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- Hello, everyone, again.

It's me, Mrs. Wade, and today we are going to be online heroes.

And it's all about keeping yourself safe and others safe online.

So it sounds a little bit like our online safety lesson, but it's concentrating today on cyberbullying, OK? So let's get started.

To start today's lesson, we're going to recall those safety tips from one of the previous lessons, look at what cyberbullying is, meet another friend, and then you're going to create a wonderful poster.

For this lesson, you're going to need some paper, a pencil, and some colours, whether it's pencil crayons, felt-tips, or paints, any of those will do.

These are the online safety tips.

I'm going to read all of them to you, but listen really carefully because there are four that are not true.

So I'll read them now and listen really, really carefully.

"Don't share personal information." "Report to a trusted adult." "Tell your friends your passwords." "Keep private." "Respect others." "Don't meet people you have only met online." "Don't befriend people you don't know." "Tell people your address if you're going to win some money." "Share pictures with everyone." OK, so there are four that aren't true.

So I want you to point at your screens after three and I want you to say "Zap" to the four that aren't true.

We need to get rid of them.

OK, so after three.

One, two, three.

Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Excellent.

You got all four of them.

Well done.

What is cyberbullying? First we're going to split it into two words.

So after three, I want you to give me a click or a clap.

OK? One, two, three.

Well done.

So now we've got the word cyber.

Can you say cyber? Great job.

Cyber means anything to do with computers, virtual reality, or technology.

OK, now I want to get rid of the cyber and bring back the bullying, OK? So after three.

One, two, three.

Well done.

OK, bullying.

We've looked at this word before, and it means when someone repeatedly, so over and over again, does something mean or nasty or physical to hurt someone else, OK? So let's bring back the full word now.

So after three, I want a click or a clap.

One, two, three.

Oh, well done.

So now we've got cyberbullying, and that's what we're looking at today.

So the full word together means being nasty or hurtful to somebody online, on the computer, virtual reality, or technology.

So let's have a look at that.

- This is my friend Aladdin, and he likes using kids' messenger too.

Now, the genie is in charge of all of his privacy settings, and if you have any of these apps then your parent or trusted adult should also be in charge of those too.

Now, unfortunately, one of his friends has started being quite mean to him.

So let's see what's going on.

Oh, no.

He's had a message from Jafar.

It says, "Hey, street rat! What are you doing online? No one likes you on here!" What do you think Aladdin should do? Now, before you make a decision, let's remind ourselves of those online safety tips.

Now, I'll ask you some questions.

See if you can answer.


So what should we never share online? Personal information.

Well done.

What's that word that we should keep ourselves when online? It begins with P.

We should keep private.

Well done.

You're good at this, you're good at this.


Now, what about if someone, they add you as a friend on one of your games or one of your kid-messenger apps? What should you do if they add you as a friend? Yeah, don't accept them.

You don't befriend people that you don't know.


What should you do if somebody that you've met online wants to meet you in real life? What do you do? Excellent.

You don't meet up with them.

If you don't know them in real life, don't meet up with them.


Probably speak to a trusted adult about it as well if somebody's asking to meet up.

What should you always do to other people? And it begins with an R.

What should you do? Respect, yeah.

Respect other people.

Even when they are being disrespectful, we still show respect, OK? And the last one, who should we tell if we're feeling a little bit uncomfortable or a little bit upset about something? Who should we tell? Excellent.

Your parents, or whoever is your trusted adult.

Great job.

So you need to think about all of those things before you choose an option.

Option one, Aladdin should message back saying, "Who are you calling a street rat, ugly boy?" Option two, Aladdin should message back saying, "That's not very nice.

I'm telling Genie on you." Option three, Aladdin should block Jafar.

Option four, Aladdin should block Jafar and tell his trusted adult, and Aladdin's trusted adult is Genie.

Before you make your decision, you might want to pause the video and have a little look back, OK? Then you can remind yourself of all those options, think about those online safety tips, and then make a really good decision.

Option four is the best option.

Aladdin should block Jafar and then tell his trusted adult.

This way, an adult is now aware of this horrible behaviour and can help keep Aladdin protected and safe while he's online.

If Jafar continues to contact Aladdin on any gaming apps or through the kid messenger and saying nasty, mean things to him, then that's cyberbullying, OK? He's doing it over and over again.

So then an adult probably needs to get involved, OK? Now, I've got some top tips to help keep you safe, and you can keep others safe as well, OK? You can pass this information on.

Now, we're gonna do actions to them to help you remember them.

Now, my first one is sign off the computer.

Can you do it? Sign off the computer.


Well done.

Do not respond.

You do it.

Do not respond.


My next one is block the bully.

You do it.

Block the bully.

Great job.

Next one.

Don't delete the messages.

That was a long one, wasn't it? You have a go.

Don't delete the messages.

It's really important that you don't delete them.

Your parent or your trusted adult might need them later on.

And my final one is tell a trusted adult.

Let's do it together.

Tell a trusted adult.

Right, let's do them all one more time together, then they're really stuck in our heads, OK? So from the top.

Sign off the computer.

Do not respond.

Block the bully.

Don't delete the messages.

Tell a trusted adult.


Well done.

Now, if you remember those top tips and you pass them on to a friend, that will really help you to keep safe.

Time for you to create your poster.

So here I have a big piece of paper.

You don't have to have a big piece of paper this size.

You can have it in portrait or landscape, it's entirely up to you.

I think I'm gonna gonna stick with portrait for mine.

Now, the first thing that you need to do is decide on a title.

It could be a really catchy title that people are going to remember when they see it.

Now, you might want to do this in some nice swirly writing, you might be really good at bubble writing.

Maybe you've got some.

Maybe you just want to use your colours, so your coloured pencils, pens, or maybe you've got some paint and you just wanna go straight onto your piece of paper.

Now, I always like to do it in a pencil first just in case I do make any mistakes, then I can rub it out, OK? So that might be a good idea, and then go over it later in all your fancy colours.

I think for my title, I was thinking something like either, "Stop Cyberbullying," or, "Say No To Cyberbullying," or, "Stand Up To Cyberbullying," or, what else could I have? Maybe, "Think Before You Click." I quite like that one.

"Think Before You Click." And then I need to decide where on my piece of paper I'm gonna have my title.

I could have it at the top, I might have it down the side, I might have it in the middle, I might have it on a bit of a diagonal kind of way, whatever you want, OK? So pause the video, think about your title, and I want you to draw your title, or write your title, however it is that you're doing it, and then come back once you have done that part.

I decided, guys, at the last minute, to change from portrait to landscape.

I just thought, with my words, it just fit a little bit better.

And I went with a mixture of bubble writing, which I am not great at, but I did try best so that's the main thing, and a bit of swirly writing in the middle, and I've coloured it in.

At the end I might go around it with a nice black felt-tip to make it really stand out so that people can see it.

OK, now, the next part is including some of the top tips.

Now you might want to.

You don't have to include all of them.

You might want to choose maybe two or three, and you might want to write it and have a picture that goes with it.

I usually like to do a little bit of both just so that it helps you remember it.

Like when we did the actions, it helps to keep it in your head.

So if I think about the actions that we did, we did the sign off the computer, so I might want to use that one, and I might draw a picture of a computer and maybe, like, with a cross through it, something like that.

And then put at the side of it, in some nice fancy writing, "Sign off the computer." I remember doing this one, block the bullies.

That's a good one, isn't it? So I might have a picture of someone that looks like they're being quite nasty, and then put a cross through it and put, "Block the bullies." What other ones did we have? We had tell a trusted adult.

So I might draw a picture of a little person speaking to a trusted adult, and then put underneath it, "Tell a trusted adult." And that way I'm getting my pictures in and the top tips.

So it's all relevant.

It all comes together, then, as a nice poster.

So I'm gonna go and do.

I think I'm gonna go for.

I'm just thinking, 'cause I wanna fill the space.

So I was thinking, maybe, I could definitely fit two here.

So maybe two on that side and two on this side.

And if you wanted to, you could even fill in all the white space with colours, or maybe some other pictures that relate to bullying or being online as well, just to make it look even fancier, OK? So I want you to pause.

I want you to think of the top tips that you're going to include, and either write them nice and fancy all the way around it, or write them with a picture, OK? So that's the next step.

So pause there and I'll see you back in a moment.

OK, so I've added some pictures and some of the top tips.

I've stopped it where I have, but I have got space, maybe, to add another one later, but I just wanted to show you where I'm up to.

Now, now is a really good time for me to point out to you all, I am not very good at drawing people, OK? It would take me hours to draw people that actually looked quite good.

I'm not good at drawing people.

I can draw cartoons, I can draw animals, but people are not my strong point, OK? So I've done my best.

So I'll just show you now.

Try not to laugh.

OK, so we've got, at the top here, "Block the bully." So I said I was gonna draw someone that was looking pretty angry with a cross through it.

I decided to do this one, "Always tell an adult." So I've got a big tick next to that one.

And there, I mean, this girl's got huge hair, hasn't she? Wow.

And then in this corner here, can you see that one? I've done, like, a message box and I've put, "I don't like you." And then I've put the red crosses around it to show that you shouldn't do that.

So I've put, "Never message back." OK, and then, like I said, I could probably fit one there.

And my final touch would be to outline everything in a nice black felt-tip pen, if you've got one.

If you don't have one, it's perfectly fine just like that.

So go and get yours finished now.