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- Hi, my name is Miss Waka, and I'll be your teacher today.

Our title of our lesson is Who is in My Family? And our learning objective is to find out who is in our family.

Hi, and welcome to today's lesson.

I'm Miss Waka, and I'm going to be your teacher today.

What's your name? Oh, hi there.

In today's lesson, you will need your looking eyes, your listening ears, a piece of paper, and some coloured pencils.

You could also use some photographs of some family members that you may have, but make sure you ask a parent or carer if it is okay to use these to create your family tree.

Today, you will be looking at what is a family tree.

Let's start with family.

What does family mean? Yeah, a group of people that love each other and may stay in the same house.

And, then, we have a tree.

What is a tree? A tree grows outside, the same way, sometimes, your family grows.

It gets bigger and bigger.

You have more people in your family.

So like the tree grows, your family could grow.

But how can a family grow? Yes, you're right.

If you have more brothers or more sisters, your family is growing.

You have more people in your family.

Different families.

So families love one another, but they are all different.

You may have a mommy and a daddy, you may have brothers and sisters, you may have a grandparent or grandparents that live with you, you may just live with your daddy or just your mommy, you may have two daddies or two mommies, but every family is different.

They all love and care for you all very much.

Sometimes they live in the same house as you and sometimes they don't.

They all come in different ways.

Families are different.

My family tree, I'm going to use my paper.

I've got a glue stick because I have got some pictures that I've asked a parent or carer to see if I could cut up.

They've agreed.

So my, tricky word my, family tree.

My family tree.

You're going to start off with you in the middle.

If you have a photograph as I do, you can have it cut up and you can stick it down.

If you don't, don't worry, you can simply draw a picture of yourself.

There's me.

Now, I'm married to my husband.

Again, I've got a photograph of him, so I'm going to stick him next to me because he's my husband.

And I'm going to draw a line to show that we are connected as husband and wife.

We have three children, my eldest child, I have got a photograph of him that I can stick down.

My other child.

And I'm going to connect these as these are our children, my husband and my children.

Now, I have two sisters.

So because they are my sisters, they are on the same level as me.

We have a mummy and a daddy, the same way they were connected.

My husband has a brother and a sister.

Your task today is to create your own family tree.

First, you need to write your name in the middle.

Next, add the people in your family, like your brothers your sisters, and maybe your mommy and your daddy.

Then, add other people who are related to you, maybe your aunties, your uncles, or even your grandparents.