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Hello, Year eight and welcome to history with me, Mrs Dashwood-Anthony.

So we're about to start our first lesson on our new inquiry.

There's six lessons in total.

The inquiry question is why did Henry the Eighth make a break with Rome? So you may have already heard of Henry the Eighth, he's very famous for having six wives.

We're going to focus on why he broke with Rome and that event is called the English Reformation, which is really, really important cause you can still see the effects of it today.

So before we start make sure you got pen and paper, so something to write on or write with.

Try and find somewhere quiet so you can concentrate and then let's begin.

So before we start our new topic, let's have a quick look at this timeline because it's really important to place events in a time order to help us develop the bigger picture.

So what happened before Henry the Eighth became King? So in the left hand corner, our first box is the green box that says the Romans left early 400's.

So the Romans had settled in England but then they abandoned England in the early 400's.

After the Romans left, you go to the next box, which is the Anglo-Saxons arrive and settle in England.

So they arrive from different countries and they then begin to settle in England from 450.

They successfully defeated and defended off the Vikings from 793, the Vikings invaded.

They tried to settle in England.

And many of you may have heard of the very famous battle, the Battle of Hastings, which is in 1066.

So William Duke of Normandy won the battle of Hastings and so 1066 marks the start of Norman rule in England.

And then we get to 1485, which is the Tudors win the War of the Roses.

So Henry the Eighth's father, Henry The Seventh, won the War of the Roses and became King of England.

And then the final box says 1509, Henry the Eighth becomes King.

So that is the start date for our inquiry, so 1509 when Henry becomes King.

So in today's lesson, we're going to look at who Henry the Eighth was.

I'm going to do this because it will help us understand why he broke with Rome.

So we have a look at his character, his talents and his skills, his desires as King of England, so what did he want to achieve? What were his aims and goals as King? I'm also going to have a look at the role of his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and that was his first wife.

So your first task is to have a look at this image and tell me what you can see.

So this is called a source inference question.

So you need to pick out and, so zoom in and pick out key details from this image that tell you something about Henry the Eighth.

You might want to focus on what you learn about Henry from his clothes and his jewellery.

What do you learn about Henry from the way he stood? So the position of his body in that picture.

And what do you know about Henry from his facial expression? So what I would like you to do is to give yourself two minutes to look at this image in detail, pause this video and write down a couple of ideas.

So welcome back.

So what you can see in this image is a very proud, wealthy and powerful man.

So you may have picked this up from his clothes.

Henry the Eighth was known to spend thousands and thousands of pounds, huge amounts of money on his clothing.

You may have also noticed his jewellery.

So he was known for covering himself in diamonds and rubies and pearls.

All of this he did, so his clothes and his jewellery, he did because he wanted to convey himself, he wanted to present himself as an extremely rich person and obviously money gave him power.

So he wanted people to think that he was a really wealthy King and therefore that gave him power.

He also wanted people to admire him and want to be like him.

So by dressing the best and wearing these expensive jewels, he wanted people to look at him and want to be him.

You may have also had a look at the way he is standing.

So he's standing very proud, he's got his shoulders back, very straight back and he's got his arms out in front of him.

It's a very strong pose.

And this gives you the idea of him being courageous and brave, undefeatable, but also very intimidating.

So if you came across Henry the Eighth, he would tower over you and comes across very intimidating.

So what I would like you to do now is to show me what you have learned from the source.

To do that, your task is to read through these statements, one to five, and each statement is about the way Henry is presented in that source, and you need to decide if that statement is true or false.

So in that source did Henry want to look powerful and in control? Is that true or false? Did Henry want to look like everyone else living in England? Is that true or false? Did Henry want to look strong and courageous? Is that true or false? Did Henley want to show his wealth and be seen as in richer than anyone else? Is that true or false? And did Henry want to look friendly and likeable and someone that's quite approachable? Is that true or false? So write down one, two, three, four, and five in your books or in your piece of paper now, and write down either T or an F next to each number.

So pause this video and do that now.

So, welcome back.

Let's go through the answers.

So number one, that is true.

Henry did want to look powerful and in control.

Number two, that is false.

Henry did not want to look like everyone living in England, he wanted to stand out from everybody else living in England.

Number three, Henry wanted to look strong and courageous.

That is true.

He did want to look strong and courageous.

He wanted to be seen as this brave heroic King.

And number four, Henry wanted to show his wealth and be seen as richer than anyone else.

That is very true.

And number five Henry wanted to look friendly and likeable.

That is false.

His facial expression and the way he is stood is very intimidating.

So he did not want to look likeable or approachable.

How did Henry the Eighth become King of England in 1509.

So just spend a little bit of time looking at the backstory to how Henry became King.

So on the left hand side of the screen, you can see an image of Henry the Seventh, his father.

So he was King from 1485 to 1509.

In 1485 he won the War of the Roses so that is when he became King.

His eldest son was called Arthur Tudor, who is in the middle of the screen.

So he was due or was in line to inherit the throne and become the King of England when his father died.

However, sadly, Arthur died at the age of just 15 and only 20 weeks after he married Catherine of Aragon.

This meant that Henry became the heir to the throne and when his father died in 1509, Henry became the King of England, Henry the Eighth.

In the same year that he became King, Henry the Eighth also married Catherine of Aragon, who was a Spanish Princess.

So Catherine of Aragon was married to Arthur Tudor.

When she married Arthur Tudor that allied Spain and England.

So it created a friendship between Spain and England, which is really, really important and made England more powerful.

But Arthur died in 1502, and then when Henry became King, he decided to marry Catherine in 1509.

And he hoped the Catherine would provide him with a son to inherit the throne from him.

So he married in 1509.

So your task now is just to answer a couple of multiple choice questions based on what I've just told you.

So grab a pen and you have 30 seconds to write down the answer to each question.

So number one, when did Henry the Eighth become King of England? Was it A, he, oh why, sorry, did Henry the Eighth become King of England? Was it A, he was the only living relative of King Henry the Seventh, B, his older brother, Arthur, died, C, Henry was chosen to become King of England by the people or D, Henry defeated King Richard the Third in battle? So is the answer to number one, A, B, C, or D? Can you write that down now? Okay, so question two: who was Henry's first wife? So you may have heard that Henry had lots of wives; he had six.

So what was the name of his first wife? Was it A, Anne Boleyn, B, Catherine Parr, C, Catherine of Aragon, or D, Jane Seymour? So who was Henry's first wife? A, B, C or D? Can you write down the answer now? And finally, question three, which country was Catherine of Aragon a princess of? So was she a princess of France, or B, Wales, C, Spain, or D, Italy? So the answers.

So, number one, Henry became King of England because his older brother died.

So it was B.

Number two, his first wife was called Catherine of Aragon, which was C, and number three, his first wife, Catherine of Aragon was princess of Spain.

That's going to become important as we go through the lesson.

So his first wife was the princess of Spain.

So well done so far.

So let's move on and for the remainder of the lesson, we're going to explore in detail, Henry and Catherine.

So on this slide, got some images that link to different ideas about Henry.

So as you can see, this is a stack of books.

This represents that Henry was very, very intelligent.

He was very well educated, and he had the best teachers in the country.

In fact, one event he said that he would play every instrument that he bought, that they could find him to play, and he did.

He could play all of the instruments that they found.

He had a brilliant singing voice, he could write books, he was extremely intelligent.

The image above that represents that Henry the Eighth was a really strong athlete.

He loved sports.

He was keen Hunter.

He took part in lots of jousting competitions and in archery.

So Henry tried to develop his talents as fully as possible.

So his intelligence and his skills, he tried to develop as fully as possible because he wanted to be the best.

In the left hand side of the screen at the bottom, you can see that Henry was very religious.

So that image represents the fact that Henry was very religious.

He was a devoted Roman Catholic, and he even prayed up to five times a day, and he wrote a book defending his religion, which really pleased the Pope, who was the head of the Roman Catholic church.

And then finally, at the top is a picture of a superhero, so a man wearing a cape and this is because Henry wanted to be a hero.

He wanted to be remembered for winning battles and for being brave.

He wanted to be the greatest European ruler there was.

And how did Henry plan on doing that? So he thought that he could become the greatest European leader by two ways.

So one of them was making alliances.

So alliances is agreements and friendships with other countries.

So he did this with Spain by marrying Catherine of Aragon, and he also created an alliance with the Holy Roman Empire.

So you can see Spain is in the bottom left hand corner of the map in grey and the Holy Roman Empire is in the middle in yellow.

So he made two really important and powerful alliances, which made England stronger.

The next way he wanted to make England stronger was actually by starting a war and having many battles with his rival, France.

So France is in the left hand corner of the screen in blue, or like a very light blue, and he actually began his first invasion of France just four years after he became King.

So he thought that he would become the most powerful European Ruler by winning big battles with France and by creating these really important alliances with other countries.

You're now in a really good position to answer some comprehension questions on Henry the Eighth.

And to do this, in a moment you will need to pause this video, go to the next video, read through the slides, which gives you information about Henry the Eighth and his wife, then answer these comprehension questions in full sentences if you can, then come back to this video and we'll go through the answers together.

So the questions I would like you to answer are, number one, give three examples of Henry Eighth skills and talents.

Number two, why did Henry believe he was the most important person in England? Number three, what aims did Henry have as King? Number four, what title did the Pope give Henry the Eighth and why? And number five, how did Catherine of Aragon help Henry The Eighth and his kingdom? Okay, welcome back.

Well done for giving those questions a go.

Really, really impressed.

So let's go through your answers.

Number one was give three example of Henry the Eighth's skills and talents.

So an acceptable answer could be something like he could speak lots of languages, played instruments and was very athletic, but a good answer would be add a little bit more detail in there and writing in a full sentence.

So you could have had Henry the Eighth had many talents and skills which included speaking multiple languages, playing a variety of instruments and playing many sports, including jousting.

What's reallY important just to mention here is you do not need to have the exact same answer as me on the worksheet.

There are lots of different skills and talents that were mentioned.

This is just a suggestion of what you could have had.

Does not mean your answer is incorrect if it is not the same as mine.

So number two, why did Henry believe he was the most important person in England? So an acceptable answer would be because God chose him to be King.

But a better answer, a good answer would be a full sentence with a little bit more detail again, and that is Henry believed he was the most important person because God chose who was King and therefore the King had the most power.

So because God chose who was King, they were the most important and powerful person.

Number three, what aims did Henry have as King? So by aims we meant what did he want to achieve? So an acceptable answer was he wanted to win lots of battles and have a son.

But a good answer, so a bit more developed answer is Henry the Eighth wanted to be the most powerful ruler in Europe and would do this by winning lots of battles.

He also wanted to have a son to inherit the throne when he died.

So separating the two ideas and adding a bit more detail.

Number four, what title did the Pope give Henry the Eighth and why? So an acceptable answer would be Defender of the Faith because of the book that Henry wrote.

But a better answer, a really good answer would be, the Pope gave Henry the title Defender of the Faith because Henry wrote a very popular book which criticised Martin Luther and defended the Roman Catholic Church.

So you're also adding in the why there, so a bit more detail why that specific book.

So how did Catherine of Aragon help Henry the Eighth? How did his first wife help him? She's most known for being the first wife that he divorced, but actually she was much, much more than that.

So acceptable answer to this question could be looking after England whilst he was away fighting battles.

But a better answer could be Catherine successfully ruled England, which meant that Henry could pursue his desire to win battles in Europe.

So that answer's a little better cause it gives you some more information about what she achieved and what it allowed Henry to do.

You might want to have a go at our extension activity, which is how is Henry presented in this source? So there are lots of different opinions about Henry.

Some people believe he was a great King whilst others believe he was selfish and cruel.

Some people only know him, know of him because of his six wives.

So what I'd like you to do is read through the source on the right hand side of this screen and think about what the French Ambassador so an ambassador is someone that represents the country, so the French Ambassador, thinks of Henry the Eighth and how he is being presented in the source.

Then your task is to explain what you learned from the source by writing a paragraph and including a quote.

So a quote is when you include words from the source.

The challenge here is can you explain why the French Ambassador might have a negative opinion of Henry? So what have you learned in today's lesson which might explain why the French Ambassador has a negative opinion of Henry? So the source, the French Ambassador to England, the French Ambassador to England writing to the King of France in 1540: "Henry is so greedy that all the riches in the world would not satisfy him.

To make himself rich, he has impoverished his people.

This King does not trust a single man and will not cease to dip his hand in blood as long as he doubts the people." So what does that source tell us? What you can do is on the next slide are some sentence starters and some explanations of some key phrases to help you answer this.

So I'd like you to go ahead now, pause this video and have a go writing that paragraph.

So welcome back, and you should be really proud of yourselves for having a go at the extension activity.

So let's have a go through an example answer so then you can have a look at your own answer and see if you can make any amendments or adjustments.

So in this source, the French ambassador has presented Henry the Eighth as someone who is selfish and a King who does not care about his people.

So that is the point, he is selfish and doesn't care about his people.

A quote from the source to support this idea is, and I've included quotation marks, "to make himself rich he has impoverished his people." So this suggests that Henry has made the lives of his people worse by taking their money and that he is happy to do this as it has made himself more wealthy.

So he's made people's lives worse to make himself better, to make his life better.

So I've then explained what that quote shows.

I've then added in the challenge: a reason why the French ambassador may have presented Henry the Eighth in this way is because the French King was Henry's rival and England had been at war with France.

So it may not be a completely, a reliable opinion of Henry the Eighth.

So well done for giving the extension task a go, you should feel really proud of yourself.

You might want to pause the video now and try and add in anything extra to your answer.

So just to recap the main points from today's lesson moving onto next lesson, the three key things to remember are Henry was a Catholic and he was a devoted Catholic, the role of Catherine of Aragon as Queen allowed Henry to be stronger and more confident, and Henry wanted to be Europe's most powerful ruler.

So those three pieces of information, those three ideas again, become really, really important as we go through the inquiry.

So what will we be doing next lesson? So we're going to look at something called Henry's Great Matter.

This basically means Henry's problems. So what problems did he have as King of England? So one problem was power; he wanted more, another problem was money; he wanted more.

another problem was a son; he wanted one.

And another one is Anne Boleyn, who he took a fancy to.

So that's what this image on the slide is showing you.

So you've got Henry the Eighth talking to Anne Boleyn behind Catherine of Aragon's back.

So there are his four key problems and that's called Henry's Great Matter.

So I'll see you for next lesson where we'll have a look at this.

So that's the end of lesson.

Please stop the video and move on to the end of lesson quiz.

Well done for all of your hard work today.

So that brings us to the end of our lesson today.

Well done, big, big well done.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the rest of your learning today and I'll see you for our next lesson soon.