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  1. In this lesson, we will explore how and why the UK is so diverse, looking at the benefits and challenges of living in a diverse society. This lesson will also introduce the effects of immigration and its impact.


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6 Questions

In what way does the composition of the UK population change?
It changes based on death rates in the community
It changes in response to public sector spending
Correct answer: It changes with age, ethnicity, religion and disability
Why does the UK have an ageing population?
Correct answer: Because better living standards and healthcare has increased life expectancy
Because education has improved quality of life
Because of an increase in birth rates
What might be a negative impact of an ageing population?
Correct answer: Increase demands on health services and social care
Lower cost of pensions of shorter period of time
Lower cost of social care
What is the percentage of the Black African/ Caribbean British community in the UK?
Correct answer: 3%
What has been the positive impact of ethnic and religious changes in the UK?
Correct answer: It has brought about innovation and creativity as well as better cultural understanding
It has increased segregation of different communities
It has led to division within society
What is the impact of a changing UK population?
Decrease in taxes.
Correct answer: Impact on wealth distribution, resources and diversity
Increased emigration

5 Questions

What does diversity mean?
A mixed society with a shared identity
Correct answer: Many different types of things, people or ideas
Same cultures and beliefs
True or false, Britain developed into a diverse society due to emigration?
Correct answer: False
What are some of the benefits of diversity in the UK?
Correct answer: Diversity has fostered new ideas and innovation, which has enhanced British culture and the economy
People have become more isolated
There has been an increase in racial and religious tension
What are some of the challenges of diversity?
Enhanced awareness and understanding of people with different backgrounds and experiences.
Increased community cohesion and integration
Correct answer: Racism and discrimination may lead to some communities not feeling safe or part of the wider society.
What has been the benefit of immigration?
Correct answer: Immigration has led to a diverse workforce that has helped economic growth through innovation and filling gaps requiring specialist skills
Immigration has led to an increase in the UK population putting pressure on vital public services
Immigration has led to too much diversity, which has created a more divided society