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  1. In this lesson, we will understand what the term 'cultural impact' means. We will learn about downtime and its effect on businesses and individuals and examine the concept of 'digital divide' and work through examples of its impact. Finally, we will analyse the cultural implications of the growing use of mobile technology and the responsibility of stakeholders in mitigating any risks explore globalisation.


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6 Questions

What is culture?
Correct answer: The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society
The landmarks and tourist attractions of a locality
The language of a society
The social class of a group of people
Which of these options most accurately and comprehensively explains ‘cultural impact’?
The effect on the planet
The impact on theatre booking
The ways in which cells etc are maintained in conditions suitable for growth
Correct answer: The ways in which society and the ways that we interact have been impacted
Which of these phrases most accurately describes downtime?
Correct answer: Downtime describes situations where an organisation loses some or all of its IT systems for a period of time
Downtime has not associated costs for an organisation
Downtime is always caused by cybercrime
Downtime is usually scheduled for Friday afternoons
What is the digital divide?
The digital divide is the “/” sign
The digital divide is the difference between people who use social media, and people who do not
Correct answer: The digital divide is the division that exists between people who have access to and can use technology, and people who don’t have access or cannot use it
The digital divide is the line between the screen and keyboard on a laptop
What drives social media sites and can have an adverse effect on mental health?
Correct answer: Algorithms
Kind thoughts
What is meant by the term 'globalisation'?
The process by which citizens are increasingly monitored by governments
The process by which democracy is being threatened by dictatorship
Correct answer: The process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange