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9 January 2023

Shaping Oak’s future: how you can get involved

Matt Hood

Chief Executive

This year and beyond, explore different ways you can collaborate with teachers and experts from brilliant schools and organisations, to share your expertise and help shape the future of Oak.

At our heart, Oak is a collaboration of teachers and experts sharing to help their peers.

You’ve helped us to build Oak from the ground up: creating thousands of lesson resources at the height of the pandemic; sharing your expertise through guest blogs and webinars; and continually feeding back to us to help us improve what we do.

Now Oak is evolving. We’ll be putting brand new, improved lesson planning and teaching resources, and the best thinking around curriculum design, at teachers’ fingertips. As we do, we’ll involve you every step of the way.

We want to work with a wide and diverse range of teachers and experts from across the education sector, to make sure a broad range of voices and views are represented in our work.

In this blog, we explore some of the ways you can get involved and help shape what we do.

What’s next for Oak?

We’re proud of the thousands of free resources we have. Our latest research found 95% of teachers are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of them (1). However, they were made for remote teaching.

To support the 33,000 or so teachers who continue to come to Oak each week to find teaching resources they can adapt to use in-class, we know there are things we can improve.

Over the next three years we’re going to create thousands of brand new teaching resources to better support your planning and in-class teaching, and help you develop your curriculum.

We’ll start with maths, English, science, history, geography and music. Through an £8m open procurement process, we’re looking to find schools and organisations who have brilliant new curriculum materials ready to develop and share. We look forward to announcing our new partners soon.

Our first set of new lesson planning and teaching resources will be available from autumn 2023, with full curriculum packages by summer 2024. Over the next few years, we’ll continue to create and share new resources across other subjects too.

Along the way, our subject expert groups, made up of teachers, curriculum specialists and subject experts, will help to shape every aspect of our new offer, from reviewing our sequence, to providing feedback on sample lesson resources and working with us to keep improving our curriculum. Applications to join our first six groups have now closed. We'll announce our new members soon.

How you can get involved now

Road test new science resources and tell us how we can improve

To make sure we’re ready to work with our partners, we've been testing how we’ll create thousands of new and improved lesson planning and teaching resources. We've collaborated with a group of teachers to create some sample resources: five short sequences that cover some fundamental knowledge of KS3 and KS4 science.

Now we’re embarking on the next phase of our preparation: gathering views from teachers about what they want from our new teaching resources, from how they’re structured and designed to how we make them easy to adapt.

Apply to road test the sample science resources in your classroom and share your feedback, so we can be guided by what you tell us you want and need.

Find out more and apply.

We'll have more sample lesson planning and teaching resources for other subjects and key stages to road test soon. Register your interest via this form and we’ll let you know when they’re available.

Coming soon

  1. Work with our partners to create new teaching resources for Oak
    Could you share your subject expertise to create brilliant new lesson planning and teaching resources for Oak? Soon, we’ll be inviting you to register your interest in working with our partners to create new teaching resources across primary and secondary phases for maths, English, science, history, geography and music.
  2. Become an Oak board member
    In addition to recruiting a new permanent Chair for our board, a public appointments process will soon launch to recruit other permanent members.

    The Oak board will oversee and scrutinise every aspect of what we do and will have experienced primary and secondary teachers and a curriculum expert among its members.

    Successful candidates will take up their role in September 2023 and meet virtually three times a year, as well as serving on a subcommittee.
  3. Road test some changes to our website
    We’re preparing to make some changes to the way you search for teaching resources, to better support you to use Oak for lesson planning and in-class teaching.

    Later this year, we'll share a sneak peek for you to try out. You’ll have the option to take a look around and give us your feedback - please do!

Register to stay updated

To find out more and keep updated about these upcoming opportunities, please register your interest.

Register your interest

We’re really looking forward to working with you to help shape the future of Oak. If you have any questions, please get in touch: [email protected].

(1) Annual evaluation report, 310 respondents, March 2022