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  1. In this lesson, we will draw together and recap all of the learning on local democracy covered in our lessons. We will recap knowledge including the role of local councillors and local councils; we will recap the structure of local councils and the importance of local elections; and then we will apply this knowledge to a range of examination style questions.


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6 Questions

True or false, media, such as social media, is often referred to as traditional media?
Correct answer: False
Which of the following BEST describes the key characteristics of the media in a democracy?
Censored by the government
Controlled by the government
Does not take responsibility for their actions
Correct answer: Free, transparent and accountable
Which of the following is NOT a key role of the media in a democracy?
Exchanging ideas and opinions
Holding those in power to account
Informing and influencing the public
Correct answer: Telling the public how they should think
Which of the following is a reason to support the publication of MPs' expenses in the media?
Correct answer: It was in the public interest as it was a misuse of public money
MPs have a right to privacy
The Daily Telegraph went against the spirit of the Editors' Code of Conduct
This was not in the public interest
Which of these statements support the view that the media in the UK is NOT effective in keeping citizens informed about politics?
Newspapers are free from political interference in the UK and so the ‘freedom of the press’ means it can be effective in keeping UK citizens well informed.
Correct answer: Newspapers are politically biased anyway and this affects the way they report information to citizens.
The media have the right to report on issues of public interest, this is used to ensure citizens have accurate information about political matters.
The media plays a key role in holding those in power to account. For example, in 2009 the Daily Telegraph investigated “MPs’ expenses claim”.
The BUG technique is used to help you think carefully about what an exam question means. BUG means....?
Blue Underline Go
Box Underline Give
Correct answer: Box Underline Glance
Box Understanding Go

8 Questions

Local government can make new legislation (laws)?
Correct answer: False
Local councillors are not elected?
Correct answer: False
Local councillors are accountable to...
Council officers
Correct answer: The electorate (voters)
Their political party leader
Which service do local councils NOT provide?
Local Roads
Correct answer: Military
Which one is not a type of local authority (council)?
Lancashire County Council
Leeds City Council
Solihull Metropolitan Borough
Correct answer: The Department for Education
Which is NOT a way in which local councils are funded
Correct answer: Charity donations from residents
Council tax
Fees and charges for services provided like parking in council car parks
Grants from central government
Local council officers are meant to be impartial. This means that…
Correct answer: They should advise councillors independently and not favour one political party
They take sides
Local council officers are accountable to…
Correct answer: The Chief Executive of the Council
The electorate (voters)
The group / political party that controls the council at the time