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  1. In this lesson, we will investigate the purpose of cloud computing. This will support the development of knowledge about the different services offered by providers of cloud computing and look at how they may or may not be an advantage to business.


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4 Questions

From the list below, which is the best way to address a client in an email.
Correct answer: Dear Mr Parker
Hi P
True or False: When applying for jobs via email it is important to ensure that your email address is appropriate.
Correct answer: True
True or False: It is OK to respond straight away when something a colleague has said makes you angry.
Correct answer: False
True or False: It is OK to use all capitals in an email.
Correct answer: False

3 Questions

Why is online software cost-effective?
A. It’s free to access
Correct answer: B. You only pay for what you need
C. It’s accessible anywhere
D. You get direct access
Which of the following is a drawback of cloud computing?
A. The device you are using will affect the usability of the software
Correct answer: B. There must be an internet connection to use the cloud
C. The software is streamed to your device as and when you need it
D. The amount of storage can be changed
When selecting your cloud services provider, which of the following do you need to consider? Tick all that apply.
How attractive the tools are
Correct answer: The potential costs
Correct answer: The security level of stored data
Correct answer: What services are available
Correct answer: What support is available
Which is the most popular