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- Welcome to today's lesson on my lockdown feelings.

Now, you won't recognise me and you won't recognise Lily, but Miss Plumber has sent us here today because Lily expressed to her that she was feeling very, very sad during lockdown.

And Lily told me she would not come onto this lesson, unless I came with her, as Lily's one of my very close friends.

Aren't you Lilly? Are you feeling very down Lily? Now boys and girls, do you think we can help Lily feel better by the end of today's lesson? I thought you would.

So, in today's lesson we're going to start by looking at our time capsule.

Now, for those of us who have not created a time capsule yet, don't worry.

Any container will do.

We're then going to reflect on our time at home, during lockdown.

This will be followed by a lovely story, which I'm very excited to share with you.

We'll then talk about our feelings in a bit more detail and finally, you will create your own happiness jar.

I hope, today's lesson's going to improve Lily's feelings.

And also it's going to improve the feelings of those in the future, who will access our time capsule.

It's going to be very very important for everybody isn't it? So, in this lesson, you will need some paper, a pencil and some coloured pencils.

If you don't have any colour pencil, don't worry, anything will do, even a different coloured pen.

Boys and girls let's have a little bit of a reflection on some of the things that we've put into a time capsule.

Now, for those who have not put anything into a time capsule, don't worry.

We can start from today and we can catch up, the ones we've missed a bit later on.

So not to worry at all.

So, our first lesson was around, how to keep ourselves clean and healthy.

We put inside a hand sanitizer.

What else was it Lily? Ah, that was it.

The poster for effective hand washing.

Anything else Lily? Tissues, fantastic.

This was followed by creating a game that would help children play safely in the playground.

Do you remember yours, Lily? Yeah, I thought it was a wonderful game.

Now, today we're going to be focusing on putting in something very, very important.

It is something to help everybody, who've been feeling a little bit down during lockdown but also those in the future who may feel down, on how to make themselves feel a little bit more happy.

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, I think that's really important to Lily, because she's feeling very, very sad at the moment.

So boys and girls, it has been a little while since we've been at home hasn't it? For some of us many weeks now and I think during that time, would you agree, Lily we've had some ups and downs? Yeah, I'd agree with that.

And I think it's a lovely point, just to reflect on that.

Now, Lily, what do you think I mean, by the word reflect? That's a really interesting way of thinking about it.

It is, Lily is saying it is around thinking about some of the things that you've done and then considering what you could have done better, what didn't go so well, what went really well? I think that's a really interesting way of thinking about it.

Now, let's think about some of those experiences so far.

Now Lily, you mentioned to me that you felt really down during lockdown.

Now, what exactly made you feel really down? Yeah, like many of you, the thing that's really upset Lily, has been not been able to see her friends and that has really taken its toll on her, but don't worry, Lily that is something we will help you with going forward.

All right? Good.

Now, what have you really enjoyed during lockdown? That's really cheeky.

Lily is saying she's really enjoyed staying up late.

We know that's not always a good thing is it? We need to sleep, for enough amount of time to stay nice and healthy.

Lily, we'll have to improve on that.




So, what have been some of my likes and dislikes during lockdown? Well, I've really enjoyed being able to spend some time with my children and really enjoy the conversations and playing with them.

It's been lovely, but what's been really difficult for me as a teacher, I've missed teaching my pupils at school.

And so I've been missing them quite a lot but I'm so glad that I am staying connected with them, through teaching online, such as what we're doing here at the moment.

So, this is really really important that we do that, but not to worry, we will of course try and help everybody feel better about the things that we're feeling down about.

Are you happy with that plan Lily? Great.

Let's listen to another pupil and her take on how she's felt during lockdown.

I think many of us, including you Lily are gonna find this very reassuring.

It just goes to show that many of us are feeling the same way.

- [Girl] I like lockdown because I got to spend more time with my little sister in the holidays.

I didn't like lockdown because I didn't get to see my friends.

- So Lily, does that make you feel a little bit better? Good.


Now, hasn't it been interesting listening to everybody and their mixed feelings? Just goes to show it's all right to have mixed feelings.

Now, let's listen to this lovely story about the Colour Monster and he too has mixed feelings.

This is my friend, the Colour Monster.

Today, he's all mixed up and very confused.

He doesn't know why.

Look at you.

You're all over the place.

That's because your feelings are all stirred together, so your colours are too.

I know, let's put each feeling in a different jar, so we can look at it more closely.

I can help you if you like.

This is happiness.

It shines yellow like the sun and twinkles like the stars.

You feel bright and light.

You laugh, you jump, you dance.

You want to share that feeling with everyone.

This is sadness.

It's gentle like a blue rainy day.

Sadness can make you cry.

It can make you feel alone.

But if you're sad, I'll hold your hand.

This is anger.

It blazes red like a fire.

Anger can make you want to stomp and roar.

It's not fair.

This is fear.

It is black like the night and hides in the shadows like a scaredy cat.

This is calm.

It's quiet like the trees and soft, like their leaves.

There, we've finished, here are your feelings and each one has a different colour.

Let's look at these together.

Yellow, happiness, blue, sadness, red, anger, black, fear, green, calm.

But what's this? You look different colour monster.

How do you feel? Did you enjoy that story Lily? Me too, I thought it was wonderful, because what's it do? It tells us that we all feel different feelings and it's okay to feel them.

It's just about maybe sharing it with somebody let them know how you are feeling.

By talking about it, it makes us feel better.

Now, just spend a moment thinking about some of the different feelings, you've been feeling during lockdown.

So boys and girls, me and Lily are really interested to hear how you have been feeling.

I think it'll make Lily feel better won't it? Good, so then Ben, tell me, how are you feeling? Yeah, we understand that one.

Ben said he's feeling a little worried.

He's worried about whether he will see his school again this year and his teachers and he misses them dearly.

What about you Isabelle? Isabelle's feeling really frustrated.

She's frustrated because, she feels as though she wants to get back into that routine of going to school, doing her homework with her friends and also going to her extracurricular classes.

We understand how you're feeling Isabelle.

Not to worry.

It won't be for too much longer, I'm sure.

How about you, Emma? How are you feeling? Like you, Lily.

She's feeling really anxious and sad, because she's really missing her best friend who she's not seen since the start of lockdown.

Well, Emma, we all understand how you're feeling and it's okay to feel like that.

Once again, remember, it won't be for too much longer, we hope.

So keep your head up, get your chin up and keep smiling.

Now, I think it'd be lovely if we spent a little bit of time thinking about all the things that we've enjoyed at home.

It may have been an activity, a conversation, a game.

It may have been a lovely lesson that's made you feel good inside.

Let's just spend a moment now with a parent, a carer or brother or sister, and write down some of those things.

Because by simply remembering some of those, you'll be surprised how it makes you feel happy again.

These will be great opportunities on those days when we're feeling sad and down, to dip into them and say, "That made me feel really good when I did that".

And perhaps it'll help us come out of those sad moods as well.

Now, boys and girls, we've spent most of today's lesson thinking about all the different feelings that we feel.

I hope you feel reassured that everybody feels, different feelings at different times.

And during lockdown Lily, it's okay to feel sad and a bit frustrated.

I know things will get better.

That's really important.

Now, one of those things I think helps us feel better, is as I mentioned, thinking about moments when we felt some joy, some happiness, and it's about maybe trying to repeat those, or thinking of different but similar ways of doing something like that as well.

Now, Lily, what would you put in your jar? Well it's not going to fit into this jar, is it? Lily wants to put her friend into the jar.

That's not quite going to work.

Tell you what Lily, I did promise you that would help you.

So, maybe Lily, we could put into the jar, how about you put into the jar, a lovely picture that you drew of your friend and that will remind you of her every single day.

How does that sound? That make you feel happy? Excellent and don't worry.

You'll be seeing your friend very, very soon indeed.

So boys and girls in my jar, I've put in a pen 'cause I really enjoy writing.

Let's just take a moment now and fill our happiness jar with all the things that make us feel happy.

See you in a moment.

Now, here's a really close friend of mine.

He is really interested in sharing some of the things that have made him feel happy and I think he really wants to cheer up Lily.

Let's watch what he's got to say.

- [Boy] During lockdown, I have been having fun playing board games with my family and I have been playing pool.


Apart from this, I have been doing some exercising.

Also, I have learned a new skill to play basketball.

- I think he's having so much fun, but he did also mention it's not always been happiness and feeling great, but what he has done really well, is thought of all the things that do make him happy and he's tried to do those.

Let's try and put some of those into action ourselves.

Now, listening to some of our friends there, I've gone back to my happiness jar and I've added a couple of things in there.

When looking at that young boy's garden and the way he was playing basketball, just reminded me how much I love being in my garden having a barbecue and spending time with my family.

I also love to read, because it makes me feel calm and relaxed.

Are there any more additions to put into your happiness jar? Now, boys and girls we've spoken and added so many different activities into our happiness jar.

What will be really important for our time capsule, is to show those people in the future, who look at it, why it made us feel happy and in order to do that, we'll need to describe it.

So, what I'd love for you to do now, is pick some of those wonderful activities that are in your happiness jar.

Pick them out one-by-one, describe them in full sentences making sure you use a capital letter, finger spaces, a full stop and conjunctions.

Once you put a lovely description together, let's create an illustration of it.

What I mean by that is, let's draw it.

Let's spend some time now.

I'm looking forward to seeing these.

I think you've done incredibly well here.

Some really, really exciting activities.

And it makes me feel reassured that you're all doing something that makes you feel happy and I'll tell you something, you have made someone else feel really happy.

He's not here right now because he's gone jumping around the house.

Lily, come back.

Here she is.

Are you now feeling happy? Did everyone make you feel great about yourself again? You feel reassured? Is your happiness jar helping you? Are you gonna keep adding to it? Fantastic.

Well, thank you so much boys and girls for that.

But one thing that we are really mindful of, is that all those worries that you have, is important not to leave them festering inside.

So, what I'd like you to do is think of a question.

Now this could be about lockdown, or returning to school or simply just leaving your house.

I'd like you to send in your questions, via your parent, or carer only onto our Twitter handle, or via Instagram.

It'd be lovely to hear those because what we want to do , is do the same thing as we did with Lily, make everybody feel better about themselves.

Thank you.

Well, Lilly, I dunno about you but this has been an incredible lesson.

I feel so much better.

I hope you do.

Lilly, this has been great hasn't it? Fantastic boys and girls.

If you'd like to share what you've done and learned in this lesson, please ask a parent or carer, to share via Twitter, or via Instagram.

I can't wait to see what you've got to say and what you've done.

See you next time.