Safeguarding statement


Oak National Academy Limited (referred to as Oak) works with schools, teachers and the wider education system to create and support the use of world class digital education products built around our rigorous, high quality curriculum. All members of our community recognise the contribution that the Oak National Academy makes to safeguarding children. We are committed to safeguarding all children, young people, all users of our website and those who come into contact with Oak.

Oak National Academy has internal policies and procedures in place to ensure that any actual or potential safeguarding issues relating to a child or a vulnerable adult are dealt with quickly and appropriately.

We have taken measures to ensure our website and video platform are secure. All content is peer reviewed by qualified teachers and checked to ensure that it meets safeguarding standards.

Our quizzes are provided through the website for students to assess their progress. These quizzes are designed to be self marking so that pupils receive instant results. We may not review answers submitted by pupils.

When using Oak National Academy resources, teachers should continue to follow the safeguarding policies and procedures of the educational institution to which they and their students belong.

When using the messaging functionality of the Oak platforms (email, contact form, live chat or social media channels), we ensure that only Oak colleagues with a verified Enhanced DBS check can reply to messages as it is possible that pupils may submit messages.