Year 10

How can we improve democracy in the UK?

Year 10

How can we improve democracy in the UK?

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will explore the different ways in which democracy could be improved within the UK. In particular, we will analyse and explore the debate around allowing 16 year olds to vote.


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6 Questions

What are the three types of media:
Judiciary, executive and the legislature
Correct answer: New media, print and broadcast.
Tabloid and broadsheet
What does media freedom mean?
Correct answer: Freedom of the media is the principle that all forms of communication and expression should be considered a right to be exercised freely.
Freedom of the media is the principle that the media must be restricted at all times.
Freedom of the media means to allow everyone access to free magazines.
In a democracy, the media's role is to hold government to account.
Correct answer: True
Another role of the media is to:
Represent information that is not true.
Represent the different views of the journalist.
Correct answer: Represent the views of the public.
How is the media controlled?
Through government interference.
Correct answer: Through regulation, censorship and laws.
Through the public boycotting different media sources.
Why is the media important in a democracy?
because the media can ensure that actions of the government are kept secret.
Correct answer: because the media can hold the government to account and represent views of the public to influence new laws.
because the media can support the government so that it is strong and stable.

5 Questions

What are the different ways of improving democracy?
Correct answer: Increase representation, participation and reform our electoral /voting system
Introduce limits on voting.
Only increase the use of referendums
Which out of the four nations have not lowered the voting age?
Correct answer: England and Northern Ireland
England and Scotland
Wales and Scotland
Which statement supports lowering the voting age?
16-17 year olds are not mature enough to vote.
Correct answer: Politicians would be more likely to act on issues affecting young people if they could vote.
Young voters are less likely to vote and this will result in a decline in turnout.
Which statement suggests the voting age should NOT be lowered?
Correct answer: Parents, teachers or college lecturers may easily influence 16-17 year olds to vote a certain way.
Voting at 16 would match other aspects of citizenship available at that age e.g joining the army.
Young people may well have a better knowledge of issues than some older people.
Why might lowering the voting age help improve democracy?
Correct answer: It will increase public participation and provide political power for young people.
It will lower the age at which you can become an MP
It will protect human rights.