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  1. In this lesson, we evaluate the success of a project. We will recall the project life cycle, use SMART goals to evaluate success, use testing to evaluate success, and then use feedback to evaluate success.


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4 Questions

What is a hyperlink?
Correct answer: A button or text that, when clicked, takes you to another location.
A link that references a book and helps you buy a copy from Amazon.
A way of moving to the next slide.
Text on a website that, when clicked takes you to another webpage.
Which of these is an example of a closed question?
How do you feel today?
What pets do you have?
What shoe size are you?
Correct answer: Would you like chocolate ice cream?
Why is the House Style important?
It allows increased flexibility.
It encourages creativity.
Correct answer: It ensures consistency.
It promotes your preferred style.
Why do we test everything?
Correct answer: So that we present the client with a reliable product.
So that we present the client with a working product.
To identify problems so that we can complain to our team.
To identify spelling mistakes.

4 Questions

How can we use our SMART goals to evaluate success?
If we have met most of the SMART goals, we have succeeded
If we have not met the SMART goals, we have failed
We can ensure that we fulfilled our original brief
Correct answer: We can identify strengths and weaknesses in our approach
Is it worth testing the software?
Correct answer: Humans make mistakes - the entire system needs to be tested
If one section works, they will all work
No - the user will spot problems and we can fix them as they arise
Testing takes up valuable time and delays the release
Is all feedback worth following?
Correct answer: Maybe - we need to evaluate feedback for relevance and achievability
No - we are the experts
Yes - if one person thinks something, everyone will be thinking the same
Why do we include recommendations for future projects in the evaluation?
So that the user knows what to ask for next time
So we can make sure the people that cause problems are identified
Correct answer: There are always lessons to learn - nobody is perfect
To ensure that mistakes can be better hidden in the future