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Hello to you all! I'm so excited today, just because I'm so happy to be here with all of you.

And today, we are going to understand how to stay safe.

Oh! Stay safe! I need to speak clearly.

Stay safe online.

For today, we're going to find out what online safety is, meet another one of my friends, talk about how to actually keep safe when you are online.

And finally, you're going to come up with a rhyme or a slogan all about online safety.

In this lesson, you're just going to need some paper, a pencil, and some type of colours, whether it's colouring pencils, felted pens, or maybe you've even got some paints that you want to use.

What is online safety? So think about online first of all, what does online mean? Yeah, it means anything to do with a computer, and if you are using the internet.

So we have devices now that do use the internet and you can be online to chat with your friends and things, like using an Xbox, or a PS4, or your phone, iPad, computers.

I like to use a computer and my phone, or a tablet to research things.

I like to find out the answer to things.

For example, I might want to research something about animals, because I really love animals.

So I might want to research something about a tiger or a shark.

Sharks are really interesting creatures.

So the second part is safety.

What does safety mean to you? Is there a certain word that you think of when we think of safety? Have a little think.

Well done, it means to be protected from something.

So, online safety means being protected whilst you are on a computer or in using the internet.

So that's what we're going to find out about today.

How can you be safe and protected while using all these different devices? This is my friend Aurora.

And she's currently trying to keep safe from the malevolent Maleficent.

She's in a secret place at the moment, and even I don't know exactly where she is.

Recently, she was very bored.

So she called me, and I told her to research something she's interested in, message her friends on Kid Messenger, or to play some online games.

She's having a little trouble, so let's help her out.

Aurora is using Kids Messenger, and she's just got a message.

Let's see who it's from.

This is the message she's got.

It says, "Hi there, what's your name?" And there's a picture of the person that sent it.

That person looks a little bit familiar to me.

What do you think she should do? Tell her her name? Ignore her? Or reply and ask who she is? Say which colour you think she should do.

The correct answer is, she should ignore her! If you don't recognise the person who is talking to you, you should ignore them.

Aurora has received another message.

This person looks really familiar again, but I'm not sure who it is.

"I think you go to my school, "where do you live? "I can come round and play." Okay, what do you think she should do? Ignore this person? Tell this person her address? Or tell a trusted adult? Say the colour that you think she should do.

Absolutely! She should tell a trusted adult this time, because she's already tried ignoring this person, and now it looks like the same person's messaged her again.

It looks like someone's trying to use disguises to make them look like someone different.

Now Aurora's got a friend request.

Says, "This person has added you as a friend.

"Would you like to accept?" Now those horns look a little bit familiar to me.

Oh no! I think it might be Maleficent pretending to be someone different.

Should she block her? Ignore her? Or accept her friend request? Say the colour that you think she should do.

Yeah, I think she should definitely block her.

I'm sure that's Maleficent.

She might even tell a trusted adult this time if she's feeling a little bit worried.

Aurora was playing on a computer and a message popped up.

It said, "Congratulations you have won 1000 pounds, "to claim you prize just enter your name, "address and password in the box below." What do you think she should do? Close the pop-up box? Fill in the boxes she's won? Enter her friend's details? Say the colour that you think she should do.

Never share your details with anyone! If you see a pop-up box, you should just close it by clicking the cross.

If you think it's something important or feel unsure, leave it on the screen and ask a trusted adult.

Oh, Aurora has received an email! Let's see who it's from.

The email says, "Hi, it's me, I go to your school.

"Let's meet at the park this afternoon! "See you there at 3:00 pm." Ooh, what do you think she should do? Reply to the email and ask who it is? Go to the park at 3.

00 pm? Or ignore the email and tell a trusted adult? Say the colour that you think she should do.

Not everyone is who they say they are.

If you don't recognise the email address, don't open it, ignore it and tell a trusted adult.

Wow, there was a lot of learning there.

Thank goodness you were there to help Aurora make the right decisions.

So let's just recap those top tips.

So don't share personal information.

Keep private.

Don't befriend people that you don't know in real life.

Don't meet people that you only know online.

Respect others.

And report anything that you're uncomfortable with to a trusted adult.

If you remember those things, you should be able to keep safe and protected online.

I would like you to create a rhyme, or slogan, or a poem related to online safety.

You might want to act it out, so you can remember a quote with some actions.

You might actually want to make the words at the end rhyming words, so that you can really remember it.

And you might even want to do a rap and teach it someone.

That's a real good way to remember those online safety tips.

So these are my examples.

I've done an acrostic poem.

So down the side, you can see that it says, "ONLINE".

And then I've come up with some short phrases to link with staying safe online.

So that's an acrostic poem.

So you might want to try one of those.

And the purple one that I've done is a quick slogan.

So, "Stop, Think, Stay Private." It's something quick that you can remember and it's going to keep you safe online.

Now I did mine on the computer this time.

You could either do it on a piece of paper, and write it, and decorate it, make it all beautiful, or you can do it on the computer.

You could do it however you want to do it.

And make sure you share them as well, 'cause I'd love to see them.

Anyway, so this is mine.

It says, "Only talk to your friends.

"Never share personal information.

"Let a trusted adult know "If you're worried or uncomfortable.

"Never meet someone you don't know, in real life.

"Everyone should be respected." And like I said, each word begins with a letter from "ONLINE." So you could display that somewhere.

Maybe you've got a little place in your house where your computer or your laptop is kept.

And you could put that up there to remind everyone how to keep safe and protected while they're online.

And then, I've just got the little purple one and that's just my slogan.

You might want to do both.

It's quite impressive if you can do both.

But whatever you do, make sure you share it and then I can have a look at it.

Okay, see you next time, bye!.