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Hello everyone, my name is Ms. Butt, and today we're going to be learning some really, really disgusting words.

And these words are going to be very useful when you're writing all about your disgusting monster pizzas.

So I hope that you're not eating anything when you watch this lesson 'cause these words and these pictures might definitely put you off your food.

I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Okay, so in today's lesson, we are going to first introduce three new words.

We're going to look at every word, word pairs and synonyms. And finally, we're going to have a go at applying these words in sentences that you can use in your monster pizza unit.

For today's lesson, you're going to need a piece of paper or a notepad, a pencil and your brains.

Please also make sure that you clear away anything that is going to distract you.

Pause the video to make sure you've got everything you need.

So to get us started, we're going to think about what it means to be disgusted.

And what I'd like you to do is I would like you to pause the video and show me your most disgusted face.

And if you want, you can use the picture I use to help imagine if you were about to eat that, doesn't look particularly appetising to me.

So let me see those disgusted faces, off you go.

Oh my goodness, you all looked very disgusted there, so lots of tongues out and people squirming.

I now want you to think about this question.

When might you feel disgusted? What would make you feel that way? Pause the video and have a think.

For me, I think that a smell could make me disgusted or a taste of something, but even just the sight of something might make you feel that way.

So the key vocabulary we're going to be using in this lesson is, and I'm going to say it and then you're going to say it, a synonym.

A word pair.



well done for joining in.

A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word, like merry and happy.

A word pair are words that often appear together like a bright sun.

An adjective is a describing word, and it often describes a noun, which is a person, a place or a thing.

All words we're going to be learning this week are adjectives.

And let's have a look at our first disgusting word.

So we always start off before I reveal the word at looking at this image, because this image has been drawn especially to demonstrate what this word means.

So I'd like you to really take a good hard look at this picture, what's happening here? What do you notice? How do you think this character is feeling and why do you think they're feeling that way? Pause the video and have a little think.

Well, I can see a character here who is looking extremely sick, and I think what might be making him feel sick is that enormous sandwich that he is being served on a platter.

I can see in that sandwich what looks like a dead fish and a bone and some really, really mouldy bread, it's so mouldy, it's gone blue.

And I feel like he's feeling sick because his eyes have kind of gone green and he's clutching his stomach, which someone might do when they're feeling unwell.

So I wonder if this word has got something to do with feeling sick, let's have a look.

This word is nauseatingly.


It is an adjective that means sickening or disgusting, like a rotten sandwich.

And this word comes from the word nau, which means in Latin or Greek was the word for boat.

And that kind of helps us to remember this word because, I don't know if any of you have ever been on a boat before, but if you have been on a boat, quite often, because the waves are going like this, it makes you feel seasick.

So we can kind of see the connection there between feeling unwell.

Let's have a look at some words that could be word pairs or synonyms. Food, stench, opinions, sickening, fear, smell, disgusting, stomach turning and sight.

Here's the word in a sentence.

When you cook your monster pizza, you may notice a nauseatingly smell.

Which of these words do you think are synonyms of the word nauseating? If it's a synonym, it means nearly the same thing and normally we might be able to replace the word in the sentence.

Pause the video and have a think.

Okay, let's see if you were right.

The synonyms are sickening.

So you may notice a sickening smell, a disgusting smell or a stomach turning smell, literally as if it's making your stomach turn because it's making you feel sick.

That means the rest of these words are word pairs, so let's take a look at them.

You might have a nauseating food, some nauseating food, a nauseating stench, and a stench is a really bad smell.

This is a really tricky one, nauseatingly opinions.

That might mean that somebody is opinions, you might perhaps disagree with them so strongly that they might even make you feel sick, okay? Nauseating fear.

Have you ever felt so frightened of something that you've almost felt a little bit sick? I know I have.

A nauseatingly smell and a nauseatingly sight.

So again, maybe you might see something that you think, "Oh, I didn't like the look of that, makes me feel a bit queasy or a bit sick." So, can you remember what the word nauseating means? Pause the video and everyone tells me.

Well done, it means sickening or disgusting.

I hope that none of you have had to eat any nauseating food.

Let's take a look at our second image.

Oh my goodness, what is happening here? Can you have a really close look at this picture and describe what's happening? What do you see? How do you think these characters are feeling? And why do you think that feeling that way? Pause the video and have a think.

I think that these characters are spitting out this pizza that they are eating, and it looks like the reason they might be spitting it out is because it seems to have some metal nuts and bolts on which definitely are not fit for eating.

They look really, really shocked that they've eaten this food.

And also the sauce on the pizza, looks kind of green and toxic and looks like something that you definitely should not be feeding to anyone.

So let's have a look at what this word is.



If something is edible, it means it's fit for eating.

So if it's got in, front of it, a prefix, if it's inedible, it means it's not fit for eating like a pizza covered in nuts and bolts.

Let's take a look at some of the words that could be synonyms of inedible.

Disgusting, food, mushroom, uneatable, mess fruit, meal, leftovers and not fit for eating.

Here's the word in a sentence.

You might think the next ingredient is inedible, but your monster will love it.

Pause the video and have a think about which of these words could be synonyms of inedible.

Okay, let's how you got on.

The synonyms are disgusting, uneatable and not fit for eating.

That means the rest of these words are word pairs.

Let's look at those word pairs now.

Inedible food.

Inedible mushroom.

So if you go mushroom foraging and pick mushrooms that you can eat, you would have to consult a special book or a specialist, because some mushrooms are edible, and that means it's safe to eat them, but some mushrooms are inedible and they might be poisonous.

An inedible mess, imagine if someone just dumped loads of food on your plate, it might look like an inedible mess.

Inedible fruit, perhaps it had gone really rotten or mouldy.

Inedible leftovers, again, maybe it's left out or in the fridge for a few days and it's gone or mouldy.

And an inedible meal.

I'd like you to pause the video now, and I'd like you guys to have a go at saying those words yourself.

Because it's really important if you want to learn new words to say them out loud.

So pause the video and have a go at reading these yourself.

Well done.

Can you remember what does inedible mean? That's right, it means not fit for eating.

Here's our third and final image of the day.

What's happening in this picture? Could you pause the video and describe what you can see? Okay.

So in this picture it looks like somebody is pouring some milk from the fridge.

But it looks like from the look of the milk and the smell, which I can see 'cause there's the wispy bits, it looks extremely stinky.

And that makes me think that there's milk has gone off.

So things usually have a sell by date, so they have a date where they're fit for eating and then they start to turn a bit mouldy or a little bit rotten.

And it looks like that's what's happened here to this milk.

And that's why this character's turning their head away from it in disgust.

This word is rancid.


And it means fowl or rotten like sour milk that has been left out for days.

Sometimes I tip milk in my tea and when I tip it out, I noticed it's all lumpy, and that shows me that the milk has turned rancid.

And rancid is an adjective, so you would describe a noun with that word.

Let's take a look at the that could be synonyms or word pairs.

Sour, milk, butter, foul, meat, oil, smell, fart, my goodness, how rude.

Fat and rotten.

I hope you're not still laughing about the fart.

Finally, spread some rancid butter on the crust of the pizza.

I'd like you to pause the video and tell me which words are synonyms of rancid.

Off you go.

Okay, so we could have some sour butter instead of rancid butter, foul butter or rotten butter.

That means the rest of these words word pairs.

Rancid milk, rancid butter, rancid meat, rancid oil, a rancid smell, a rancid fart and rancid fat.

I'd like you now to say all of the words out loud, just like I did.

Could you pause the video and have a go? I hope you didn't laugh too much when you have to read out rancid fart.

Okay, let's take a look at the three words we've learned today.

Can you match up the image with the correct word? Pause the video and have a go.

So the first image, oh, it was that one, can you remember, where you feel sick and nau means a boat in Latin or Greek, and it is nauseatingly.

The second one, when something's not fit for eating is inedible.

And the final one when things have gone off, or maybe they've not been left in the fridge is rancid.

Getting trickier now, 'cause I'd now like you to see if you can match the definitions with each word.

Pause the video and have a go.

Let's see how you got on.

So nauseating means sickening or disgusting.

Inedible means not fit for eating.

And rancid means foul or rotten.

But now we're going to have a go at applying these words in full sentences.

Let's take a look at this first sentence.

Next, get some cheese and leave it out in the sun for three days, so it turns mouldy and.

Which words do you think would fit best here? Pause the video and how to think.

The correct answer here is rancid.

Because rancid is a word we use for when something has gone mouldy or rotten, and that's what will definitely happened to cheese if you left it in the sun.

These mushrooms are.

for humans, but monsters loved them.

Now there could actually be more than one option here, but I think there's one that fits best.

What do you think? Pause the video.

These mushrooms are inedible for humans.

You could have also said nauseatingly, but I think that because it was about a mushroom, that might lead us to think, 'cause we know some mushrooms are inedible.

And finally, you may need to cover your nose when you cook the rotten tomatoes, because the smell can be quite.

What do you think this one is? That's right, it is nauseating, that means it's quite sickening.

It's your turn now to have a go at writing your own sentences.

The first sentence I'd like you to write, I'd like you to try to include the word nauseating.

And you can use these word pairs to help you.

So for example, I might take the word pair, a nauseating stench, which is another word for a really bad smell.

And I might then build my sentence around that.

Remember your sentence needs a capital letter at the start and a full-stop at the end.

And try to meet your sentence as ambitious as possible.

Pause the video and off you go.

Well done, give your hand a little break after all that writing.

Let's have a look at the next sentence.

So now you're going to have a go at writing a sentence using the word inedible.

Again, use the word pairs to help you.

For example, I might pick the word inedible leftovers, and maybe I might write a sentence about putting some inedible leftovers on top of my monster pizza.

Pause the video and have a go at writing your own sentence now.


And now one more sentence left, you guessed it.

It's writing a sentence using the word rancid.

Now I know you're all far too sensible to use the word rancid fart, but I'm guessing maybe there might be a few children that that might make them laugh a little bit.

So pick one of the word pairs and write a sentence using the word rancid.

For example, maybe I might say, "Get some rancid oil and spread it all over that your monster pizza." Can have a go at writing your own sentence now? Well done, you've written three amazing sentences and you've learned three really ambitious new words.

I really hope that you can use these three words in your monster pizza unit to impress us all with your amazing writing.

I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson.

And if you want to share any of your work then feel free to ask a parent or a carer, and then you can upload an image so we can see the work you've been up to.

Thank you so much for watching this lesson and I'll see you soon.