Should young people have the right to stand in local elections?

Should young people have the right to stand in local elections?

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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about the role of the local council and councillor. We will then consider whether it is important for young people to be able to stand for election to represent the views of other young people of the local area. Lastly, we will develop our speech making skills so that we can express our views clearly and persuasively.


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5 Questions

What is a 'Changemaker'
Correct answer: “Changemakers” are activists that make a difference at a local, national or international level.
“Changemakers” are people that enjoy playing computer games.
“Changemakers” are people who go to university
What makes Malala Yousafzai a 'Changemaker'?
She has led young people around the world in protests, calling for more action to be taken on climate change.
Correct answer: She stands up for a girl’s right to an education across the world and makes speeches to raise awareness of the issue.
She stood up for black people’s rights in America in the 1950s and chose to sit in a seat on the bus that was reserved for white people. Her actions started the “Bus Boycott”
Who started a campaign and wrote to her local MP to stop the government from removing feminism from the A – Level politics syllabus?
Greta Thunberg
Correct answer: June Eric Udorie
Rosa Parks
Which of these is an example of local democracy action?
Attending a talk given by Greta Thunberg
Correct answer: Campaigning for recycle bins for your school
Volunteering for a charity in another country
Starting or supporting a petition is an example of democratic action
Correct answer: True

5 Questions

What is local democracy?
Local democracy is about decisions made for the whole country and how you can influence them.
Local democracy is about decisions made in the USA.
Correct answer: Local democracy is about decisions made in your local area and how you can influence them.
Who has the power to make decisions at a local level?
Correct answer: Local councils or elected mayors.
The American President
The Conservative Party
The government will make important decisions about local services like rubbish and recycling collections, roads, swimming pools, museums and leisure centres.
Correct answer: False
Which of these is one role of a local councillor?
Appointing the Prime Minister
Correct answer: Providing community leadership of their area
Representing constituents in the House of Commons
What age can you stand to become a local councillor?
Correct answer: 18

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