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  1. In this lesson, we will look at Beowulf's character and think about why he is considered an Epic hero.


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6 Questions

Which of these is another name for Old English?
Correct answer: Anglo-Saxon
Where would you expect to hear Old English poems being sung?
During a battle.
Correct answer: Indoors at a feast.
Outside in a garden.
How would you recognise Old English writing?
It would be written in purple pen.
Correct answer: There might be runes or additional letters.
You can't - it's identical to modern English.
Why is the Beowulf manuscript so valuable?
It is signed by J.K. Rowling.
It's made of gold.
Correct answer: There is only one copy - it's completely unique.
Which of these phrases best describes the Epic poem?
Correct answer: It's a poem about heroic deeds and reputation.
It's a poem about loyalty and friendship.
It's a poem about revenge and punishment.
It's a poem about romance and undying love.
If you want to see the manuscript of Beowulf, where would you visit?
Correct answer: The British Library
The British Museum
The National Archives

5 Questions

Which of these is NOT a quality of an Epic hero?
A desire to win a great reputation.
A noble background.
Correct answer: Mad origami skills.
Strength and skill in battle.
Why does Beowulf leave the Geats to travel to Hrothgar's hall?
He heard there was free food.
Correct answer: He wants to try to defeat Grendel and win glory.
He was taking a holiday out of his busy day-job of being a hero.
What does Beowulf tell Hrothgar about himself?
He is a coward and he should go to someone else for help.
His favourite colour and favourite food.
Correct answer: His past deeds and the fact he will beat the monster.
What deeds has Beowulf already done to create a heroic reputation?
Destroyed 2 werewolves.
Correct answer: Killed 5 giants.
Shot 1 troll.
Slain 4 dragons.
How does Beowulf wound Grendel?
Pokes him with a really sharp sword.
Correct answer: Rips his arm off with his bare hands.
Shoots him in the eye with an arrow.
Slashes him with a spear.

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