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Hi everyone, I'm Ms. Harris and welcome to today's Religious Education lesson.

We're going to be answering this question.

What is the Christian place of worship? You might already know because we've covered it in some other lessons, but we're going to find out today.

Let's have a closer look at what else we're going to be learning today.

So we're going to be looking at, what is a church? The features of a church.

Why Christians go to church? We're going to look at the ministry within Christianity.

And lastly, we're going to end how about end of lesson quiz.

For this lesson, you will need an exercise book, a pencil, a coloured pencil, and your brain so that you can fill it up with lots of new learning.

If you don't have any of these things, now is the time to pause the video and go and get them.


Let's do our star words.

These the important words we're going to be using this lesson.

So let's say them out loud to our screen.

Are you ready? My turn, your turn.








Great, should have said them even faster.

Okay, okay I'm ready, ready, ready God, altar, bells, pew, Christian, God, features, Bible I'm out of breath now.

Well done.

I think about this question, what is a church? Can you remember what a church is? So a church is a building used for Christian worship and there are lots of churches all around our country and they look very different, 'cause you can see here, we've got two different churches and one is really, really tall, whereas the other one is much longer.

So let's have a look at what a church is.

Can you write this down in your exercise book? A church is a building used for hmm worship.

Used for what? Can you write it down in your exercise book and fill in the gaps.

Pause the video and do that now.

Well done.

Now pick up your coloured pencil and we are going to tick or fix we're going to see whether we've got the answer right or if we need to correct it.

So it church is a building used for Christian worship.

If you write the word Christian give yourself a tick.

If you didn't, don't worry.

You can put a nice neat line through it and write the word Christian.


As I've already mentioned, churches can be really, really different.

And here's two examples on the screen of what a church might look like.

Can you draw a picture of a church and what it looks like on the outside? And in a moment, we're going to look at some features of a church, things that you would find inside.

Pause the video, have a go at that now.

Well done.

Now we're going to look at the features of a church.

So first, first we have the altar, this is where people in the church Christians will gather around to take part in remembering Jesus.

What are they doing, who are they remembering? Jesus, well done.

So you can see here, it's quite wide, isn't it? Then we've got something called a pew.

Now a pew are just benches that people sit, but they've got a special name could a pew.

And sometimes you'll find a little cushion with the Bible on top or a book of hymns that they might sing in a church.

Let's remember which picture is the altar? It's the one on the left, it's this one, the one that I'm pointing to the closest one to your right, that's the altar.

And what are the benches called? pew, well down.

Then here we have got some stained glass windows.

You may have seen these in a church before.

So some churches have these windows and these often show pictures of stories from the Bible.

Now lots of people couldn't read so the pictures can help them to read the stories.

So that was a long time ago.

So it represents some stories in the Bible they're really, really colourful, aren't they? When the light shines through the colour is projected onto the floor they're really beautiful.

Then some churches might have a bell tower.

This is used to remind people, it was time to go to church.

And do you remember from our first lesson, when we looked at a church having bells rung at Christmas to remind people that the Christmas service was beginning.

Now in your book, I would like you to draw a picture and label each feature of a church.

So look at the words at the bottom and label each feature of the church.

Great job.

So first we've got bells, then we've got the stained glass window.

Then we have got the altar and then we have got the pew.

Now for your next task, I would like you to draw your own stained glass window and you can use a part of the nativity story to help you.

So if you've got your story map from lesson one, you can have a go at looking at different parts.

Maybe you want to draw when Mary and Joseph were travelling to Bethlehem and Mary was on a donkey, or maybe you want to draw when The Three Wise Men gave gifts to baby Jesus when he was in the manger.

Have you think about different parts that you could draw onto your stained glass window? I remember it needs to be really, really colourful because lots of stained glass windows are.

Pause the video, have a go at that now.

Now I'm sure you're stained glass window looks really great.

But if you would like to share your work that you've completed today with us, you can ask a parent or carer to take a picture of it and send it to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the tag Oak National and #LearnwithOak.

Now we've reached the end of our lesson.

It's time to do the end of lesson quiz, where you can show off all of the knowledge you've learned today.

Let's see if you can get all of them right.

Do you think you can? Great, have a wonderful rest of your day.

And I will see you next time.