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Safeguarding Statement

Oak National Academy is a community of school leaders, teachers and supporting team members seeking to assist schools across the country in delivering a remote education for their pupils.

All members of our community recognise the contribution that the Oak National Academy makes to safeguarding children. Our Academy has an active part to play in protecting students from harm.

Oak National Academy is part of The Reach Foundation. All of the safeguarding policies issued by The Reach Foundation apply to the activities of our Academy.

We have taken measures to ensure our website and video platform are secure. All content is peer reviewed by qualified teachers. Oak National Academy quizzes are provided through the website for students to assess their progress. These quizzes are designed to be self marking so that pupils receive instant results. We may not review answers submitted by pupils.

When using Oak National Academy resources, teachers should continue to follow the safeguarding policies and procedures of the educational institution to which they and their students belong.