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26 May 2023

Rethink how you can use Oak this year

Ffion Rees Hughes

Head of School Support

You may have directed your pupils to lessons in our online classroom during the pandemic or during periods of disruption since, but that’s not all there is to Oak.

Did you know that you can download editable versions of our slide decks and worksheets?

40% of teachers who use our teaching resources to kick-start their lesson planning save on average four hours per week1. That’s all your PPA time and more! It’s time to rethink how you can use Oak this academic year.

Ready to get started? Search by topic, subject or key stage for free, sequenced teaching resources.

Still not sure how we could help you? Hear from teachers themselves about their hacks for speeding up and improving their lesson planning using Oak.

Use Oak as a starting point

We can never know or understand the needs of your pupils, your individual delivery nor the local context of your school. Only you have this expertise. So we’ve made our resources editable and adaptable. 78% of teachers who use Oak adapt our slides2.

Alisha and Helen are both teachers who use Oak as a starting point for their lesson. They find that the adaptability of our teaching resources means they can easily pick and choose what they need and make changes to suit their pupils.

Sometimes I might change the task, or I might add something to the independent task or make the independent task longer. You have the freedom to do so much with it.

Alisha, secondary teacher

Learn more about how you can adapt our resources to suit the different needs of your pupils and our thinking on why Oak is not a finished curriculum, nor a complete set of resources.

Use Oak to gain subject knowledge

Plenty of teachers delivering a new subject or topic are using our slide decks and videos to quickly get up to speed. Whenever you need to, you can watch experienced teachers teach topics you’re new to or haven’t taught in some time.

Helen, a teacher and mentor for trainees, uses the videos herself and recommends them to her mentees as a reliable source of modelled examples of explanations.

Use Oak to plan for lesson cover

Finding and setting last-minute cover for absent staff remains a consistent challenge for schools. Teachers use our resources to manage lesson cover and keep their pupils’ learning on track, without adding to their workload. You can select single lessons for one-off cover or full units for long-term cover.

Nothing ever fits perfectly what you want. So we pick and choose what we want, take what's relevant and then work from there.

Kathryn Nicol, teacher

New teaching resources this year

Have you heard? We're adding even more teaching resources to help you in the classroom. Explore our new curriculum plans using the links below or search by topic, keyword or key stage to find and download teaching resources.

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