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Oak National Academy

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Oak’s Curricula

Here you can find our overarching curriculum principles and details of the Oak 2020/21 plans. These plans have been developed by our fantastic curriculum partners for next year, using their existing expertise.

For each subject and key stage there is a plan that provides:

  • An overview of the principles we’ve followed
  • How we’ve organised and structured different elements of the curriculum
  • The units that make up the curriculum
  • One or more optional sequences you can teach these in 

You can view each subject and phase document below, or download them all. If you want to download just one subject and phase document, view the file, click file in the top left, and then download. You can then download in a number of different formats.

We’ve worked on these as fast as we can to support schools, but we are missing some areas.

We aim to have plans available in September for primary Art, and secondary RHE (PSHE) and DT.

Read more about our offer and how to use it or sign up. to hear about any updates we make to our resources and plans.

Download full curriculum by school stage and type

Download our full 2020-21 curriculum plans.


Overarching curriculum principles

An overview of how we have designed and developed our curriculum to try and be as helpful to as many schools as possible.

Word (docx)

Full curricula by school stage, key stage & subject

View or download our detailed 2020-21 curriculum plans.