KS1 & KS2 History


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Our curriculum has substantive and disciplinary knowledge at its heart. Through a chronological study of British, European and World history the curriculum supports pupils in understanding not only what happened across a broad temporal and geographical sweep of the past, but also how the events, civilisations and developments that pupils encounter were, and continue to be, connected. Our curriculum embraces the key aims of the national curriculum and Oak’s curriculum and subject principles in its creation, most specifically through a focus on knowledge, vocabulary and diversity. Pupils’ disciplinary and substantive journeys are shaped by rigorously historical enquiry questions throughout this curriculum. The curriculum uses multiple rich forms of historical narrative to secure retention and coherence. Broad threads bind the curriculum together and are grounded in universal themes that extend across its entirety.

Subject principles

  • The overall selection and blend of content should match or exceed the ambition of the national curriculum for history, represent the diversity of the past and display responsiveness to evolving historical scholarship.
  • Pupils’ substantive and disciplinary journeys are shaped by rigorously historical enquiry questions, so that they can learn, systematically, to recognise and carry out differing types of historical argument, and so that medium-term analytic and narrative journeys are well-blended.
  • The curriculum incrementally introduces a wide range of interpretations of the past, showing pupils how such interpretations arise and how they are constructed as well as their diverse forms, frameworks, origins and effects in the present.
  • Historical narrative is used to secure coherence and retention, on micro and macro levels: from world-building and hinterland secured by rich stories in individual lessons to seeing possible temporal and spatial relationships between societies, civilisations, trends and contrasts, across time.
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Our curriculum partner

Pearson boast long standing expertise in curricular design and have previously developed a primary history curriculum rooted in historical second order concepts and high-quality, knowledge rich texts for use with pupils. As one of the world’s leading learning companies, they have considerable curriculum expertise and significant experience in curricular design and delivery. We are delighted to have created our primary curriculum in collaboration with them.