Close analysis of language: Touching the Void - Joe Simpson

Close analysis of language: Touching the Void - Joe Simpson

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  1. In this lesson, we will be following our process for analysing a writer's language use by examining a passage from Joe Simpson's 'Touching the Void' in more detail. As usual, we will ensure that we have selected 'rich' and connecting evidence that allows us to build our analysis before completing a slow write. We will then be checking our progress against our criteria and examining a model response.


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5 Questions

Joe Simpson's companion was called?
Simon Bates
Correct answer: Simon Yates
Steven Bakes
Steven Yates
Joe Simpson was the older of the two men - true or false?
Correct answer: true
Which statement best sums up Simpson's attitude to his companion?
Simpson felt let down and abandoned.
Simpson never talked to him again; he was really angry.
Simpson says he understood, but would not have done the same.
Correct answer: Simpson understood that he had no other choice.
The rope is not just an important piece of equipment but also a "symbol of____________________" What words were used by Simpson's companion when describing his perspective?
faith and friendship
trust and faith
Correct answer: trust and friendship
trust and hope
How many days did it take Simpson to get back to base camp?
2 days
Correct answer: 3 days
4 days
5 days

5 Questions

Where did the event in Aron Ralston's account happen?
South Africa
Correct answer: USA
Both men are left by the others in their party. True or false?
Correct answer: false
When you compare ideas across two texts you can comment on what is similar or different. True or false?
Correct answer: If you are not told to concentrate on similarities or differences, then you can choose either.
What does the word 'interpretation' mean?
when you copy the ideas from a text
when you give a creative response to a text
when you pick out the facts from a text
Correct answer: when you show your own understanding of ideas from a text
What does the word 'irony' mean?
a warning or indication of a future event
Correct answer: an event that seems deliberately contrary to what you would expect
somebody that is very determined and tough
when an object feels metallic and cold like iron to the touch

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