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Parents: looking for resources for the summer?

Are you looking for academic, creative, active or wellbeing resources? Oak's here all summer with free, easy-to-use lessons and activities to help pupils get ready for September.

Talk to your child's teachers about which subjects and areas your child will benefit from recapping and consolidating - and which are worth exploring now to help prepare for the next academic year.

Your child's teacher might suggest a sequence of lessons or you might create your own schedule - think about how to balance school work with fun activities so you make the most of your summer.

If you’re creating your own schedule, you can go to Oak’s Summer Classroom to find key lessons in English, Maths, Science, History and Geography from reception to Year 11. You can follow Oak's sequence of lessons for each subject or just pick the topics you wish to recap or explore now.

Oak’s lessons and enrichment activities are available for every age group from reception to Year 11 - our resources may particularly support those pupils moving between Years 6 and 7 and those disrupted in their exam years.