Year 10
Year 10

Network speed and performance

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Key learning points

  1. In this lesson, we will look at how we measure network speed and performance, and what some of the key considerations are when designing networks, to ensure that they can function as well as possible. We will also learn about network broadcast traffic and how this affects network performance, and about the use of virtual LANs as a way to control the impact of broadcast traffic. Finally, we will look at the different ways and reasons that criminals attack computer networks, and what methods we have to defend ourselves against these attacks.


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4 Questions

Select three advantages of packet switching.
Correct answer: Bandwidth used efficiently
More reliable — dedicated connection
Correct answer: Packets can be redelivered
Correct answer: Packets can take different routes around congestion
What are the four different layers associated with the Internet Protocol?
Acknowledgement, Internet, Layer, Transport
Application, Interface, Link, Topology
Correct answer: Application, Internet, Link, Transport
Assembled, Interface, Layer, Topology
At what layer does network communication using MAC addresses occur?
Correct answer: Link
What does UDP stand for?
User Data Packet
User Data Process
User Datagram Packet
Correct answer: User Datagram Protocol

6 Questions

What unit of measurement do we use to indicate network speeds?
Correct answer: Bits per second (bps)
Gigabytes per second (gbs)
Miles per hour (mph)
What is network latency a measure of?
It is a measure of the amount of data travelling across the network.
Correct answer: It is a measure of the delay in data travelling across the network. It is measured in milliseconds.
It is a measure of the number of files travelling through a network.
How many computers on the network receive messages that are broadcast, such as a DHCP broadcast?
1, the one that it is addressed to.
Correct answer: All of them
What does VLAN stand for?
Very Large Area Network
Very Local Area Node
Correct answer: Virtual Local Area Network
Virtual Local Area Node
True or false, VLANs be used to secure one network from another?
Correct answer: True
Why do hackers target computer networks
Correct answer: All of the above.
To gain prestige in a hacking community.
To protest.
To steal identity information.
To steal government secrets.
To steal intellectual property.
To steal monetary information.