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Oak National Academy

Teachers: Hear about Oak’s updates for 2020/21

Meet Our Teachers


Lowri Sully

Secondary Geography

Hi there, I’m Miss Sully and I’m a teacher of geography at a secondary school in London. The geography we study considers the world we live in, a world that is constantly evolving. My fascination with the subject is rooted in these changes. I have been fortunate, through travel, to witness aspects of physical and human geography issues at first hand and even had the opportunity to do fieldwork in 4 different countries whilst studying at the University of Liverpool! I love sharing my passion for geography with you and can’t wait to explore the subject in our lessons.

Simone Conboy

Secondary German

Guten Tag! My name is Simone Conboy. Originally from Germany, I have been teaching for
over 20 years in England now. I was, for ten years, Curriculum Leader and am currently a
teacher of Modern Languages at a school in Derbyshire. I have a particular interest
in bilingualism and have an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birkbeck, University of London. I
have worked extensively with the Goethe Institut in developing teaching materials for
German and am an active member of the Association of Language Learning.

Natalie James

Secondary German

Hallo! I’m Miss James and I teach languages. At Oak I will be teaching you German. In my free time I love to travel to practise my language skills and learn about other cultures. This stems from when I was in year 8 and went on a school trip to the Black Forest in Germany and now I’ve visited over 50 countries!

Marie Jobson

Secondary Careers

I currently work at The Careers & Enterprise Company supporting delivering of the Company’s education engagement strategy. I recently worked within school senior leadership (Pastoral and Guidance Lead) and am a qualified Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance leader. I lead my previous school’s work within the Gatsby pilot and worked collaboratively with partners on a range of innovative CEIAG projects.

Ryan Gibson

Secondary Careers

I am National Leader for Careers at an academy trust. Based in the North East, I am responsible for overseeing careers provision across our 58 schools in England. During my career I have been a Careers Leader in secondary schools, a member of the Senior Leadership Team in a large academy, worked for the North East Local Enterprise Partnership to connect young people with employers and led the Gatsby Foundation’s National Careers Benchmarks Pilot that culminated in the new National Careers Strategy. I am passionate about careers learning because it involves supporting all young people to fulfil their potential by equipping them with the skills to manage their own careers and make informed decisions about their future – what could be more exciting than that!

Katy Welford

Secondary Music

Hi, I’m Katy Welford and I’m a member of a fantastic Music department from a school in York, teaching students from Year 7 to 13. I have a Master’s degree in Music from the University of York and have been teaching for 6 years. Outside of classroom teaching I specialise in voice and performance and love seeing the wider benefits that excellent music education can bring to the development of a student. I am really excited to be contributing to Oak National Academy and this new spectrum of online learning.

Ben Miskell

Secondary Citizenship

Hello, my name is Ben Miskell and I am a secondary school Citizenship teacher from Sheffield. I became a Citizenship teacher over a decade ago because I wanted to make sure that young people have the skills and knowledge to change the world! I’m also the Association for Citizenship Teaching’s Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Ambassador. When I’m not teaching, I’m busy campaigning in my community. I also have a passion for travel and hope that my next trip will be an adventure to Kazakhstan.

Scott Amott

Secondary Citizenship

Hello, My name is Scott Amott and I am Curriculum team leader for a school in Derbyshire where I have worked since 2008. I teach Citizenship alongside Law and Sociology at my school, as well as being the East Midlands Regional Ambassador for the Association of Citizenship teachers.

Steven Humphrys

Secondary Citizenship

Hello! I’m Steven Humphrys. I began teaching in 2014 after graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in Theology and Religious Studies and Sociology. I have taught RS, Sociology and I’m currently Head of Citizenship and PSHE at a school in Altrincham, which I Iove, the staff & students make it a great place to work! I’m the Association of Citizenship Teaching North West’s Regional Ambassador. Citizenship is such an important subject as it helps us make sense of society. I’m looking forward to exploring the subject with you through the lessons provided at Oak National Academy.

Hibo Elmi

Secondary Citizenship

After reading Law at the University of Westminster, I briefly worked in the charity sector before embarking into the world of teaching. I became a citizenship and politics teacher at a school in London in 2012 and progressed to head of department shortly after. I’ve taught pupils ranging from 11- 18 and have loved every minute. Being apart of their learning journey and empowering them to change the world is why I teach. In my spare time, I love to stay active and enjoy boxing as well as reading and spending time with friends and family.

Daryl Henson

Secondary Citizenship

Hello! my name is Daryl Henson and I have been in education since 2014. Having started my training teaching A-Level/Foundation degree level Law, I transitioned into secondary education teaching English. Having obtained a Masters Degree in Law, it has always been my passion, and in 2018 I was able to introduce Citizenship Studies as an optional GCSE subject at my current school. Teaching dual subjects certainly has its positives when it comes to Citizenship education, as we can explore cross curricular issues that arise. I have recently been appointed as the North East Regional Ambassador for the Association of Citizenship Teachers, and I very much welcome the chance to develop whilst working with ACT, I am very excited to bring you the joys of Citizenship education through Oak National Academy.

Zoe Baker

Secondary Citizenship

Hi, my name is Zoe Baker, I have been teaching History and other Humanities since 1999 and worked in many different roles in that time. These have included Head of Department and Assistant Headteacher. I am currently working at a selective school in Kent where I enjoy working with the ladies who attend and often helping them see the world from a different perspective. This is the power of Citizenship! As well as teaching in school, I work with the Holocaust Education Trust as an educator on their outreach programmes and Lessons from Auschwitz Project. I am also lucky enough to work with a wonderful group of Citizenship teachers at the Association of Citizenship Teaching who support people regionally in my role as Senior Advisory Teacher. The Citizenship team are really looking forward to working with you all over the coming weeks.

Jane Haynes

Secondary Citizenship

Hello. I am currently Head of Citizenship at a secondary school in Gloucestershire but I have enjoyed teaching in Portsmouth, Slough and Hayes in outer London prior to that. I have around one hundred pupils who have chosen to study GCSE Citizenship with me at the moment and I really love teaching them. Like several of my Oak colleagues, I am an Ambassador for the Association of Citizenship Teachers, which has enabled me to share my interest for current political affairs, history, the justice system and the UK economy with fellow practitioners. When I am not teaching, I can usually be found walking on the acres of common land near my home with my massive black Flatcoat Retriever called Toby Dog.

Kirsty White

Secondary Citizenship

Hello, I’m Mrs Kirsty White, my degree is in 3D Design in metals and jewellery. I’ve been a teacher since qualifying in 1994 at Bretton Hall, Leeds University. I taught Design and Technology as well as Art, however, I was always interested in the wider community and personal development so moved to become subject leader for Citizenship and PSHE full-time in 2004. I am an Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) National Ambassador, representing the Southwest. In my spare time, you’ll find me making cloisonne enamelled silver jewellery in my workshop, or out in the bay sailing my boat.

Nick Houlton

Secondary Computing

Hi there, I’m Mr Houlton. I lead a Computer Science department in one of the largest schools in West Yorkshire. I graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Computer Science and worked for several years in industry before making the jump to teaching, which was a fantastic decision! I enjoy bouldering and running, but I’m a geek at heart so indulge in playing computer games as well.

Adam Lockwood

Secondary Computing

I’m Mr Lockwood and I am a Head of Department for Computer Science at a school in Doncaster. I studied Computing at Sheffield Hallam University before spending a year working for a telecoms company. I then left this role to move into teaching, where I would take up a role in educating students on Computer Science. In my spare time I enjoy a wide range of winter sports and travelling.

Ben Barnes

Secondary Computing

I’m Ben Barnes and I am the Director of Computer Science for an academy trust based in the North of England. I am passionate about Computer Science and ensuring all students across our trust and the country have effective provision in this subject. I became a teacher in 2009 and have a degree from the University of Leeds in Computing. My second passion is the use of technology in schools to improve student learning and I am always innovating with technology, something that is very important at the moment!

Tristan Kirkpatrick

Secondary Computing

I’m Tristan Kirkpatrick and I am the Associate Director of Computer Science for an academy trust based in the North of England. I have a particular interest in how digital tools can further the learning experience for students in and out of the classroom and try to continually innovate to better the life chances for students I teach. In my spare time, I enjoy playing my guitars, making things and spending time with friends and family.

Natalia Kruk

Secondary Geography

Hello you lovely lot! I’m a teacher of Geography at a secondary school in London. What I love about Geography is that it is EVERYWHERE! Whether figuring out which crops a farmer should grow in their field, or looking at flight paths and where the aeroplanes are destined to land or even trying to predict the weather; the subject of Geography is full of explorative and fascinating concepts!

Isabelle O’Regan

Secondary Religious Education

Hi I’m Miss O’Regan and I’m an RE teacher from London. I studied Philosophy at the University of York as I’ve always loved life’s large questions and now I get to discuss them for my job! When I’m not teaching I can be found trying out new recipes, (in normal circumstances) hosting dinner parties, but mostly, watching telly.

Liz Dunbar

Secondary Music

Hello, I’m Liz. I’m the Director of Music at a school in York, where I’m part of a fab Music team, teaching students from year 7 to 13. We’re all working here at Oak National, bringing our diverse range of skills and experience together to create lessons that we hope will be both interesting and useful for all students, regardless of their existing musical experience. I have a degree and Masters in Music and have been teaching for about 150 years…..give or take….. I’m creative and pragmatic in equal measure, and I can’t really say what I like to do beyond school because Music is so bound up in everything I do and think.

Ian Wilson

Secondary Music

I’m Ian and I’m a Teacher of Music at a school in York, teaching students from Year 7 to 13. All five members of the Huntington School Music Department are working here at Oak National Academy to create lessons that are interesting and meaningful for students of all musical abilities. My degree is in Creative Music Technology and I love writing, recording and performing music, which enables me to learn new methods and techniques in a constantly developing field. I enjoy sharing this knowledge and experience with staff and students to aid their creativity.

Umar Wazir

Secondary Maths

Hello, my name is Mr Umar Wazir. I currently work at a secondary school as an Assistant Principal leading on Pastoral and Wellbeing. Previously as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Head of Department I have had a broad range of experience teaching and leading mathematics. I have also supported secondary school leaders in the Midlands as an SLE by embedding accelerated learning approaches to successfully raise attainment. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading and spending quality time with my family.

Tim Burnage

Secondary Music

Hello, I’m Tim Burnage from a school in York, where I’m part of a fab Music team, teaching students from year 7 to 13. I have a degree in Music from the University of York and have been teaching for 12 years and have spent the last 10 years at Huntington. I love encouraging students to develop their musical abilities whether in the classroom or through extra-curricular opportunities and am excited to be contributing to the Oak National Academy.

Harpreet Dhillon


I’m Miss Dhillon and I am the Primary Maths Lead at a school in London. After studying at Loughborough University, I moved to Kent to do the Teach First programme in 2015. I then returned to London to teach at my current school. When I am not teaching, I love to play sports, in particular I like playing basketball (I used to play for my university!). I am a lover of all things active – whether that is going to the gym or doing some yoga or hiking and climbing mountains!

Emma Pemberton

Specialist teacher

Hello! I’m Emma, I am a teacher in a Special School and work with pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. In my spare time, I enjoy looking after my children and taking part in outdoor and adventurous activities.

Emma Walsh

Specialist teacher

My name’s Emma and I’m a lead teacher at an outstanding special school in Rossendale. I’m also the lead for Autism and Complex Learning Difficulties and am passionate about ensuring that all learners achieve their full potential no matter what barrier they may face. I initially completed my studies intending to pursue a career in Educational Psychology before realising the difference I could make in the SEN sector with my postgraduate knowledge. In my spare time I enjoy languages, particularly Spanish and Catalan.

Samehra Zahid

Secondary Maths

I’m Samehra Zahid, a secondary Mathematics teacher. I am currently in my third year of teaching, one of those years was spent abroad teaching in an English school in Kuwait. I now teach at a school in Birmingham and have progressed onto being a KS3 Mathematics co-ordinator. I absolutely love to travel, whether it’s a long drive down a countryside lane or a five-hour flight to the Middle East! Since I can’t fulfil my hobby to travel in the current circumstances, I am honoured to be providing children with the education they deserve.

Subtain Khan

Secondary Maths

My dream of inspiring young people led me to become a teacher almost six years ago. I am currently a Head of Year and Maths Teacher at a school in Walsall. It is one of the most rewarding jobs and I am privileged to have been given this opportunity to reach out to more young people during these difficult times. To keep myself motivated and inspired, I love to travel, go swimming and watch real-life documentaries.

Maryam Mohamoud

Secondary Maths

Hello, my name is Maryam Mohamoud, an energetic mathematician! I am a secondary school maths teacher with a first-class degree in Mathematics and Statistics. Currently, I work at a school which is part of a multi-academy trust. Whilst I’m not putting all my efforts into my passion for teaching maths, I enjoy learning foreign languages and at present I am fluent in four languages. I will be working alongside my colleagues at Oak National Academy to produce fun, engaging and fact filled maths lessons for all the resilient learners out there during these difficult times.

Mohammed Awais Akhtar

Secondary Maths

Hi, I’m Mr Akhtar and currently I’m the Director of Learning for Maths at a school in Blackburn. I feel proud, privileged and passionate to take part in this project to support you all. When I’m not in the classroom, I like reading, playing cricket and spending time with friends and family.

Farhan Bhola

Secondary Maths

After completing my degree in Mathematics I realised I wanted to spread my passion for the subject through teaching. I am now the Assistant Director of Learning for Maths at a school in Blackburn. When I’m not doing some Maths you will find me playing or watching sports, in particular football and golf.

Amandeep Sidhu

Primary Maths

Hi, I’m Miss Sidhu! I have been teaching for 6 years and have experience in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. I began my teaching career in Birmingham and then made a big leap to London and became the Primary Maths Lead at my school. I enjoy making maths fun for all my learners. I love creating art, travelling and keeping fit through dance and yoga.

Matthew Maguire

Specialist teacher

Hello i’m Matt and I’m Assistant Head at a 2-19 school for students with complex learning needs. I have been there for 8 years and spent 6 of those teaching in our Post 16 department, developing our curriculum offer with a focus on independence and vocational skills. I am also the Careers Leader at my school, working towards achieving the Quality in Careers Standard. I will be working with my colleagues at Oak National to develop the Independent Living offer.

Emma Jones

Speech and Language Therapist

I am a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist living and working in London. I work with children aged 5-19, who have complex language, communication, and social, emotional, and mental health needs. Throughout my career, I have worked in a variety of school settings, including specialist, mainstream and alternative provisions. I believe in inclusion for all and feel passionately about championing communication so that all children and young people are able to achieve the best possible outcomes in life. Outside of work, I enjoy yoga and generally like to stay active. I also love to cook. My ‘happy place’ is wherever I am sharing good food and good times with family and friends!

Corrinia Vincent

Specialist teacher

I began many years ago as a Nursery Nurse, I am now a Lead Teacher at a school in London. I have many years experience as an outreach worker supporting young children with ASD in primary mainstream schools. I later joined a secondary school supporting children with ASD before completing my PGCE. I then began teaching children across the school before changing schools and arriving at my school. Currently I am the Lead teacher for ASD and I support children from EYFS to P16. Currently I am training the school therapy dog who is 16 weeks old.

Amanda Pryde-Jarman

Speech and Language Therapist

I have been working as an NHS Speech and Language Therapist for 25 years in a variety of settings including special schools, day centres, colleges and a children’s hospital. For the past 18 years I have been leading a team of therapists who work with children and young people from 0-19 who have complex health and/or communication needs. Like most therapists I have a broad range of skills but have particular expertise in AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) and dysphagia (feeding and swallowing). I am based within a primary special school for part of my week and really value being able to work as part of the the teaching and therapy team to meet the needs of our children and families. Outside of work I have a busy family life but like to make time for creative writing and crafts.

Caroline McCallum

Clinical Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

After completing my masters degree at City University, London I began my career working in Early Years, I then moved on to working in Primary schools and then specialist schools. My specialist clinical area is Autism. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with a fantastic group of children, young people and families, I enjoy every day being different and being able to think creatively about the best supports I can offer. At home I enjoy long walks with my dog Freddie and cooking lots of yummy treats in the kitchen!

Matthew Granados

Specialist teacher

Hi, I’m Matt and I work at a special school for children aged 2-19. I lead the Semi-Formal Pathway in the lower school where it’s a privilege to work with some inspirational young children, incredible teachers and brilliant teams across the school. I’m passionate about developing independence in young children and am looking forward to sharing and learning with many more children, families and other teachers. Outside of school I enjoy reading, photography and going on a bike ride in the countryside!

Mel Hopton

Specialist teacher

Hello! My name is Mel Hopton. I have worked in education since 2006. I am currently a class teacher at an outstanding special school in Devon, where I teach pupils with a wide range of complex needs. When I’m not in the classroom I enjoy cooking (and eating!), yoga and looking after my garden.

Anele Griessel

Occupational Therapist

Hi I’m Anele. I’m an occupational therapist working with children and young people at The Lighthouse Clinic, Surrey. I have enjoyed working with families for more than 20 years. I strongly believe that our sensory and motor systems are the drivers to help us learn in school. I help teachers adapt their lessons and the learning environment to help children and young people become independent learners. I believe that being playful and having fun helps us build resilience and independence. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy canoeing and baking and being a mum to my two teenagers.

Natalie Barber

Specialist teacher

Hello I’m Natalie; I’m an SEN teacher at a specialist academy in Shrewsbury. I have had the opportunity to teach in both mainstream and special needs schools. I currently teach a range of students in years 4, 5 and 6 with a range of special needs. I believe strongly that learning should be fun and inspiring for children and should help them grow into more independent learners. When I’m not in the classroom, I love to bake and cook but even more than that, I love to be with my dogs!

Daniel Ryng

Specialist teacher

Hello everbody, I’m Daniel. I work at a specialist academy in lovely Shropshire! I have worked in education for about 10 years in various roles. Before starting my teacher training in 2015, I worked for a number of years as a peripatetic guitar teacher. This is where I developed my love of teaching and consolidated my belief that music is a powerful and meaningful tool for learning and holisitic development. I think most of my teaching and learning involves some sort of music or singing from early communication to maths or even cookery…what better way to engage pupils and have good fun along the way!

Hannah Byrnes

Specialist teacher

Hello! I’m Hannah and I work at a specialist academy in Shrewsbury with pupils with a range of SEN from ages 2-25. I developed my love for teaching when I had my first job at age 14 as an Assistant Dance Teacher! When I finished my Degree in English Literature with Theatre Studies, I worked for a year as a Learning Support Assistant for adults with SEN to gain some experience of working in education before beginning my PGCE and never looked back! I qualified in 2012 and have been working as an SEN Teacher ever since. I love teaching Performing Arts and English, and have experience of various dance styles including ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, appalacian and clog dancing!

Joe Leppington

Specialist teacher

I have been working in the education sector since 2005 and have taught across every year group from Reception to Year 9. I am currently in my first year teaching at a specialist academy in Shrewsbury, working in the secondary department. I am a former Head Teacher, but have returned to the classroom as teaching is where my passion lies.

Gareth Smith

Specialist teacher

Hello there, I’m Gareth. I teach at a specialist academy in Shrewsbury. I have taught in Special Schools for 8 years, initially in London before relocating to the Midlands. I am a musician and I use music in my teaching to motivate communication. I am a Makaton Tutor and I’m passionate about using signing to share personal stories and have a good old fashioned chat. In my spare time I create communication videos with my Speech and Language Colleague, Charlotte, for Communicapers.

Nia Luke

Speech and Language Therapist

I’m a speech and language therapist working for Worcestershire NHS Health and Care Trust. My specialisms include Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Dysphagia (eating and drinking difficulties). I currently work with young people who have SEN ranging from children in pre-school settings to young adults in education. The most rewarding part of my job is that every day is different which allows me to find creative ways to support children, young people and families to become more confident with speech, language and communication. When I’m not at work I enjoy painting, cooking and walking my dog, Noodle.

Melanie Walker

Specialist teacher

Hi! I’m Mel, a teacher and Formal Pathway lead at a school in Camden. I have been teaching for nine years and still love that no two days are ever the same. I currently teach a group of eleven students aged between 13 to 16, but have taught both primary and secondary during my eight years at my school. I love human sciences, particularly anything to do with the brain and enjoy watching Wolverhampton Wanderers, baking, music and films!

Sam Devenny

Specialist teacher (Early Cognitive Development)

I am privileged to be a teacher at my school in Banbury, working with children who have Severe or Profound & Multiple Learning Disabilities. I believe the reason we deliver such amazing outcomes for our pupils is due to the strength of our team. Some of the roles I have previously held are: Classroom and/or leadership in EYFS/primary mainstream settings, EYFS Advisory Teacher, SENCO, Trainer for Home Support Workers. When I’m not teaching I enjoy having fun with my family, friends and dog, to a soundtrack of dance/disco music.

Katie Hookway

Specialist teacher

I have been teaching in the Primary phase for 6 years now in the borough of Bexley. I taught in EYFS for two years and then moved to year 2 for two years within the same mainstream school. I then moved to a special school and am now in my second year at Woodside teaching Key Stage 2 children with ASD. I love that everyday is different and enjoy seeing the children make small steps of progress that can make a huge difference for them.

Catherine Gough

Specialist teacher

Hello, I’m Catherine and I work at a Special School in Leicester, predominantly with pupils who have Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. During my 17 year career, I’ve taught a wide range of subjects to pupils of varying ages but my subject specialism is Music. When the sun’s out I enjoy playing cricket and if the weather’s a bit less pleasant, I can always find somewhere inside to sit and play my accordion with fellow musicians.

Vicky Ormerod-Jordan

Specialist teacher

Hello I’m Vicky Ormerod-Jordan. I have been a Special Needs teacher for 20 years and I work in a Special School in Cheshire. I compose songs to support language development and write music to accompany children’s books. I am an Associate of Trinity College of Music and in my spare time, love to play my violin.

Robyn Emmerson

Specialist teacher

Hello, I am Robyn. I am a teacher in in an outstanding Special School in Exeter. I lead the sensory learning provision When I’m not teaching, I love being outside in the sunshine or taking trips to the beach for a swim.

Will Young

Specialist teacher

Hello. I’m Will Young, and I am a teacher in an outstanding special school in Exeter. I have worked with pupils with complex needs for many years. I have always been passionate about supporting pupils. When I am not in the classroom I love to be outdoors.

Eve Taylor

Specialist teacher

Hello, I am Eve Taylor and I have worked in Special Education for the past 16 years. I gained a degree in English and History and I am now the Deputy Headteacher at an outstanding Special School in Burnley. When I am not in the classroom I love taking part in quizzes and going out for walks with my little boy.

Eloise Palmer

Specialist teacher

Hello! I’m Eloise, I’m a special needs teacher working in Staffordshire. I am a communication teacher, working with pupils who have complex needs. I have met some incredible pupils during my teaching career so far and I’m looking forward to working with even more of you through here! When I’m not teaching, I’m spending plenty of time outdoors with my dog, Lola, going on lots of adventures, rain or shine!

Charlotte Blundell

Specialist teacher

Hello, I’m Charlotte Blundell. I have a degree in Primary Education. I have worked in a variety of schools for 5 years and I am currently working in a Special School in Leeds. I love using a creative learning approach. When I am not teaching, I either have my head in a book, am playing board games or I am on stage with my amateur dramatics group.

Casey Fletcher

Specialist teacher

Hello I’m Casey Fletcher and I have a degree in Psychology. I have been teaching in Special Schools for 7 years. I am currently a teacher and a middle leader at an outstanding all age Special School in Kent. I currently teach a small class of pupils, many of whom have a diagnosis of autism. They are developing their early communication skills using key words and phrases. In my spare time I like to be with my family and I love baking.

Lottie Ransom

Specialist teacher

Hello, I’m Lottie Ransom. I have worked with pupils with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities from the age of 16 and I see teaching as a vocation of love. I have a Degree in Primary Education and a Masters in Special Educational Needs and Leadership. I am the SENDCo in my school and I have worked in a variety of schools for 11 years. I enjoy working closely with many families, as a parent myself I understand the challenges that you face when supporting your children with learning at home. I currently teach pupils in a Special School who have a variety of speech language and communication skills. When I am not at work, I spend time with my young daughter and Jasper our dog.

Jessica Griffiths

Specialist teacher

Hello I’m Jess Griffiths. I have worked in special schools for 12 years. I am a middle leader at an outstanding primary special school in Derby. I teach pupils who have autism. When I am not teaching you will find me walking my dog and reading a good book!

Becky Ball

Specialist teacher

Hello I’m Becky Ball. I am a class teacher at an outstanding primary special school in Derby City. I teach a class of pupils, many of whom have a diagnosis of autism. They are developing their early communication skills through using key words and phrases. When I’m not in the classroom you will usually find me on a long walk with my dog Teddy.

Amy Andrews

Specialist teacher (EYFS)

I am currently an EYFS SEN teacher for a new cohort of children that joined our school in the Autumn Term. Since working within a Special School, I have worked with children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old with different needs (ASD and moderate learning difficulties.) My favourite part of my job is interactions with children and seeing progress specifically with communication and how much this can change a child’s life.

Roseanna Gooder

Specialist teacher (Independent Living)

Hi, I’m Roseanna. I work at a 2-19 special school in the London borough of Camden as Leader of 16-19 Pathway, Vocational and Work Related Learning. I have been teaching for 10 years and support employment training for people with SEND. I am looking forward to sharing ‘Independent Living’ teaching and learning ideas with fellow teachers and families to engage with, in this new way of working for us all. When I am not teaching, you’ll find me crafting something, doing yoga or exploring music and art in the city.

Danielle Oudomvilay

Primary Maths

I am the Maths Lead and Year 5/6 Maths Specialist Teacher at a school in London. I have been teaching for 17 years and my favourite subjects are Maths, Science and History. I am looking forward to sharing Maths lessons with you and working with Oak National Academy. When I am not teaching, I enjoy listening to music, food and plant blogging and travelling.

Hafsa Namaji

Secondary Maths

After graduating with a 1st class Honours Degree in Mathematics with Statistics I began teaching Mathematics. I have been teaching Mathematics at secondary schools for the past 10 years and am very passionate about my subject! My roles have ranged from a Maths teacher to a Head of Department and a GCSE Maths examiner. I am humbled to have been asked to take part in this project and am really looking forward to helping schools and students at this difficult time. When I am not busy with work, my time is occupied with my very young & beautiful children! This means moulding with play-dough, painting, reading, getting messy with creative play and all other forms of toddler-play you can think of!

Anna Brinkworth

Primary Maths

I am Head of Year at a school in Birmingham. I have 9 years’ experience of teaching throughout KS2 and am passionate about optimising every teaching opportunity to improve outcomes for pupils. I love running (especially at the moment!) and reading- when I find the time.

Max Etherton

Primary Maths

Hello! I’m Mr Etherton. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, I began my career teaching in Upper Key Stage 2 before moving into Key Stage 1 within a variety of primary schools around South Yorkshire. I’m currently the Maths Lead and Year 3 teacher at a school in London. Teaching in general offers so many exciting adventures, but I’ve always been particularly passionate about teaching Maths – I find it provides wonderful opportunities for exploration, discussion and higher-order thinking. In my spare time, I enjoy running, travelling and socialising with friends.

Dan Barton

Primary Maths

After completing my teacher training through Teach First, I have taught in many different year groups across KS1 and KS2. In 2017 I became head of Mathematics Mastery at a school in Hastings where I rolled out the Mathematics Mastery program of study across KS2. I’m passionate about ensuring that all children, no matter prior attainment, are able to be successful at school.

Zara Simpson

EYFS Maths

I am the Early Years Lead at a school in London and I have been working in Early Years education for the past 15 years. I am passionate about giving children the start to their education that they deserve and I am always pursuing great opportunities and experiences for pupils that inspire their love for learning. I enjoy reading books, playing board games and crocheting soft toys!

Victoria Barnett

Secondary History

I’m Vicki Barnett and I’m currently a Head of History in Norfolk. I’ve known I wanted to be a History teacher since I was in Year 10. I’m originally from Essex but I have been teaching History for 9 years now in Norfolk, and have enjoyed every single day of it! History is so varied, full of interesting stories and students also have such different questions so no day is the same. When I’m not teaching I can be found running, listening to music or planning my next trip.

Tracy Williams

Secondary French

Salut! I’m Mrs Williams, a curriculum lead for MFL. I’ve been teaching French for 15 years after studying Languages at the University of St Andrews. I fell in love with France during my French exchange when I was in year 8 – a very long time ago! In my free time I love baking chocolate cakes with my children and eating them!

Tim Mullis


I work for a group of schools based in East Anglia. I am a Science specialist and spend a lot of my time supporting new teachers to the profession to become the best they can. My work has given me opportunities to travel abroad, including to Beijing and Sao Paolo and I have worked extensively as a principal examiner in Applied Science.

Tilly Browne

Primary English

I’m Miss Browne and I am the Acting Primary Headteacher at a school in London. After studying at Cambridge University, I moved to the bright lights of Hong Kong before returning to the green hills of England to do the TeachFirst programme in 2013. I love teaching all subjects in primary but particularly enjoy telling stories, which is why I am so excited to be teaching Year 1 English! When I am not teaching, I love to travel, particularly when given the opportunities to try new foods and different activities.

Suzanne Cara

Primary Art

I’m Suzanne Cara. I originally lived and trained as a teacher in Northern Ireland, but moved to London around 5 years ago to become the Head of Art at a school in London. In that time I’ve taught all year groups in the school: Y1 right up to Y13! The best thing about teaching Art is seeing the enjoyment students get from expressing themselves and mastering new skills. In my free time I (unsurprisingly, perhaps) love to create things. My favourites are sewing, embroidery, crochet, calligraphy and painting. I’m looking forward to sharing some creative tasks with you!

Sophie Emms

Primary English and Science

I’m Miss Emms and I’m the Primary Phonics Lead at a school in London. I am the Year 2 English and Science teacher and also teach Reading across Primary. I love reading and can think of no better way to spend a weekend than sitting outside and enjoying a good book. I’m super excited to start reading and writing with you. I also love singing, especially in our singing assemblies at school. I’m a lover of all things outdoors and am always eager to explore new places.

Sophie Dale

Secondary Science

Nine years ago I finished my degree in Biology at the University of Nottingham and I have been teaching Science at my school ever since! Although I’ll always be a biologist at heart, I love teaching all three sciences from year 7-11. I am a bit of a crazy cat lady and I love yoga, pilates, calligraphy and needle felting!

Sarah Howell

Secondary English

I am Miss Howell and I am the Head of English at a school in Bradford. I read Law at Oxford University and then, after a stint travelling, decided to become an English teacher. I absolutely love my job and could not imagine doing anything else. In my spare time, I travel whenever I can and love to explore different places and cultures.

Sarah Fozzard

Primary English

I’m Sarah Fozzard. I began teaching in 2008 and I have been teaching at a school in Wakefield since 2009. I currently teach a mixed year 5 and 6 class and love teaching these age groups. I am also the Assistant Principal at my school. When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with my family, baking tasty treats and going to watch my local rugby league team play.

Sahar Iqbal

Primary Maths

Hello! I’m Miss Iqbal and I am a Year 2 teacher. I went to Birmingham City University to study Primary Education with QTS to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher! This is now my third year of teaching at my school in Birmingham. When I am not in the classroom, you will usually find me spending time with my family (cats included, of course!) and curling up on the sofa with a good book!

Ryan Critchlow

Primary Maths

I’m Mr Critchlow, book, dog, travel and number lover! I’ve been teaching for the square root of 324 years. I can often be found taking photos of random things because I’m obsessed with symmetry and patterns in the world. #mathsisbeautiful

Richard Deakin


I am a Subject Improvement Lead for Mathematics. I have loved teaching maths for 22 years and when I am not teaching maths I spend my free time trying to get out of doing chores such as gardening so that I can go hiking with my two Scottish Terriers.

Ramender Crompton

Secondary English

Even as a young child, I always said I wanted to be a teacher. So, I’m incredibly lucky to have been doing a job I love for over 20 years now. I’m Head of English at a school in Bradford now and have been here since I started teaching in 1997. Before becoming a teacher I studied English Literature at Cambridge University before returning home to Bradford and working for a while in the NHS as a medical secretary. When I’m not in my classroom I like to travel and read…. no surprise with that last one! I’m also an Assistant Principal Examiner so that keeps me quite busy in the summer months.

Pete Bloomfield

Secondary Humanities

My first job in education was as a caretaker for a secondary school (in Norfolk) that I attended as a child. I have worked in schools ever since. I studied Politics and Philosophy at the UEA and then went to work as an RE teacher. I have worked in both primary and secondary phases and I currently work in Great Yarmouth, in a job and a community that I love. My passions outside of school are Crystal Palace Football Club, playing board games with teacher friends and travelling whenever I can.

Paul Johnson

Secondary Maths

I am currently a Subject Improvement Lead for Mathematics. I have been in teaching for 22 years…always maths so as you can imagine it’s a passion of mine! When I’m not working I enjoy mountain biking, hiking and most notably playing badminton.

Olly Wimbourne

Primary Foundation / Secondary Latin

I lead the work of the Curriculum Centre at an academy trust. I joined a school in London in 2009 and, before qualifying as a Religious Studies teacher, I worked as a teaching assistant and managed a sixth-form support programme. I studied at King’s College London and completed degrees in Religious Studies and Philosophy, Social Ethics, Social Research, and Education Research.

Nick Lunn

Secondary French and Spanish

Bonjour! ¡Hola! I’m Mr Lunn and after graduating from Oxford in Modern Languages I started teaching French and Spanish 5 years ago at a school in Warwickshire. I’m very excited to be working with you all so we can learn language that will be useful for future exams… and for real life!

Nathan Fozzard

Primary English

I’m Nathan Fozzard and I trained to teach with my trust’s Institute of Education in 2015/16 and haven’t left since. Upon completion of my training, I became a Y4 teacher at a school in Barnsley before becoming the Y6 teacher. This academic year, I have moved to another academy in my trust in Wakefield to become KS2 Phase Leader whilst still teaching Y6 – which is my favourite age to teach. I enjoy being in the classroom and teaching a range of subjects: every lesson is an opportunity to perform and make memorable learning experiences. In my spare time, I love to watch and play sport and spend time with my family and friends.

Miriam Kendrick

Secondary Religious Education

I’ve been teaching RE for five years, having trained at Kings College London. I love teaching it as we can see all the different ways of understanding the world, and ask the most important questions about life, why we’re here, and what we should be doing with ourselves. I’ve been working at my school since training. Aside from RE, I also enjoy cake decorating, painting animals and reading sci fi.

Matt Wallace

Secondary History

I’m Mr Wallace and I am currently the Head of History at a school in Suffolk, a job which I love because it means I spend my time around the funniest people in the world: teenagers. When I’m not working, I spend my time watching sport, planning trips abroad, buying (but not necessarily reading) books, and watching even more sport.

Lydia Gayle

Secondary English

After studying English Literature at Cambridge University, I returned to my childhood home of Bradford to become an English teacher and, in normal circumstances, I am Head of English at a school in Bradford. I love reading (obviously) but I also play the Baritone in a brass band and love long(ish) walks in the countryside with my six-year-old daughter.

Lydia Cuddy-Gibbs

EYFS Maths

I am a Head of Early Years. I love teaching and am fascinated by how children learn during infancy and early childhood – isn’t it amazing how much a person develops from birth to seven years old? I have a Law and German degree from UCL, an MA in Educational Leadership from the IOE and I love to read and play outside with my 3 year old daughter.

Luke McNamara

Primary English

I am Luke McNamara (Mr Mac) from Halifax, West Yorkshire. After graduating with a degree in English from Leeds Metropolitan University, I explored a career in teaching. Working as a teaching assistant and then graduating as a teacher through the Graduate Teacher Programme, I secured a teaching post in Y5. In 2014, I began working at a school in Wakefield where I have been a Lead Teacher in English, Curriculum Director and now a Vice Principal. My proudest professional achievement is travelling to Shanghai, China to observe their practice in maths, roll out Same Day Intervention across our academies and then the wider region. My proudest personal achievement is helping to bring my two wonderful boys into the world, who I enjoy exploring, building and getting up to all the types of things young boys should!

Louvaine Shore

Primary Maths

I qualified as a teacher in South Africa and have taught in both KS1 and KS2 for many years. I particularly love KS2 maths so went to Canterbury University in 2016 to study for my MAST qualification. I enjoyed studying so much, I then went on to study for my MA in Education. In my spare time I love to read, walk my dogs and spend time with my family. I look forward to encouraging children to love Maths like I do!

Lorraine Leonard

Primary English

I’m Lorraine Leonard and I have worked in education for over 20 years. In 2014 I trained to teach and have since have been fortunate enough to work across three different academies in a number of year groups across KS2. In 2018 I became Assistant Principal before becoming Associate Vice Principal, with Y6 teaching responsibilty. I have a real passion for ensuring all children reach their full potential and working alongside them is the best part of my day. In my spare time I love to read, spend time with my family or be outdoors walking my dog.

Lisa Cooke

Primary English

I am Lisa Cooke, I began my teaching journey in 2010 at the very primary school where I had been as a child myself. I taught Year 4 first and very quickly moved into teaching Year 6, which I really enjoyed. In 2014 I joined my school as a Year 6 teacher before becoming Associate Vice Principal two years ago. In my spare time I love to read, travel or just generally be outdoors, either running or walking with my dog.

Libby Blake

Primary English

I’m Mrs Blake, I am a Vice Principal and work across two academies. Prior to working for the Trust I worked in several primary schools throughout my teacher training and early career. In my spare time I enjoy climbing mountains, travelling and buying new shoes.

Liam Fishwick

Secondary Science

I have a PhD in surface Physics from the University of Warwick. I have been teaching science for eight years and am currently Head of Science at a school in Northampton. Highlights of my career so far have included taking students to NASA and CERN and successfully applying to become a lead educator for the National Space Academy. I am a keen cyclist, guitar and chess player. I am proud to have been asked to take part in this project and I look forward to helping schools and students at this difficult time.

Liam Emmerson

Primary English

I am Liam Emmerson from Barnsley, and currently in my fourth year of teaching at a school in Wakefield. I earned my degree at Sheffield Hallam University studying Physical Education and School Sport, and following this, completed my teacher training with The Outwood Institute of Education. I am the curriculum lead for maths and computing, and currently teaching in year six. In my spare time I love being in the outdoors, travelling and going on adventures with my family.

Lee Wilson

Primary English

I am the Chief Executive Principal for a group of primary academies. I have responsibilty for our 10 primary academies which are situated in Wakefield, Barnsley, Scunthorpe and North Yorkshire. Outside of school I enjoy travel, reading and cooking. Always great to try out new things!

Leanne Cleasby

Primary English

I am Leanne Cleasby and my teaching journey began at York St John University, where I graduated with a degree in Primary Education in 2011. I have taught in year groups across both Key Stage One and Two and I am currently a Vice Principal and work in my old primary school! I enjoy spending my spare time exploring new places, being with friends and family, eating out and walking.

Kirsty Simkin

Primary Science

I’m Miss Simkin and I’m the Primary Science Lead at a school in London. I studied biology at Oxford university but I enjoy all types of science. I particularly love animals and exploring, especially underwater. When I was younger I wanted to be a mermaid but apparently that’s not a real job so I became a science teacher who scuba dives in her spare time instead!

Katie Harrison

Primary Spanish

Hola! I am Miss Harrison, I have been teaching at a school in London for 5 years. I have been lucky enough to teach lots of different year groups, I currently teach Year 6 and also teach Spanish across Primary. I love to travel and explore new places, try new foods and meet new people. This is why I love being able to speak different languages! I can’t wait to teach you Spanish, so that one day you can travel the world and go exploring!

Jon Hutchinson

Primary Humanities

I became a primary school teacher because I find having conversations with children much more interesting than talking to grown ups. I’ve been a class teacher of most year groups in primary, and also sometimes teach big kids in sixth form. When I’m not teaching, I like walking and camping in the beautiful countryside.

Jenny Thompson

Subject lead - English

After leaving Ireland to study at Cambridge University, I worked overseas in both Italy and India before becoming a teacher. I moved into leadership as a SENCo and am now a Principal. I absolutely love children; teaching makes me very happy!

Jane Garrard


I usually teach the Nursery children at a school in London. I have worked with children since gaining my N.N.E.B in 1993. I went on to study as a mature student and gained a BA in Early Years Education and Leadership in 2014. I continue to be passionate about all things Early Years and enjoy the company of small children. I love to spend time outdoors walking my puppy Milo and I also enjoy reading, baking and eating cakes!

James Dyke

Secondary English

I became an English teacher in 2014 after having studied for a BA in English Literature & History as well as an MA in Modern Literature & Culture. I am currently Acting Head of English at a school in Leeds, following five years of teaching in North Yorkshire and a month-long stint in Nepal training other teachers. I am a keen runner; I’m passionate about travelling and experiencing other cultures; I also have an unhealthy obssession with European football.

Hayley Chambers

Secondary Geography

I work in a secondary school in Norfolk on the coast. What I love about Geography is how people interact with the natural world. Outside of school, I really enjoy baking, walking on the beach and watching anything narrated by Sir David Attenborough!

Hayley Bourne

Secondary French

Bonjour! I’m Mrs Bourne, Head of Languages at a school in Birmingham. I’ve been teaching French, German and Spanish since before you were born and am looking forward to helping you keep your skills sharp whilst we’re all stuck at home. Allons-y!

Hannah Parsons

Primary Maths

I am a Network Lead for Primary Mathematics. After embarking on the Teach First programme at a school in West London in 2014, my passion for teaching mathematics took me to a school in London, where I taught years five and six, and lead mathematics and English across the academy.

Gemma Barr

Primary English

I am Gemma Barr and I am from Penistone, South Yorkshire. After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2008, I was lucky enough to combine my love of teaching and travel, teaching in Indonesia, Poland and Spain. I have been fortunate to teach across 3 academies and I am currently a Year 5 teacher and Assistant Principal at a school in Wakefield. In my spare time, I enjoy making memories with my 2 little girls and volunteering in my local community.

Francesca Reid

Primary History

My name is Miss Reid and I am an Assistant Headteacher. I love travelling all over the world, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. I used to live in Argentina, where I taught children how to speak English. This was where I realised how much fun working with children is, so when I returned to England, I trained to become a teacher. In my spare time I love doing yoga and being outdoors.

Esther Woodburn

Secondary Spanish

I am a secondary MFL teaching specialist and I look forward to nurturing your love for languages this term. We will be looking at developing your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills and your knowledge of core vocabulary and verbs so that you can interact with Spanish speakers in various settings. I studied languages at the University of Birmingham with a degree in Spanish with Italian. I then worked in Administration and Translation before going into Teaching. What I love about languages is how it develops your problem solving skills and the opportunities that it gives you. I hope to inspire a similar love for languages in others throughout the course.

Ellie Speakman

Secondary Religious Education

I have been teaching RE for four years since completing my degree at Heythrop College. I strongly believe religious education is vital for our understanding of each other and the world around us, and have a particular interest in teaching Islam. Outside of teaching, you can usually find me in Walt Disney World, playing Animal Crossing, or hanging out with my two cats.

Dominic May

Head of Geography

I am the Head of Geography at a secondary school in Norwich. What I love about Geography is the ability to explore all aspects of our world within the classroom. In Geography, we get to build questions about the world around us, and seek to answer them through broadening our knowledge of people and places. We get to develop important skills whilst also broadening our outlook of the world. Outside of school I love to travel and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I go camping regularly and love to hike, mountain bike and paddle whenever I can.

David Thomas

I’m the Principal of a secondary school in Norwich. At heart I’m a maths teacher, and love nothing more than helping people understand something they once thought was too difficult for them. Before starting at my school I did my degree at Oxford University, taught in central London, and did a spell working in business for the management consultancy McKinsey & Co.

Dee Dee Roberts

Primary Science and Primary Music

Hi everyone, I’m Miss Roberts and I LOVE teaching! I went to university in Manchester, where I studied the violin and piano at the Royal Northern College of Music and then in 2015 I moved to London to become a primary teacher. I love teaching all subjects and this year I even get to teach some older A level students too! When I am not teaching you will either find me running or hiking in the hills, or playing my violin with the Kaleidoscope Orchestra.

Connor Phillips

Primary English

I’m Connor Phillips, Key Stage 1 lead at a school in Wakefield. I trained through the Outwood Institute of Education and have remained in the Trust ever since. I qualified with a PE specialism and I’m passionate about physical education and school sport. I’m currently teaching Year 2, and enjoy teaching every subject. In my spare time I love being outdoors and going to watch Leeds United!

Charley Whittick

Secondary Science

I have been teaching science for 6 years in Bournemouth after completing my degree in Natural Sciences at The University of Nottingham. I teach year 7 to 11, and enjoy all sciences but am particularly passionate about chemistry. I also love playing netball and am a Guide Leader too.

Charles Furber

Secondary Latin

I am Head of Classics (Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient History) at a school in London and the Lead for Latin across an academy trust based in London and Hertfordshire. After completing degrees in Classics at Oxford and King’s College London universities, I started teaching in January 2015. In September 2016, I joined my school to oversee the introduction of Latin and Ancient History on timetable at Key Stages 3 to 5. Since then, due to student success and demand, Latin is now taught at Key Stage 3 at all secondary schools in the Trust and at Key Stage 2 at all its primary schools. I have written a bespoke Latin curriculum for Key Stage 3 which is accessible, challenging and enjoyable.

Carmel Greene

Secondary Geography

I’m the Geography Subject Specialist for a a large group of schools and lead on teacher training across them. In my job, I get to visit lots of Geography teachers and lots of Geography classrooms, supporting teachers to deliver the best Geography lessons they can to their students. I fell in love with Geography when I did my A Levels and went on to study it at Cambridge University. What I love about Geography is how it teaches you to see the world differently, and to challenge perceptions. When I finished my degree, I really wanted to share the love of my subject and have a positive impact, so I chose to train as a teacher. Now, I love training teachers too. In my spare time, I love to bake, go on long walks and spend time with my family.

Bethan Hughes


After studying English Literature & Journalism at Cardiff University, I swapped the green valleys of Wales for the London cityscape. I completed Teach First in 2017 and continue to foster a love of teaching EYFS. I am looking forward to supporting the youngest learners to develop a love of writing and storytelling. In my spare time, I am passionate about running, weightlifting, reading and exploring the greenest spaces in London.

Ben McGarry

Primary English

I’m Ben McGarry, and I’m from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. I am the Associate Director of English for a group of primary schools. I love my job, and I’m passionate about providing positive learning experiences for pupils from all backgrounds. In my role, I am very lucky as I get to work with lots of fantastic children! When I’m not teaching, I enjoy exploring new places, reading, and playing my guitar.

Ben Howell

Secondary Geography

I work in a secondary school in Lowestoft, Suffolk. What I love about Geography is the way it is everywhere and is always changing. Studying the way the world works and how we interact with it has always been something I’ve been interested in. Outside of school, I enjoy exploring the natural world, walking and cycling, both locally in Norfolk and Suffolk, but also visiting places further afield too!

Ben Arscott

Secondary History

I am Ben Arscott and I teach history in Norfolk and lead on history curriculum-design across an academy trust. I am originally from Bristol but then went to secondary schools in France and Belgium where I weirdly ended up with two history GCSEs. Since moving back to the UK I’ve taught in Sheffield, East London, Norwich and now Cromer. I recently got a labrador puppy so if you hear any strange noises during history lessons, it is probably Basil trying to get my attention.

Bella Sidenius


I usually teach the brilliant children in Reception at a school in London. I love to spend my time exploring outdoors and finding ways to get creative with things I find in nature. I also love art and music, and I am super excited to spend my time singing, dancing and making lots of amazing art with all of you!

Avril Bramble

Primary Maths

Hello everyone, I’m Mrs Bramble. I am currently a year 1 teacher at a school in Birmingham. I have been teaching for 8 years now and it’s not just a job, it’s a part of who I am. I love working with children, making learning hands on, exploring new adventures within the classroom and ensuring all our learning is fun and active. When I’m not at school, I adore exploring new places with my husband and two boys. The last place we enjoyed exploring was a little town near York whilst we stayed in Great Yarmouth.

Anthony Latham

Primary Maths

I’m Anthony and I’m the Curriculum Lead for Primary Maths. I currently work for Mathematics Mastery, where I support schools and teachers all around the country to develop their teaching of maths.

Alexandra Gamon

Primary English and History

I am the Principal of a primary school in London, and I also teach English and British History at Key Stage 2. I have an MA in Modern History from the University of St. Andrews, and I completed my PGCE at the London Institute of Education in 2014. I have worked with my academy trust since 2014. I have worked closely with the trust’s Curriculum Centre on the development of new, high-quality curriculum programmes for schools with the trust. I was the History Lead in the Curriculum Fund pilot and supported with the piloting of the trust’s curricula in a group schools in Folkestone.

Alanah Harris

Primary Science, Humanities and Art

Miss Harris is no ordinary teacher – I am secretly a chameleon and can change into anything I want to be. I can be a wizard in Maths, an explorer in Geography or even better, a super hero in PE. After studying Physical and Sport Education at St Mary’s University in London, I became a teacher to share my love for learning. I teach all lessons in Primary to some wonderful children at a school in London. In my spare time, I am a dedicated runner and can often be seen running around royal parks like Bushy Park. I am fond of going to the gym, reading and yoga.

Adriano Di Salvo

Secondary art

Hi! I’m Mr Di Salvo an art teacher at a school in Kettering. I also work as a Specialist Leader in Education in art for my trust. I studied Fine Art at the University of Derby, after completing my degree, I wanted to inspire others to create and enjoy art as much as I do and so this led me to teaching. I really enjoy teaching students new and exciting processes and ideas and trying to make learning fun, I love making mistakes as it shows we’re trying something different. I hope you enjoy our journey.

Adam Boxer

Secondary science

I’m the head of science at a school in London. I love all science, but particularly chemistry. When I’m not teaching I try to get outdoors as much as I can, getting involved with hiking, photography and gardening. I’m also getting pretty good at making arts and crafts animals with my three year old daughter!

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