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  1. In this lesson, we will learn about pre-production and some of the tools that are available in pre-production. We will also produce a client-let digital media product using the pre-production tools.


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6 Questions

What does the term pre-production mean?
Any process that happens between production and the final product being created
Correct answer: Planning, scripting or storyboarding the final product
Shooting, recording or creating the final product
What is a mind map?
Correct answer: A central node with the main theme and sub nodes with ideas connected with branches
A collection of ideas that will give a ‘feel’ of what is needed, shown with a wide range of materials
A plan of the layout of a still image
What aspects should be included in a script?
Colours, colour schemes, fonts, position and style of text
Images and Diagrams of each scene
Correct answer: Location, actors, camera shots and stage directions
What is a story board?
A collection of images, photos and text with colours and keywords
A description of scene descriptions, stage directions, camera shots, sound effects
Correct answer: Visual representation along a timeline to illustrate a sequence of movements
What is post-production?
Correct answer: Everything between production and creating the final media object
Planning, scripting & storyboarding
The actual shooting, recording or creating
What aspects should be included in a visualisation?
A quick outline of ideas showing connections between different parts of the project
Guidance for scenes to create and how to edit scenes in the story
Correct answer: Images, graphics, colour schemes, fonts, position of text