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  1. In this lesson, we will discover the reality of technology's impact on the environment and about how technology, if utilised strategically, can be used to protect the environment and can be a preserver rather than a destroyer.


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5 Questions

Which of these options most accurately and comprehensively explains ‘environmental impact’?
Helping choose paint colours to enhance a room.
Preventing global warming.
Protecting the polar bears.
Correct answer: The effect that technology has on the world around us.
In the 2004 Reith Lectures, what did Lord Broers say about the environment and technology?
Correct answer: “Technology can and should hold the key to the future of the human race.”
“Technology is harmful to the environment.”
“Technology progression is inevitable.”
“Turn the lights off.”
Why is e-waste harmful?
Correct answer: All of the above.
Depletion of rare chemical elements.
Harmful effect of pollution caused by disposal and recycling to the environment and health of recyclers through exposure to poisonous toxins.
Use of non-recyclable materials.
‘The cloud’ is just interconnected huge what around the world?
Correct answer: Data centres.
Individual computers.
Individual servers.
As well as streaming videos, what other condition required by the servers uses up significant amounts of energy?
Correct answer: Keeping them cool.
Keeping them dry.
Keeping them hot.
Keeping them on.