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Hello, I'm Charu Walia.

This is lesson 106 in Data and Information unit.

In this lesson, we will be looking at spreadsheets.

For today's lesson, you will need a pen and paper or something to write on with.

Please take a moment now to clear a bit any distractions, including turning off the notifications on any apps, and find a comfortable place to work.

Please pause the video and get comfortable, and when you're ready press play.

In this lesson, you will identify questions which can be answered using data, explain the relevance of data headings, answer questions from an existing data set, and finally, you'd be able to ask simple relevant questions which can be answered using data.

What is spreadsheet? Do you know what spreadsheet is? Take a few seconds to think about, what is a spreadsheet? A spreadsheet is a computer application that allows users to organise, analyse and store data in a table.

Let's look at this table, on the left side of the stable, I've got a few names, Reina, David, Yiannis, Bob, Amin, Petra and on the right of this table, I've got few numbers, 10, 13, one, five, nine, and 18.

What does this data show? Any guesses? It could be anything we could have all sorts of right answers for this.

They could be shoe sizes, they could be number of chocolates in the pockets, could be scores that they scored in a game that they played online.

Data in spreadsheet is stored in a table.

What might this data be showing? When they give data headings to this data, it makes more sense now.

This allows us to organise the data in a meaningful way.

So the left side, we've got a data heading called name, that's heading one and heading to is number of days off.

So really this table is all about number of days these children were absent from school.

Now I'd like you to answer some questions, using a spreadsheet.

Have few seconds to just get familiar with this table.

Now, try and answer this question for me, how much does one Kiwi cost? Yes, ATP is the right answer.

How much, just four apples cost? £1.

60 is the right answer.

We will have a look at another spreadsheet.

Can you now ask and answer questions about a spreadsheet? This brings you to your task one.

Now let's look at this spreadsheet here and try and answer some questions, using the spreadsheet.

Can you think of some questions? I'm going to ask you one question.

What is the cost of a laptop? Now I'm going to go under the device heading and look where laptop is, right there, and then go onto the cost heading and see that the laptop cost £325.

My next question to you, what is the cost of one TV? So I'm going to now go into the device heading and look for TV, is right there, and then look at the cost of the TV.

It's for £99.


So I've asked you two questions.

Now, can you have a go at task one and make some questions and then try and answer those questions.

You can pause the video and resume once you are finished.

Welcome back.

Did you manage to do worksheet one? Where you had a task to frame some question and then answer the questions, using this spreadsheet? I have framed three questions and answered them too.

How much does a laptop cost? So you go back to the spreadsheet, look under the right heading.

I'm looking for the device called laptop, and then looking at the cost heading for the price of the laptop.

Using the spreadsheet information, I found out the cost of one laptop.

I can answer other questions, looking at the spreadsheet too.

How much does a mobile phone cost? Let's go back to the spreadsheet and see under the device heading, where does it say mobile phone right there, and the cost for mobile phone is £49.


I'm sure your questions are much trickier than my questions and they're much more interesting.

There is a quiz at the end of the presentation.

Please feel free to attend the quiz and you will be marked for the quiz, thank you.

Well, that brings us to the end of today's lesson.

A really big well done on all the fantastic learning you have achieved today.

If you are able to, please take a picture of your work and ask your parent or carer to share it with your teacher so they can see all the fantastic things you've learned today.

And if you'd like ask you parent or carer to send a picture of your work, to OakNational on Twitter, so I can see your lovely work too.

Well, all that's left for me to say is thank you, take care and enjoy the rest of your learning for today.