move some of my fairy friends out of the way so you can see it.

There we go.

Okay, so at the moment, it's balanced.

Now, if in the world we only had rights, it wouldn't be balanced, would it? Everyone would just do whatever they wanted without a care in the world.

However, if everyone just had responsibilities, again, it's not balanced.

The world would be a really dull place.

Now when we have both, rights and responsibilities, the world is balanced.

So we need them both to keep the world a happy place.

These options are your rights.

Choose two.

Option one, the right to sleep in the cold, option two, the right to be loved, option three, the right to have an education, option four, the right to be disrespectful.

Which options are your rights? Choose two.

Option one, the right to shelter, option two, the right to be unkind, option three, the right to be fed, or option four, the right to stay at home all day.

I received an email today, and it's from the fairytale authority.

When I read it, they said that they think one of my friends is acting a little bit irresponsible.

Let's have a look.

Gaston, what a brute he has been.

Did you see what he did in the video? He's not one of my friends.

Do you think he was being responsible? Me neither.

Now he has got the right to be surrounded by a clean environment, but what's his responsibility? You're right.

His responsibility is to look after the environment.

He's also got a right to an education, but what is his responsibility? Yep, his responsibility is to learn as much as he can and help everyone around him.

Now, Gaston has got the right to be listened to, but what's his responsibility? Correct, his responsibility is to listen to others.

He also has the right to be loved and respected.

What do you think his responsibility is? You're right, you've got it! His responsibility is to show love and respect.

I think we need to teach him a thing or two about responsibilities.

Good news, children.

Gaston has been taught a lesson, and he's created his own role on the wall.

So I've got it here, and I would like you to create your own role on the wall to remind you of your rights and your responsibilities.

You look here.

I've got like a very simple gingerbread man shape, and Gaston has written "I have" at the top.

And inside here he has written all, well, not all of his rights, some of his rights.

And on the outside, he has written his responsibilities.

I'll pop a picture on, then you can have a closer look.

Now I want you to have a go at one.

See ya next time.