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Webinar: Planning for the new school year with Oak National Academy

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A class of pupils working at computers.
An image of the host, Jonathan Dando.

Jonathan Dando

External Relations Director

Last year was tough, but that doesn’t mean starting this year with a blank page. Instead, start it with a bustling library of everything you’ll need for a full year of teaching.

Whether you’re a new teacher starting from scratch or an experienced teacher updating schemes for a new set of pupils, Oak National Academy is a consistent source of inspiration and teaching materials to support you from the second you set foot back in the classroom.

In this webinar we talk you through the latest developments at Oak and show how we can support you in the classroom in the coming year.

We cover:

  • How to make best of use of our Teacher Hub to support in-class teaching
  • Our new and improved curriculum maps to support planning
  • Improvements to our quizzes and lesson slides, including more downloadable resources, to support lesson delivery