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- Next up wider world.

Hi, I'm Miss Waka.

And today our learning objective is to know that I am part of a community.

Hi, my name is Miss Waka, what's your name? Oh, hi.

I'm going to be your teacher today.

In this lesson, you will need your looking eyes, your listening ears, some paper, a pencil, scissors and glue stick.

But remember, scissors are sharp.

So always have an adult to help.

What is this? This is the planet we live on.

It is called Earth.

Can you say Earth? Earth, well done.

Today we will be learning about the wider world.

We all belong to one world, but where in the world do you live? We all belong to the earth.

So today we are going to be creating a circle of belonging because we all belong.

To create your belonging circle you will need, some coloured paper, your scissors, some string, some coloured pencils or felt tip pens, and a glue stick.

First, you need to cut some strips of paper like this, but remember, scissors are sharp.

Always have an adult to supervise.

Then you need to create your belonging circle.

So where do we belong? Where do I belong? What is my address? My address is three Tinsel Farm.

Three, the number three, Tinsel Farm.

Now remember because it is the name of a street, it needs a capital letter.

Farm, capital F, ar the diagraph ar, m.

Three Tinsel Farm.

I'm then going to glue that and loop it together to make the first part of my belonging circle.

My next colour.

Where is three Tinsel Farm? It is in a town called Lapland.

You might be in a city, like London.

So capital L Lapland.

Again, I'm going to glue it together.

Another one.

So three Tinsel Farm, Lapland.

Where is Lapland? It is part of England, England, capital E.

It might be India, but where in England? Remember your capital letter at the beginning of these because they are the names of things.

Again, loop that together.

So where is England? England is part of the United Kingdom.

And the United Kingdom is an island on the world, on the Earth.

So I'm going to write Earth.


Capital E.

You could create one that says United Kingdom if you want to.

Glue that together, loop it together.

And now it's the fun part.

To loop it through your string.

So three Tinsel Farm, Lapland, England, on the earth.

My belonging circle, also known as an necklace.

Your task today is to create a belonging circle, a bit like a necklace.

First, get a strip of paper and write your name on it.

Next on each strip of paper write a group that you belong to.

Loop it together.

Then thread all your loops onto some string and tie to make your belonging necklace.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the wider world today.

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