Lesson planning

17 February 2022

How Oak can reduce your workload and support in your training year and beyond

Katie Marl

Oak's Primary Curriculum Design Lead, Katie Marl, provides practical advice for using Oak to help reduce workload and support you in becoming a fantastic teacher in your training year and beyond.

This webinar covers

How to use Oak's resources to:

  • Familiarise yourself with new topics
  • Learn from experienced teachers
  • Save time lesson planning
  • Deliver great lessons

Who it's for

  • Primary and secondary trainee teachers

Further resources

If you found this webinar helpful, here are some additional resources to help support your in-class teaching:

  • Explore our Lesson and Resource Directory for a full list of lessons, filtered by subject and key stage (including Teacher Hub links).
  • Take a look at our curriculum maps. For each subject and key stage there is a map that provides:
    • an overview of the curriculum principles we’ve followed;
    • details about all units of work in each subject and key stage;
    • one or more optional sequences you can teach them in.