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  1. In this lesson, we will broaden our knowledge and understanding of accessibility issues and how technology supports individuals' access to the modern working world. We will investigate the tools available for those with visual and hearing impairments by evaluating accessibility tools and design. We will also explore the value of collaboration within working teams and consider how the tools available for those with a disability facilitate inclusivity in the workplace.


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3 Questions

Which of the following is a disadvantage to organisations of the use of technology?
A. The ability to work at any time and in any place.
Correct answer: B. The ability to contact stakeholders at any time.
C. Effective collaboration within teams.
D. Ease and speed of communication.
Which of the following is an example of accessibility in the modern workplace?
Correct answer: A. Providing screen readers.
B. Providing collaborative workspaces.
C. Employing many different types of people.
D. Treating everyone equally and fairly.
Technology connects people from around the world. Which of the following is an inclusivity advantage of the modern workplace?
A. Specific skills can be accessed when developing a team.
Correct answer: B. Anyone with these skills can be employed.
C. Women are more likely to want to work flexibly.
D. Teams can communicate effectively.

3 Questions

Why is the opportunity to work flexibly important to those who have a disability?
Correct answer: If they need time to rest, they can
It means they can apply for different jobs
They are able to complete work quickly
They can have a 9-to-5 job
From the options below, select the colours that should be avoided on digital products (select two):
Correct answer: Green
Correct answer: Red
Technology and remote working have enabled individuals with physical or invisible disabilities to access the workplace effectively. Which of the following make this possible? Tick all that apply.
Correct answer: Ease of data transference
Correct answer: Effective communication within a team
Correct answer: Flexible work hours
Increased independence
Correct answer: Location is not an issue
Rigid working patterns