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  1. In this lesson, we will think about how Jewish people found ways to keep their life as normal as they could as a way of resisting.


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5 Questions

Which statement is MOST accurate?
Correct answer: Different sorts of people opposed the Nazis for different reasons.
No one resisted the Nazis because ti was too difficult.
Only Christians opposed the Nazis.
The Nazis crushed all resistance so we can't find any examples of resistance.
Jewish people resisted the Nazis before the Holocaust. Which is NOT an example of how Jews resisted?
doctor surgeries
Correct answer: killing non-Jewish teachers
setting up charities
setting up schools
Jewish historian Yehuda Bauer argues that too often, Jews during the Holocaust are portrayed as only...
Correct answer: victims
What is one criticism that Yehuda Bauer has of survival stories of Jews during the Holocaust?
That Jews were not using weapons
The Jewish survivors were not grateful to the rescuers
The rescuers of Jews were all men
Correct answer: The rescuers of Jews were non-Jewish
What word best describes what Yehuda Bauer is trying to do with the way in which Jews are portrayed during the Holocaust?
Correct answer: re-humanise

5 Questions

The historian Yehuda Bauer uses the Jewish word 'amidah' to describe Jewish resistance. What does the word 'amidah' mean?
to oppose
Correct answer: to stand up againat
to stop from happening
to use force to defend yourself
Which of these is NOT an example of 'amidah'?
Correct answer: killing non-Jewish people
setting up a Jewish doctor surgery
setting up schools for Jewish children
smuggling food into the ghetto
Which of the following statements is the most accurate description of a ghetto?
Correct answer: a separate part of a city for only some people to live in
an area of a city
an area of a city with a wall
part of a city where you are not allowed in or out
Which of these jobs were NOT found inside a ghetto?
cafes and restaurants
Correct answer: government buildings
Why did Jewish people set up schools, and cafes, and other places inside the ghettoes?
to find ways to escape from the ghetto
Correct answer: to make life seem normal
to make the ghetto a better place to live
to try to distract the Nazis

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