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Webinar: Ensuring pupils are confident and prepared for SATs

An image of the host, Katie Marl.

Katie Marl

Curriculum Manager

Join Oak's Primary Curriculum Manager, Katie Marl, and Head of School Support, Rachel Strom as they discuss how to make use of Oak's resources to ensure pupils are prepared for this year's KS2 SATS. Ideal for Year 6 classroom teachers.

This webinar covers:

  • how to make the most of Oak's resources, in and out of the classroom to support pupils
  • how to use Oak to plan booster lessons and intervention
  • how to support pupils and parents to use Oak's resources for independent study or homework
  • how to use Oak's new SATs preparation schedule.

Our new dedicated revision schedule is ready to use, and you can take a look here. The week-by-week plan highlights priority lessons based on the content covered in maths, grammar and spelling SATs papers. You can use it as a basis for in-class planning, or as a ready-made homework timetable for SATs revision.